well well WELL!!!

Hahahaha I guess I can laugh about it now.

There was certainly no birth plan for me! For those of you who didn't know....my waters broke on the 15th April (5 days before my planned c-section) and I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, and Mason was born an hour after arriving at the hosp.

I was still asking questions as they wheeled me into theatre!

Basically the answers were....

No- cannot drop curtain down
No- cannot have skin to skin contact
No- cannot breastfeed or have baby with me in recovery
No option- must have spinal block
No option- must have disolvable stitches
YES- Cathetar is inserted after numbing (yay!)
NO- cannot wait for cord to stop pulsating before cutting
NO- cannot wait for me to weigh and measure baby

totally awful rules and regulations! The hospital was a disgrace and was overworked and understaffed.

BUT....Mason was very sluggish at birth with apgars of 5 and 6 and they were so great with him in the Special Care Nursery. So I guess when it came to the most important things, they did the right thing.