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Thread: Someone please convince me

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    getinmybelly!! Guest

    Default Someone please convince me

    that I can get through labour. I feel so stupid because I have had a child before and really didn't think it was that bad. But I seem to have built it up in my head into something i'm not going to cope with and now I'm a bit afraid.

    I'm overdue and a little bit glad 8-[

    I don't know whether its the anticipation waiting for that first contraction, or imagining myself in so much pain but I'm really starting to think...hey baby you can stay in there.

    I just feel like I am so stupid.

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    Don't feel stupid. I actually spoke to DH about this when I said I'd be happy to have more babies. The only thing will be the anticipation for the labour will be completely different, coz I'm no longer ignorant of the pains of labour.. and as they say.. ignorance is bliss!! lol.

    I think I'll definitely be nervous next time around, simply because I'll start remembering just what it was like the first time. I'll be relying on the statistics that subsequent births are faster and easier! LOL.

    Just keep in mind the wonderful outcome, and I'm sure you'll be fine

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    Colleen Guest


    Awww getinmybelly!

    I have never personally been in labour (c/sec) but all i can say is keep thinking of the outcome!

    Youve waited 9 months to meet your beautiful baby and just keep in mind that it will end, the pain is temporary and the grace of a beautiful child is forever!

    Good Luck ... Im not sure whether or not to send you Labour Vibes ... lol


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    Awwwww getinmybelly *hugs*

    With all that stress and anxiety, no wonder baby is staying put! Stress and anxiety can slow / stall labour as it's not helpful to oxytocin production.

    You need to read some affirmations, there is a great book, 25 Ways to Awaken Your Birth Power but I am not sure you will get much time to read!!! But some positive thinking is definitely needed, self talk is brilliant. Try saying over and over again something like,

    "I welcome my baby, I'm a strong and powerful woman. I let go, my baby's coming."

    Other things include deep relaxation and communication with the baby (i.e. talking to the baby).

    You could also book yourself in for a pregnancy relaxation massage, I find this brilliant for letting go, especially when a woman is overdue.

    Don't forget the tension-pain cycle - tensing up only makes it more painful - remember to relax and work with it not against it!
    Kelly xx

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    I was EXACTLY the same, and that could be why I waited 7 years for number 2!! I had extreme fear beforeboth births, but the second time I decided to try to let go. During the whole labour I repeated to myself "this will all be over soon, I won't be like this for ever". Sounds weird but it helped me through. Just knowing that I wouldn't be in labour forever, and reassuring myself that it was all ok, really helped wonders. Good luck, and remember it WILL be over soon and you can get on with life with your new bubs!!!!!!! And believe it or not, it will be a distant memory, and the memory of pain will fade completely!! xo

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    Ok I am a bit of a freak, I realise that, I acknowledge that & I totally accept it too!

    I was so eager for labour to start with #2, that I was going insane waiting & then when it happened I said to my Mum if this is it, I wish it'd get more painful quicker coz really this cant be strong enough to be doing anything productive, she just laughed!!!

    I welcome each contraction & kind of mentally floated up to the peak of the contractions & then slowly relaxed as the contraction wore off, I felt really in control & at peace & with one this time around where as Maddy's was augmented & so they came really hard & fast...
    But Indah's slowly evolved & enveloped my body...
    It was truly a wicked experience & I went from waters breaking on Tuesday & being augmented on Thursday & delivering on Thursday lunchtime with maddy to labouring at home all day Monday & having strong contractions & heading to hospital at 10pm to delivering at 12:31am (2.5hrs in labour ward) with Indah...
    I say Welcome it with open arms it is the final stage before meeting the creation only yourself & your partner can ever make!!!!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    If you haven't given birth already, of course you can do it. As the other girls have said just welcome it and let it happen. And you won't be going through it forever it will be over in a flash and you'll probably wonder why you were worried in the first place.

    Good luck, we'll all be thinking of you

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    I was worried about my second labour because my first was 31 hours and I ended up with an epidural and vacuum extraction for Viv.

    I spoke to my family - DH and my Mum - about my fears for some time - perhaps from 30 weeks on or even earlier, and I came to the conclusion that it WAS going to be a totally different experience from the first labour so to just 'let it happen'.

    Well, I could not have been more surprised, happy and empowered with my labour second time round.

    I enjoyed the 'wave' of each contraction; yes it was a very strong sensation however I could recognise the peak of each one and knew it was one less contraction until I delivered. I used what I call positive breathing - visualising breathing crystal clear white light/air into my lungs with each breath and using that positive force to help cope. I also affirmed in my head that my body/cervix was opening with each breath and each contraction and it was all such a positive preparation for when it was time to push. (The inner hippy in me was obviously calling!)

    I also used the physical contact with my DH to help me through each contraction - sure I was squishing the life out of his hand, however it helped me by knowing he was supporting me through it. The physical contact gave me extra strength.

    When it came to time to push, it was the most amazing experience because I HAD CONTROL as apposed to the epi I'd have with DD. I KNEW I could do it. I was so empowered.

    You are not stupid. You are a strong, capable woman who will be able to cope with the pain because it will bring you your beautiful child.

    Relax and welcome the journey.

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    getinmybelly!! Guest


    Thanks everyone!

    I'm 4 days overdue, and still nothing is happening. But I am sleeping well, and feeling fine (apart from the obvious discomfort) and working really hard on just staying calm when I think about the labour.

    I know with DD I really zoned out of the pain and imagined holding her and it being over, through each contraction. I sort of figured each contraction I got through was one closer to meeting hopefully I can do that again. My brain has a lot to answer for...making me think like that! 8-[

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