I'm a big fan of drinking, eating, moving and peeing your way through labour! I've noticed that women who are drinking Labour Ade trhoughout labout seem to cope better and avoid that yucky exhausted feeling of "I just can't do this anymore." When your electrolytes get messed up or you get dehydrated, this can make you feel weak, dizzy, yucky, nauseous, irritable, and it can lead to exhaustion for the mother and even to foetal distress. So I offer my clients a sip of labour ade through a bendy straw after nearly every contraction. That means lots of pee and peeing regularly, at least once every hour, is another way to keep things progressing and avoid complications. A full bladder can cause painful cramps and can inhibit deep relaxation in your pelvis and therefore possibility inhibit the descent of the baby.

Here are my favourites for labour drink:
1. Super-strong dose of Raspberry Leaf Tea , with honey and lemon to make it palatable

2. Nan Koehler's Birthing Tea: RLT, lavendar, basil and grated nutmeg. Yum, yum.

3. Home made Labour Ade - lovely chilled from the freezer. Lemon juice, water, manuka honey, baking soda, a pinch of sea salt and 1-2 calcium tablets (dissolveable). Add glucose or more honey to make it sweet enough so you like it. You gotta like it or you won't be into it when it counts.

I also have tried this stuff called Innergize which is produced by Reliv, - so if you have a Reliv distributor in your area give it a try. It's an electrolyte drink to "assist in the preformance of sustained strenuous exercise" - yep, I think labour fits into that category! It has magnesium and potassium as well as calcium and replaceds these electrolytes that are easily lost through sweat and exertion, leaving your electrolytes out of kilter so you feel icky. It has no additives and chemical sweetners unlike other sports drinks. I always take some with me when I attend births.

Grapes and cubes of rock-melon seem to be favourites for snacking on during labour when you don't much feel hungry and want something that goes down easily. I like cherries and berries too.