thread: 5 mths after c/s - still sore?

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    Oct 2006
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    5 mths after c/s - still sore?


    I had my c/s 5 months ago now and I wondered if it is normal to still feel sore on the inside where my scar is? Especially when I lean up against something, like the sink. Or if bubs kicks me when I'm changing his nappy. It's not painful, but just tender and a bit sore.

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    May 2004

    With my first c-section i still felt a little pain for a year. It will ease in time i promise you. With my 2nd and 3rd i haven't had as much pain in fact after 2 months i couldn't tell i had a c-section after my 3rd.
    You have to remember it was major surgery and your body will take time to heal. But if you are still worried go and talk to your GP and get them to check you out.

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    Apr 2007

    It seemed to be better after my 2nd c-section but yeah, my scar was and still is a bit tender. Once in a blue moon something inside will pull or something and it will sting really bad for a few seconds. If i rub the outside of the scar without being gentle it stings a little too. Also i haven't done situps in the past 4 years, every time i exercise the area things get a bit tender there (mind you the reason for me not doing them is more from laziness then being overly sore)

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    mine still hurts now! not so much around the scar itself, but on the tissue above it. I am just starting to get the feeling back in my tummy now too.

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    yep my first C took longer to heal but I think with both it was tender for months, it's been 6 years since my last c and the scar has gotton alot less numb. It'll be intersting to see how long it takes to heal this time

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    Mar 2007

    Sarah, I'm 4 months post c/s and I'm still tender and numb but nothing too bad. It's nice to know it will go away eventually though!

    You should join us at july 2007 baby buddies BTW!!

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    Oct 2006
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    wow, so it's going to take a while then! Oh well at least I'm not the only one and it's all quite normal to feel funny down there then.

    august-moon-mum - yes I should pop in to say hello to the July Mums. I am usually in the June group because I was due in June and already knew everyone in there, but it would be good to say hi to you all aswell!

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    Nov 2006

    Hey Sarah, me too! It's kind of a combo of sore and numb but I'm still careful with it.

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    I have 2 scars, one for each child..DS's scar is closer to the pubic bone, very little pain, healed extremely well and has virtually disappeared...DD's scar is a few cm's higher and longer (breech baby), recovery time was much longer, quite sore and sensitive for several months after....

    Definately nothing to worry about and it should go in time....

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    after my first c section i had trapped nerves trapped in the scar and that made me very very sensitive to things like as you said leaning against things or being touched there, any type of pressure. i also found and still do underwear rubbing on it hurts.

    after my second c section i asked them to cut out the old scare in the hopes to relieve some of the pain it worked a bit but i still have trouble with it. In the cold the lower part of my stomach and scare goes very cold and icy to touch yet the rest of my stomach feels fine and warm are you or anyone else having that issue?
    i may have had issues due to staples instead of stitches, when they removed them i was in absolute agony worse that when i delivered naturally my first born it was horrific with no pain relief. its emotionally scared me as i am very scared of staples now.Just the thought brings tears to my eyes. thats the worse thing i have ever had to deal with. I think something was wrong.
    im now 9 weeks preg and will be begging for no staples to be used.

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    Mar 2007

    Thank you!! i was going to ask this question too! I assumed it would be better by now (4 months).

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