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thread: Caesarean Chatter #4

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    Aug 2004
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    Kerrie - It took me a long time to recover, I can`t remember exactly when I felt back to normal again, probably around the 10 week mark I think, but I did a lot of silly things, I never had a rest and did the housework plus I was up and out all day at FIL`s funeral on Day 3 which did take it`s toll on my body.

    Try and rest up as much as you can

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Hi Kerrie

    I hate to say it but I was one of those people that were up and about and recoverd really soon.I was up and about, about 9 hours after having the c/s and from about week 2-3 felt quite recovered from the op.Sorry to hear its taking so long to recover, but remember everyones bodies are different.Don't force yourself to overdo it just because you think you should be feeling better by now, especially if your still having the ligament pain and pain down your legs.OUCHIE!I remember what that was like! 8-[

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Hey girls

    Just wondering how long it was till you were able to go to aerobics/exercise again after your c/s?Am going to ask my doc tomorrow but wanted some first hand advice first.Its been 6 weeks tomorrow since my c/s.Also when did you start having baths/go swimming again?I'm not planning on going to high level aerobics or anything, just body balance which is pilates/yoga.

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    Feb 2005
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    kirsty - wow at being up & about in 9 hours!!!!

    i was told i could have a bath straight away when i went home, but to wait 6 weeks till swimming. but the nurse comes today and cause my scar is healing well im going to ask if i can swim now (its so hot here & DH jumps in the pool every arvo & its killing me LOL)

    i have been walking already but not sure about aerobics. i would say see how it feels & make sure you let the instructor know you have recently had a c/section. i plan on joining the gym at 6 weeks.


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    Hope2006 Guest

    Hi there girls, i hope i can join you all in here.

    I am almost 20 weeks along (yay) with No.1 after a couple of losses last year. I have now been told that i have complete placenta previa. Have any of you had this? I have been told that because the placenta is covering the cervix, i will have to have a c/s unless the placenta moves itself. The c/s is not my biggest worry, but i just hope it make it to 36 weeks without haemmorhaging.

    I would love to hear if anyone knows anything about having placenta previa or has any info to help me! Thanks girls.

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    Melinda Guest

    Kirsty - gosh, you are certainly keen aren't you! LOL I would say that as long as you are given the all clear medically, you should be fine to ease yourself into exercising again. If you are going to be doing pilates or yoga, probably let your instructor know that you have just had a c/s so that you don't do anything that is too strenuous on your stomach muscles.

    Kerrie - I wouldn't say that I recovered from the c/s quickly either. I can't say exactly how long it took, but it took me a while. I felt drained emotionally and physically. I had a labour followed by the emergency c/s and felt like I'd given birth twice - it's a lot for your body to handle! I gradually eased myself into doing things....like going for short walks (like only 10 minutes or so) but they alone would tire me out big time.

    About the pains you are having - did you have any back/hip problems at all before or during your PG? I have existing back/hip problems which were actually pretty good during PG because all the muscles and things are pulled quite tightly to support your back. After birth, things start to relax again so it means that those joins that were supported well during PG, are a bit vulnerable again. That was the case with me too. Bearing in mind that your stomach muscles play a big role in the stability of your back/hips, and they've just been through major surgery, it can mean things are a bit wonky for a while. I hope it settles down; I know it's not very pleasant!

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    Apr 2004
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    Hi - I had an emergency CS almost four years ago and was out of bed 12 hours later. Didn't labour for very long, I was induced two weeks overdue and it didn't work.

    Can't remember how long I had painkillers for afterwards, but I felt fine, no after effects.

    I played netball about 8 weeks later and felt OK. I think the only thing I avoided was carrying wet washing.

    A friends sister had placenta previa and it wasn't picked up before she went into labour and the baby nearly died. I can't recall how it was picked up in the end, but she had to be transferred to a city hospital in a big rush.


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    Kirsty77 Guest

    I know what you mean Melinda about feeling like giving birth twice.I was in labour for 23 hours before I had my emergency c/s.I still can't beleive that they let me go that long!It was just so cruel!My back hurt for soooo long after and still hurts now and then.I don't think I'm going to be doing anything to strenuous exercise wise, as like you girls have said I don't want to damage something after having such a good recovery.

    Hope2006-I'm sorry I don't know much about placenta previa.I hope everything goes well for you and that you make it to that magic 36 week mark.

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    Kirsty, If you're not exercising yet you'd probably find some benefit from just getting in the pool and doing some leg lifts and stretches - I find it helps amazingly with back pain if I use the exercise pool twice a week. I can't swim yet, not properly, because it hurts my stomach, but I find that the hydrotherapy pool is a real blessing and frees up my lower back a lot.


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    Feb 2005
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    Hi All, I'm new to this thread so please bare with me.....

    My son has recently turned 2 and was born by elective c-section as he was too big...now I am 11 weeks pregnant with our 2nd and have been asked many times from friends and family, if the circumstances are different, will I attempt a natural delivery......NOW WILL I, that is the question.....I really don't know and will ask the advice of my ob. Would love some advice from you guys, anything just give me your stories PLEEESE!!!!!! I am really stressing over this for some reason, when up until being asked, I always thought that our 2nd would be born by c-section also, but now I just don't know...

    Thanks guys, hope to hear from you all soon......

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    Oct 2003
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    Hi Karen, I can only say, if I was in your position I would be trying for an EBAC, see the thread up above this one in the forum? There are women in there who have been discussion natural births post c/s. The reason I would definately try for a natural birth is because the circumstance around Matilda's birth means that there is no reason I can't try for a natural birth. Its definatley an option worth researching & discussing with your OB. Good luck!!

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    Jan 2004

    Welcome Sharon and Karen

    Did anyone see the c-section on RPA thursday night?


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    Feb 2005
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    No, Nic, i didnt see it, would have watched if i knew though. what was it like?

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    Apr 2004
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    Hi - it was full on baby/child night on TV last Thursday - the Surgeon on channel 10 had a C/S birth, so did RPA and then after RPA there was a medical show with two stories about children with difficulties.

    About having a second C/S - I think it used to be thought that if you had one that way, they all had to be, but I think it depends on what you want and what your doctors attitude is.

    I'm sort of in the same boat, my first four years ago was an emergency C/S after a failed induction 13 days overdue. I'm now just over 36 weeks and this baby is still head up - I have been seeing my GP throughout, but have an OB appointment tomorrow. I've been told they won't induce a second time if you've had a CS the first time, so if I went two weeks over again I'd end up with a CS. I have no medical reason to have one this time, but then I don't want to go through what happened last time.

    Whats the go with turning the baby, do they attempt that anymore ?


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    Feb 2005
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    Barb, i think some OBs do it, but most dont. im pretty suremy OB wont try to turn a baby, but you would have to talk to your and find out.

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    tiggy Guest

    Hi Barb,

    In NSW if your baby is in breech position it is policy to deliver via caesarean. There is only one doctor in NSW left who will deliver breechies. Don't know about other states. A paper was released almost four years ago, following a large breech trial which stated it was safer for all breech babies to be caesar births. Some agree and some don't again it is the fear factor that drives alot of these doctors.
    Some doctors will attempt ECV but only if baby is very mobile and so long as it doesn't cause too much distress for the mum or baby.

    Are you trying all the positions to turn your baby? I guess it all depends if you feel strongly about trying for a VBAC or if you are happy to have the caesarean.

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    Jun 2003

    About having a second C/S - I think it used to be thought that if you had one that way, they all had to be, but I think it depends on what you want and what your doctors attitude is.
    This mentality usually stems from the older type of incision as it often caused complications and had a considerably high rupture rate due to the type of incision and scarring. But now that the incision is made in 2 parts, as well as being a J or T shape its said its quite safe to attempt a VBAC these days. Some babies do turn quite late in pregnancy, and I have heard of quite a few women who's bubs turned last minute. They still do attempt to turn bubbas in fact I had a friend who was at the angliss recently and she had her baby turned and went on to have a vag birth. She also commented that it wasn't painful at all (but I know this depends on the size and position of the baby).

    Goodluck Barb!


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    Feb 2004

    the incision is made in 2 parts, as well as being a J or T shape
    Are you talking internally Cai? Cos mine in just a straight line on the outside?

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