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thread: Caesarean Chatter #4

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    Jun 2003

    Yep Inside. Geeze I'm half asleep, I just re read my post no wonder you got confused... The T or J method isn't always as common as a low transverse incision, which is most common in Aus...Sorry I replied this AM and didn't clarify (was waiting for the piano man to arrive LOL) :-s

    I had a low transverse incision, done it two parts, they say that this is the safest way to have an incision especially if wanting to attepmt VBAC. Forgot to mention too, that T (its actually upside down T) or J often only happens these days if there is a complication...

    They used to do one incision, but once again they found that caused a higher rupture rate, so now they do two so that the scar on the uterus is seperate from the outside, if that makes sense...

    Sorry for being all mumbo jumbo thats what I get for posting half asleep!


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    Jan 2004

    No, Nic, i didnt see it, would have watched if i knew though. what was it like?
    I had tears welling up in my eyes when the baby came out. Dh kept saying "that's amazing, she's crying and everything... Oh look at her little legs going" I think he had a bit of a lump in his throat as well.

    We didn't know that it was on, just happened to be doing a bit of channel surfing and came across it.


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