thread: My first birth story

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    Sep 2004
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    My first birth story

    Note: This is my first sons birth story and he is now 7, i am just writing this out to maybe clear my mind a bit of that experience so this next one coming up isnt quiet as bad...

    I was due 4th Jan and on the 2nd of Jan started having mild period type pains, rang hospital of course and they said thats nothing get some sleep, well i didnt listen and didnt sleep, i regret that still. Anyway i had pains into the next day, progressively getting more painful, then i had a show around 6pm i think, then we decided to go to the hospital, got there around 7pm and was coping ok still. The midwife asked me if i wanted anything for pain yet and i said i was fine, but shortly after they became more painful and she suggested gas, so i tried that but all i can say is i was off my face and in great pain!!
    I then started to get out of control and dont remember one person saying a thing too me!! I was screaming and yelling by this point and they must of decided to give me an epidural, i was rolled on my side but when they rolled me baby's heartbeat dropped and they said it was too late for me to have epidural and rolled me back over. I was screaming at them that they were torturing me and actually climbing up the back of the bed and up the wall, they had to drag me back down and hold me down to keep me there, i dont remember anyone telling me to push at all, but i think they realised there was no way i would of listened by this point anyway!
    I actually never got a sensation to push at all, my whole stomach just contracted over and over and over but no other feelings at all.
    So i had people holding me down and holding my legs, i dont recall exactly but i think i ended up with at least 6 people in there. I told one midwife to shutup as she kept yelling at me and she told me to shutup! Not really over that. They then used the vacumm extraction on me and it is a pain i could never ever describe and i am sure the whole hospital heard me screaming. They also had to cut me but i dont remember if i felt that or not. Then finally he was out, they then put him on my chest and i just looked away as i didnt want a thing to do with it at all, i do have a pic of me with him on me though so maybe he was on there a bit longer than i remember.
    I then fell straight to sleep for awhile and when i woke up hubby was feeding baby and the midwife wanted hubby to stay with me while i had a shower, and he said oh i was going to go as i am tired! Umm he was tired,
    so i had to shower alone because he left!!
    Then i got put in the ward with him and slept till morning, then the next night he was unsettled and i didnt know what was wrong with him, so the midwife comes in and takes him and says sometimes its best they are away from you? So if at home i wasnt sure someone was going to come and take him for the night were they?? The pathetic part is the cleaner the next day told me he was on the side of the bed under the air conditioning roof vent and he was cold, so i moved him to other side of bed and he was fine, why couldnt a midwife figure that one out instead of saying its best i wasnt with him. So i had had enough of been there with no advice or help so asked to go home, they let me out that afternoon and was the best thing i ever did.
    Funnily enough now i am writing this out it doesnt seem as bad as it once felt so i am hoping thats a good thing. I have only been able to talk about it all with hubby and my mum who was there in the last few months and i think that has helped too, we just all pretended it didnt happen for years really.

    Well anyway thanks for reading if you didnt fall asleep half way through

    And please keep your fingers crossed for me that i will be back here in 6 wks or so with some lovely inspirational birth story this time around

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    Feb 2004

    The screaming part & yelling at the midwives sounds like what I was like a few weeks ago!

    Hope everything goes better for you this time round.

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    Sep 2004
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    I remember asking for an epidural when I was in labour with Tehya. Abit hard to do seeing as I was at home

    Fingers crossed you have a beautiful birth this time around. You are wiser now so listen to your own advise and get some rest before hand if possible.

    Take care

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    katanya Guest

    Serendipity it sound like you had such a traumatic time, no wonder you are aprehensive this time around. I'm not sure the treatment you received was that supportive either! Is there anyway you might have had a reaction to the gas? It sounds like things went down hill from then on?

    have you talked to anyone else about this expereince during this pregnancy? Like a midwife or doctor? I would think that perhaps if you were able to talk things through with a supportive medical person they may be able to help you resolve things before this labour so that it is a much better expereince for you. I just wonder if when you get back into that labour ward and the memories start flooding back, that it migt add unnecessary stress to your labour.

    I am sending you all my best vibes and energy that this birth is healing for you, and you get a more postive expereince not only with labour, but with the bonding and help with your baby afterwards, I agree with you, the nurse taking your baby away certainly wasn't going to help you learn to settle him. I really am shocked that the midwife was blind to why he was upset..being too cold? surely that's something that snuggling up to your mother would fix!

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    May 2004

    Wow!! Sounds as though you had a horrible expierince! I hope some of those midwives have left the profession!
    I hope this time around it is more pleasant experience, which I am sure it will be... I don't think it could be worse!

    Good Luck


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    Thanks for your replies

    LOL Trish at the epidural at home, i liked that

    Katanya: Yes i did tell midwife at first hospital appointment about my concerns and she was really nice about it and explained how things could of went wrong the first time. I actually had to go to hospital the other week to be monitored and i was quiet comfortable being there but i think that the attitude of the midwife and having a lovely doctor helped there, so hoping they are there when its time.

    Still cant take away all of my thoughts but i am certainly trying, but have already decided no matter what happens there will be no more after this one, i am done!

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    katanya Guest

    Oh good I'm glad you have had better expereinces since, with some better support staff, you'll have a much better time!

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    Jul 2004
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    Wow Serendipity... it sound like you had a pretty awful experience with the midwives... Good on you for writing it all out and getting it off your chest.
    I am [-o< ing for you to have a much better experience this time around!

    and thanks so much for sharing your story with us

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    Sep 2004
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    Thanks again for all the kind words and reading your reactions has made me realise that it wasnt just me and it wasnt right the way i was treated.


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    Jul 2004

    Oh you poor thing. I am so praying that you have a very blissful experience this time around. I couldn't imagine anyone go through all that twice!

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    You poor thing. Sounds a lot like my first birth except add on a couple of days. Now I am on my 4th and believe me it gets easier. Good luck this time round.


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    Mar 2005

    Wow hopefully that midwife has come to here senses. All the best for a smooth labour this time around.