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Thread: Sorry for a New Thread - Deflated Feelings After Birth

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    Default Sorry for a New Thread - Deflated Feelings After Birth

    Does anyone else get worried or anxious about the deflated feelings that occur a few days after birth (generally when or after milk has come down).

    I know it seems silly to worry about these feelings when labour and birth hasn't happened yet, but on all occasions I have gotten these feeling and have trouble coping - I cry constantly, feel totally alone, empty and can't sleep. So towards the end of pregnancy I worry about how I will get through this period again.

    Can anyone relate to this?


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    I think it really helps to be aware of it Karen - so it doesn't take us by surprise and we think 'why do I feel so sad, I have a baby, I should be happy!' But to expect it, and to know it's to do with the changing of the guard with hormones, and to know that many many people experience it.

    I think all we can do is to expect it and prepare for it. Prepare our partners for the weepy days or two, have tissues, chocolate, have our mums/rellies/good friends come round to cheer us up. And I guess to talk if we need, just because 'baby blues' is common, doesn't make our feelings at the time invalid!

    And also to keep an eye on it, and recognise if we think the baby blues are lasting a bit longer than expected, and then go talk to our dr/midwife/other understanding professional about it.

    So, I guess, personally, I'm not worried, but I'm certainly aware, and expecting to have a blue day or so as my body adapts. Definitely keep an eye on your feelings though, you know yourself and what's normal, go and get some help early if you are concerned, best to nip these things in the bud. Maybe even have a chat at the hospital before you leave after the birth?

    Speaking of the birth - wowee, all the best for whenever bub decides to make an appearance!

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    i second Nelle's words..
    For me, with DD i felt very out of control and unsure of my emotions for the 1st week or so and then after a really good cry and chat with a close friend i felt like i was going to be ok.. So when pregnant with DS i was expecting it and after i had him i didnt cry or feel like i did after DD.. dont know why, but i felt alot better emotionaly after i had him.. weird how your emotions work!

    All the best !

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    I knew I would be a prime candidate for the day 3 blues as I am an emotional person when under stressful situations - it just comes out as tears usually. So, I was expecting that but still found it a bit hard, kind of embarrassing even though everyone was very understanding and kept saying "oh day 3 or 4? yeah thats right". I found mostly though it was to do with the traumatic birth that we had, feeling terrified still when thinking back to what happened, not so much feeling out of control with motherhood.
    I think though that to be prepared is best and makes it that bit easier. The midwifes put a sign on my door banning everyone from my room, including staff so I could have a good bawl. That helped a lot.

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