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Thread: Optimal Fetal Positioning?

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    Default Optimal Fetal Positioning?

    When should I start looking into this? I definitely want to try & avoid a posterior labour this time & want to start working on it whenever it's going to make a difference. I try very hard already not to lean back when watching TV or at work, but other than that when should I start & what sort of things should I try?


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    I reckon as early as possible to establish good habits kwim? I know it's each to their own but I did it from the beginning of second tri and every appointment from 28 weeks I was always told she was LO.

    Goodluck Sarah!

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    Sarah, I really wouldn't be too worried about foetal positioning until your third trimester. Up until then bub is still fairly mobile in the uterus anyway. I would think from around 32 - 34 weeks I would start encouraging bub into a comfortable position.

    Of course that's just me, and sometimes no matter what you do bub won't move anyway.

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    and regular pregnancy yoga

    xx yogababy

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