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Thread: What foods affect your breast milk?

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    Hi Bek, have you tried using Infacol? My bub started getting really windy from 4 days old and our MCHN suggested using it (it is safe to use after 3 days of age even though the box says 1 month). He went from crying in pain to a happy baby after a feed. There are other brands which are meant to be good too, but I have only tried Infacol. Hope you both get some relief soon!

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    My DD was doing the grunting thing too when she was a few weeks old. Usually she started grunting at about 3am... eventually we discovered that Gripe Water worked - they sell the non-alcohol variety in Coles. We'd give her one dose, and she'd go back to sleep... At that time I wasn't watching my diet at all either, so it could have been something I was eating, or it could just have been that their little digestive systems are very immature at that age.

    Good luck!

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