thread: Caesarean Chatter - May 2005

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    Feb 2005
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    My Ob told me the "dangerous " period was when the births were less than 18 months apart, there is lots of info out there, you really need to research vbacs well, to be able to understand them, I had a csec 18 mths ago, am trying for a vbac in a few months, lots of statistics out there, uterine ruptures are actually VERY rare, so look into it, and do whats best for you!!!!!

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    Jul 2004
    in a land of screaming kids.

    I just had my first antenatal appt and I spoke to the midwife who said she doesn't see any reason why I can't try for a VBAC as I had dilated fully and I only had a c/s because Kat got distressed. I will of course discuss it at my next visit which is with the Ob and see what he thinks but I HOPE I will be allowed to try for a vbac.

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    Feb 2004

    Kerrie, that is great news! This is something I have been concerned about too, as I was told the same as Christy... wow, you will be a great inspiration for me!

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    Aug 2004
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    I never realised that having a c/s would be so painfulllllllllllllllll, thank goodness Mark was allowed to stay with me so he helped me get up out of bed, onto the toilet, off the toliet, showered, dried my legs and put on my undies. The pethidene did absolutely nothing for the pain except for making me totally out of it, once the drip was taken out they put me onto Panadene Forte so found some releief with that pain killer, they also gave me ponstan for the awful after birth pains I was experiencing.

    What I was very unimpressed about is how each Midwife at my Birthing Hospital asked me WHY did I have a c/s???? With all the Midwives asking me I was starting to feel really uncomfortable that I`d had a c/s,I felt like they didn`t approve at all. As you all know it was far from my first choice but having been diagnosed day before the c/s as having a CPD my OB decided a c/s was the way to go, so I took his advice.

    When Matthew was born my OB plus a couple of the theatre staff commented that there is no way I would have been able to get his head out vaginally. When my OB discharged me from my Post Natal Hospital he again commented that I`ve got a very big boy and that he`s glad he made the decision to do the c/s.

    At my Post Natal Hospital, one of my Midwives asked how my labour went I commented 'Oh I had to have a c/s due to CPD" her comment was 'Well a c/s is hard work also" Now how different were the 2 hospitals I felt like a lot of extra weight had lifted off my shoulders by her comment.

    It`s now been 10 days since my c/s and today I`ve only had to have 1 lot of Panadeine so the pain is no where near as bad as it had been.

    Take Care


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    Jul 2004
    in a land of screaming kids.

    Dee, C/s's are very hard and I know how people look down on you for having one. Most of us would not choose to have one if we had a choice, but if it comes to the crunch, we all do what is best for our babies. Congratulations on ur lil boy. I'm sorry you are in so much pain. It takes time to heal and I know what you mean about having to have help to do everything. My Dh and the nurses had to help me for quite a while and then I used the pull bar to get out of bed. The burning pain (internal) does ease and I'm sure it won't be too long and you'll forget exactly how painful it is.... For now, just try to take it easy (I know it's hard with a newborn) and take heart at the fact that the babies settle down at around 6wks and so does the pain from the c/s..... Enjoy ur lil bundle of joy.... just wait for his big "hello mummy grins" it will make everything but the joy of being a mum fade from memory.....

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    Colleen Guest


    I had elective c-sec. They estimated Jaykob was going to be 11 1/2 lb so i booked myself in!
    My doctor made me cry at all my appointments, saying that I was possibly going to kill my baby!
    It turned out that c-sec was my best option, (size/ head circ / etc)

    And he came out healthy and alive!

    All the midwifes asked me why... I just said Size... they never realled judged me but ut made me a little uncomfortable.

    I was also judged for having a GA and not staying awake.

    We all make choices in life that not everyone agrees with, but no-one knows YOU better than YOU.

    do what makes you feel safe and happy. Choices exsist so that we can make them.

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    Dee - gosh, I didn't realise you were in so much pain! I didn't find mine overly painful at all really. However, it think it was because I had been in so much pain for the previous 5 days with "prostin pain" (bloody contractions I say!) so the c-section and recovery weren't so bad for me. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to get up and moving around the next day. Yes, I was tender but I didn't hobble around any less than the girls that had had tearing from their natural births.
    I guess each experience is different. I know a lady who was in heaps of pain because she had an emergency c-section that was done reeeeallly fast. It was done so fast that her DH wasn't even allowed in there. Don't know all the details but they told her she would be pretty sore because they had been quite rough to get her twins out.

    It's been 8 weeks now and I don't even have any more itching now. I am still wary of the scar but I don't feel it any more so I guess that is good!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Oh, and as for being judged about having a c-section, people can just shove it up their pie-hole!
    I hate it when people ask "So, were you able to do it all naturally?" like you have to have a perfect birth for it to have been a "successful" birth.
    I just explain to them that we tried but Gabby was being strangled by the cord and they soon shut up. Imagine if I had plugged away at it (although I doubt that I would have been allowed to)?? There's a reason why the c-section exists.
    I will be having an elective one if I have another baby. No way in hell am I going through any part of labour again if I can help it, LOL

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    kerryn Guest

    Hi Deeanne,

    I' m with you on the pain scale!

    I knew girls who had had caesareans and they never told me how much it would hurt. I thought the midwives had gone completely mad when they expected me to get out of bed on day two. The special care nursery was only across the corridor but it was such an effort to walk that small distance to see my baby. In comparison to the vaginal birth of my first, it was definitely not the easy way out.

    I had my hubby doing all the same things and was just as amazed that by day 10 I felt so good.

    I'm hoping it will be easier this time just because I know what is coming but I'm also going to ask my OB about my pain relief options, got to be prepared!

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    Feb 2004

    Dee I'm with ya on the pain thing as well. I was ok when laying down, but as soon as I went to get up & walk man did I know it.

    Worse thing for me was that I had had so many internals over the previous 16hrs that I was all swollen & tender down below as well. One of the midwives told me it was as if I had given birth twice.

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    Jan 2004
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    Hi girls,
    I was just wondering, regarding the pain, were you given Voltaren anally? I was having them 4 or 6 hourly for the first 5 days at least and had no pain?

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    Feb 2004

    Nope, not me. I was offered Panadeine Forte which I can't take cos I'm allergic to codeine, so that gave me some other sort of tablets but I can't remember the name.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I was given voltaren tablets, a slow-release pain killer, panadol and another one but I can't remember what it was called. I was also taking maxalon to get my milk to come in.

    Hmm... maybe I wasn't in so much pain because I don't have a means of comparison like you, Kerryn iykwim? Also, Sarah, you had a bit more of a rough time before the c-section. Even though I had gone into labour, I had an epidural at the beginning stages.
    Or maybe I have forgotten the pain already, LOL.

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    Feb 2004

    You might have a point there Deb. I had the epidural after 26hrs in labour and it kept wearing off. Problem was that I was in 2nd stage labour for more than 5hrs & had about 10 internals in that time too which would have contributed to the pain I guess.

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    Jan 2004

    Kerryn, you poor thing having to walk to the special care nursery after your c/s, it's like they deliberately put it as far away as possible hey!
    After my c/s, one of the midwives threatened to put my DD in the special care nursery for 24 hours, I was terrified of having to walk that far.

    One of the women in the room with me had her c/s in the morning and they made her get out of bed in the afternoon!! I had mine around 3am, and they told me around 5pm that arvo, that they were going to get me out of bed for a shower. When the time come I was still tired from my epidural/pethidine/GA, and told them I didn't want to and could i do it in the morning, which thank god, they let me do!

    I was terrified of coughing. It felt like my insides were going to spill out everywhere! 8-[

    It's been almost 5 and a half years since my c/s, and I still remember it like it was yesterday.


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    Jul 2004
    in a land of screaming kids.

    I had my c/s at 5:30pm and by 5:30am they were getting me up and into a shower. Yes it was VERY painful, but for me it hurt most when I stood up after sitting/laying down. Once I was walking and upright, it wasn't so terrible.... The thing that got me down was I developed a bladder infection also (a BAAAAD one) and they didn't believe me so I suffered days with it making me get up and down every five-ten mins and nothing to help it. Eventually I DEMANDED some antibiotics and within a day or two of getting them my symptoms were improving, my pain had lessened and I was able to go home. I just found the pain of the infection on top of the stitches was almost unbearable. Being unable to sit for long enough to feed my baby was even worse and I ended up with post natal depression. The c/s was painful, don't get me wrong, but the pain was bearable except for moving from sitting to standing or laying to standing. My DH was great and got me to put my arms around his neck and he'd help me up so U jsut bent my knees and used them to lift me not my tummy muscles.....

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    Wow girls - I have just been catching up on all of your posts...I am now scared as I am having an elective c/s in 17 days!!! I was advised to have a c/s due to a bladder problem - but I am totally OK with it! I also have GD and my OB thought that initally the baby might be too big (as I am not that big) but it seems to be under control and bubs should be average!

    You have all gotten me thinking about the pain now.....I have been prepared to cope with it and am still doing pilates and walking everywhere, but I am nervous now....I will be taking all of the pain killers on offer I think!

    Dee - I am sorry that you are in so much pain! I hope that it gets easier for you very soon....

    I will keep in popping into this forum as I am really interested in what you all have to say....


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    Nov 2004

    Hi girls,

    We covered caesareans in our antenatel class last night and a positive thing was that when they take your baby away for the checks they only wrap and not dress him/her so they can be taken back for skin to skin contact with the mother. I didn't know where to post this but I thought it was really good. Hopefully I will have a natural birth but it is good to know about caesareans and other unexpected outcomes in case they happen.

    My SIL had a caesarean 13 months ago and her scar is still sore. My boss had one last Nov and she is 100% better and does not have any problems now.

    Megan - You will be fine, just think you will be holding your baby!