thread: Breastmilk Storage Bags ??

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    cheapest way to store b/milk is see if you can get some urine sample jars!!!! When my kids were is special care- that is what we had to store our milk in- i had heaps. They hold about 110mls and are easy to store in the freezer!!!
    They are also sterile!!!
    just a matter of finding someone to get them for you!


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    I used to just express into bottles.. That way it was all ready to go when needed.. no need to transfer to a bottle.. I just put the teat in and warmed it up

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    Jan 2004

    anyone used the breastmilk storage trays??? looking at them from mothers direct and are much more cost effective to the bags! just wanting some feedback.
    I bought the babycubes, only used a couple for storing breastmilk. I think the ones I got were 70ml each, and they are individual, so have their own lids. I defrosted one, just ran a little water over the outside and the cube popped out easily enough. Put it in a bottle and sat it in the bottle warmer, took a little while to defrost, but wasn't that bad.
    Planning on using them for solids now


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    thanks nic will check them out!!

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    I pumped and froze EBM for Lachlan for 6 months and my personal opinion is Medela is the best brand for them!

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    Aug 2009

    EXACTLY!!! I mean c'mon, they must cost like 5 cents to produce!!! They are just plastic.... are any of them BPA free?

    Might have to invest in a whole bunch of glass botles just to store the EBM - I guess over a year it would turn out economical considering the cost of bags!
    I am so glad I found this thread but am even more glad this morning when I discovered some BPA ones online. I was struggling with EBM storage for ages.

    My sis put me onto these Cherub Baby ones and I just placed my order - not too expensive I didn't think.

    I would love to know why they have disappeared from sale at Priceline and pharmacies - they need to stock these again!!!!

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    I got mine off ebay

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    I've been using the Avent storage cups for EBM, and it's working out pretty well. I don't like how they take up so much space in the freezer though - they're round, and that's not economical for space, and they are quite large for a single pumping session and so there's all this wasted air at the top.

    It is very convenient though just to screw the adaptor cap on and feed the baby.

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    I've been using the trays from ToysRus - brand is sensible lines - they've been made to be used for freezing BM - so far no dramas - once frozen I've been putting them (the 30mL sticks) into labelled snap lock bags to store for a longer time. When defrosting I just put 2 sticks at a time in a bottle and let it defrost overnight in the fridge (don't have a bottle warmer). Only needed to defrost milk a couple of times at the moment, starting to get a bit of a supply in the freezer for childcare in a couple of months time.

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    Hey since I went on to order those BPA free breast milk bags the site is having a special 2 for 1 offer - really cheap breast milk bags. I am placing another order as it is only $20 bucks for 50 bags.

    I thought I would let you all know -
    Hope that helps! If anyone finds chemists that stock them I would love to know? Saves on postage...

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    Cheap Breast Milk Bags

    I just found that Cherub Baby have a 2 for 1 sale on their BPA free breast milk bags. 2 packs of 25 x 300ml bags are $19.95 (50 bags in total). Ive bought 3 lots so hopefully that will last me! Just google cherub baby to get the website.

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    Hi ladies,

    I have just skimmed over the posts and just thought i'd offer some EBM bags i have here that i don't see myself using. I expressed with DS1 but don't with DS2, i purchased these in preperation for DS2. I got them from our local chemist, the brand is Kaneson. There are 10 in a bag plus record sticks (i'm assuing these are some kind of clasp also). They have never been opened, they have sat in a cupboard since i purchased them (just over 7 months ago) they are in excellent condition.

    If anyone would like me to post these out to them i'd be more than happy for them to go to someone who wants/needs them. Just send me a PM if you're interested.

    I hope i'm not breaking any rules by offering this