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Thread: TENS machine?

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    Default TENS machine?

    Has anyone used one?
    Did you hire them, or just borrow from hospital?
    Do you think it made a difference, would you recommend it?
    etc etc etc...

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    I had a TENS machine, used it, loved it.

    Our hossy had an information session to attend and sign up (with CCard details) and the TENS machine was given out around 36 weeks.

    Then at home we worked out how to use it - were also shown how in the info session.

    When my labour started, DF put it on me and it stayed on me pretty much the whole labour.

    I only had 1 shot of pethadeine during the labour when they gave syntocin and I would use it in my next pregnancy.

    Yes, I think it makes a difference - it distracts you from the pain by giving a mild electric shock when you press a button.

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    I had one and it worked reasonably well as a distraction from the pain (I was induced). I noticed how much it helped when I took it off to get into the shower. My husband is a physio so we used the one from his practice, but you can buy your own or hire one.

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    I can hire one from the physio practice at my hospital from 38 weeks to 42 weeks for $60 (so basically 2 weeks before to 2 weeks after your due date).

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