thread: Blocked milk duct - help?

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    Blocked milk duct - help?


    I woke up this morning with a really sore right breast. I felt around a bit and I have a very sore, very hard lumpy bit, presumably a blocked milk duct. I just cant seem to make it go away. I have tried the following:
    - feeding more often
    - expressing (but I only got a grand total of about 10 ml)
    - masssaging the lump
    - getting in the shower and letting the water run over my breast while I massage and try to express
    - heat pack on my breast
    - different feedng positions
    - going bra-less

    What else can I try? I've been to see a midwife today who told me that my breast is fine and that I have cleared the blockage. But its still really painful and I can still feel a definate lump in there. Claire is being really funny on that breast too - she'll take a few sucks then give me a funny look as if to say "where's the milk?" I dont feel sick and I dont have a temp or anything.

    Is there anything else I can do?

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    Try putting a hot facewasher on your breast just before feeding.
    I hope that helps!!! Its the only thing that worked for me

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    It sounds like you're doing all the right things hun, just keep it up. I found the heat pack just before feeding very effective, and massage. Just feed feed feed!

    Good luck, I hope it clears soon.

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    You are doing all the right things. I would suggest also an icepack on it after a feed and something like neurofen which is an anti-inflammatory. And rest.
    If it's worse in the morning, or you start to feel unwell, head off to the dr for some antibiotics.

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    Thanks for your responses. I'll see how I go. Hopefully I can fix it!

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    Karina, sometimes I find that it can remain tender for a while after it's cleared. I had one just the other day as well and it lasted about 2 days. Drives me mad when I can't shift it!! Hope it's cleared for you and you're more comfortable hun.

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    Thnks Cass. I think I've cleared it now, but it is still quite tender and a bit sore. I cant feel the lump any more though, so yay!

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