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Thread: What's she talking about?

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    She had an emergency c-section, so from what i've read here, I'm guessing that gave her the pain relief in the thigh before they decided to perform an emergency c/s. I wonder why they refused to give her an epi though? I had a narcotic injected into the epidural space when I was in labour after the original epidural wore off, it didn't work though and I couldn't have the proper epidural fluid after that! Y

    My mother said the same thing to me, ren, "It'd be great if you had a c-section, that way you won't change 'down there' " hehe. (She had a natural birth herself but really should've had a c-section due to previous surgery, her obstetrician at the time just, well, made a plain ol' bad judgement call - every other Dr my mother saw said she'd need a c-section).

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    BabySocks, in the first hospital I gave birth in, if you had an emergency c/section, they did it under general as that's much quicker than getting an epidural in. Once they decide to do the CSection often they have to move quickly because that's when things can go suddenly wrong. If the woman already has an epidural in (because she's requested it early on in labour) then they can just top it up and go, but otherwise it's a general, no exceptions.

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    I had a spinal for my emergency c-section, there was no mention of general.

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    It depends on what is being defined as an emergency c/section.

    A true "emergency" c/section as we'd probably understand is one where either the baby or the mother are in immediate danger and the baby has to come out NOW.

    However the term "emergency c/section" is also used simply to refer to c/sections that have not been planned before hand - ie. the mother has gone into labour and something or other has happened and it's decided a c/section should be done during the labour. So basically any c/section that was not "elective" or preplanned.

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    I had a pethidine injection in the thigh during my delivery and it pretty much put everything to sleep;including meIt was like having an out of body experience. i did levetate out of my body only to see the woman down on the bed giving birth. Then i was thinking"Hey look at that poor woman;shes having a baby and then (CONTRACTION);owwwwww omg-thats me!And back into my body. When it wore off the midwife said i'll get you some more!I said "No way,you can keep that stuff FAR away from me"!It was horribble

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