thread: Caesarean Chatter - May 2005

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    Jul 2004
    in a land of screaming kids.

    Skin on skin time depends on how baby is coping with delivery. I know with me they just flashed Kat at me (I didn't even get a clear view) and took her off as she wasn't breathing as well as they would have liked.... I got to hold her hand after I got out of recovery and got to hold her the next day. I remember the first time I held her I cried.....she was so perfect...

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    Jan 2004
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    I had Voltaren suppositories and had no pain so ask for them. Well I should say, I had them from about 24 hours post op. For the first 18 hours post op I was completely out of it because I had a general anaesthetic and some morphine so was not feeling anything.
    I find it really interesting how hospitals/doctors vary in what pain relief they give. These voltaren suppositoires were great as it deliverd the pain relief right to the site of the pain.
    Sarah you are probably right in that what you go thru prior to the c/s probably affects your recovery. I really didn't get to second stage so did not feel I had put any pressure on my body prior to the c/s.
    Nic, I had the beginnings of a cold when I went into labour so by day 2 I was coughing like crazy. That was absolutely the worst part of the whole recovery ie. trying to cough delicately so the wound wouldn't hurt.

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    Feb 2004

    Skin to skin contact, what's that LOL?! Zander was taken away for an hour while I was in recovery & when he came back he was dressed & all rugged up. He was fine though as far as I'm aware, noone has told me there were any problems....

    My c/s was at 1.30am and I was forced (I had a less than nice midwife) to take a shower at 11.00pm. Yes I felt better for it, but I struggled to walk the 6 or so steps to the bathroom.

    Lucky you Kat, getting DH to help you out of bed. My midwife said that I absolutely must do everything on my own. I had to try to get in & out of bed on my own which was pretty tough to start with. I was told by one midwife not to try & get up while holding the baby cos I needed my strength just to get out of bed. The nazi midwife came in later when I buzzed to get the baby put in his cot so I could go to the loo & she went right off telling me I had to learn to look after my baby properly by myself :shock:

    I left the hospital on day 3 - baby born Sunday am, went home Wednesday noon. I just couldn't handle being yelled at from this midwife over everything I did! Once I got home I had Aaron helping me do everything!

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    Wow so much chatter

    Ok...I was up and on the go around 3am post 6pm c/s. I got really anxious from the drip they had me on which had morphine in it & I ripped it out in the middle of the night & insisted on taking a shower #-o ... so after the shower I wanted to sit instead of lay in the bed & was up and walking within a few hours, however...I found laying down to be excruciating I couldn't roll over for 4-5 days. And like Sarah I had 20 hours of labour with multiple internals and epidurals which were wearing off... so I think that had a lot to do with it. I was given brufen & panadol, and the meds would wear off after 5 1/2 hours exactly. But by day 3 I was walking around good and really just wanted to get home.

    I've posted this before, but when Matilda was born, DH took her with the nurses & he had skin to skin contact with her within minutes of being born, then when at 15 minutes I was finished with everything she & I had skin to skin contact, but DH had it first....we made that decision first that if anything happened she would have skin to skin contact with someone ASAP....

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    Feb 2004

    I was the same Christy - preferred to sit rather than lay down & also found it difficult to roll over for a while.

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    May 2004

    I just had my second c/section and it felt so much different than the first.
    When i had my first one they told me everything they where doing this timei knew nothing other than the pulling pain i felt i even felt them pull Alexander out.

    I was up and about by 10am the next day.

    I am so looking forward to sleeping on my side again. Feel as if my throat is always sore from sleeping on my back all the time.

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    Aug 2004
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    It`s now 2 weeks since my c/s and since about Saturday I have felt much better, but with Matthew being sick with the flu I`ve had to get up and down to him so many times in the night that my scar has been a little tender and at the change table it`s at the right height for him to kick Mummy right on her scar, it feels more bruised now when he does kick in that area. I know I`ve been doing a few things I shouldn`t be doing and my belly does remind me.

    Now just trying to think of when they got me up after the c/s, it would have been about 3pm the following day, so 22 hours after the op. Sometimes I wonder if it would have been best if they got me up sooner to move around it might have been so painful, looking back at it all now the memories of pain certainly fade.

    I was talking to a lady a few days ago she has an 11 week old and had a c/s and says she`s still tender and she also mentioned the pain of having a c/s. I`m glad Im not the only one here who thinks c/s are painfull.

    Sarah - Your like me what skin to skin contact, as I`ve told you I was in recovery for 2 hours and didn`t see my son until 8pm and he was born at 5.15pm. Sounds like you had a few awful midwives there.

    Kat - It`s wonderful that our DH`s help us out like that when we really do need them. Fancy that they wouldn`t believe you that you had an infection, glad you got some attention eventually.

    Kerryn - You poor thing having to walk all that way after a c/s, sometimes you`d like to see them do it and just stand back and watch how they cope.

    Take Care


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    Feb 2005
    out and about

    As a nurse, I know the value of getting up and about ASAP, so I was up and in the shower about 5 hrs after my csec, oh god it was painful, but I knew it was best so, I struggled through. I went home at day 3 coz I wanted to be with the big girls too. I also had voltaren suppositories, I HATED having to get up, out of bed, was fine once I was up, but it was the going from lying to standing I hated the most, but I guess the BAD pain, was only for a week or so, then it started to ease off. They are shocking hey girls, and I dont think anyopne would do it for fun hey!!

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    Sarah - I can't believe the midwives that you had - I'm not sure how I would cope being yelled at?? 8-[ And to go home after day 3 - were you feeling OK?

    From all of your posts, I am gathering that to get up and around ASAP is the key to a good recovery and I am loving the idea of the Voltaren suppositories (sp?) I will make a note of these and talk to my OB about this type of pain relief....

    As my c/s is planned, I would be hoping for some skin on skin time - but I guess it all depends on the baby?


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    Feb 2004

    I think if you make sure you tell them you want skin to skin time Megan then you should be alright to get it if bub is ok.

    I didn't cope with being yelled at very well at all! It was the Tuesday night & I had buzzed them at 10.15 only for her to finally show up at 11.25 to yell at me! Nice hey?! I stuck it out til about 6am when I rang Aaron with Zander & I both crying & said get here NOW!

    I hadn't planned on going home that early but just couldn't deal with that particular midwife anymore. I was still very sore & unsure that I should be leaving but felt much much better about it the next day after sleeping in my own bed! It's amazing how different I felt at home with my family to look after me, rather than at the hospital.

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    Sarah it sounds like your midwives were absolute knobs!

    Talk about someone going through the mechanical motions of a "job" rather than striving to do their job to the best of their ability!

    I guess it's just like any workplace... some people are nice, and some are not-so-nice. Just makes it hard when they're supposed to be looking after your well-being, but neglecting the emotional part of that (if you're like me and look at well-being from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective).

    As far as skin to skin contact goes, I say go in there with a birth plan that you've shared with your OB and midwives (and partner) and if bubs is fine they'll grant that request. If something happens and they forget, or they have to suction some extra stuff out of bubs or something, be flexible and roll with it.

    If you get fixated on that one thing and it doesn't happen, it could ruin the whole arrival for you

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    Thanks for the advice Mistyfying! I am open to go with the flow - but just want to expereince as much as I can with our little boy as quickly as possible...

    Sarah - did you complain about that midwife? What hospital was it at? You are so brave and controlled not to scream back at her!!!


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    Feb 2004

    Campbelltown Hospital in NSW Megan. My problem was I just cannot remember her name! I should really find out - my brother's friends mum is a midwife there, but she's in delivery not maternity so she might not know her.

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    I am so sorry to hear of your experiences Sarah - a girlfriend of mine went to the Royal North Shore Hospital and complained about a midwife there that was just awful to her as well after having a c/s...bugger that you can't remember her name!!

    Hope life with your little boy is just wonderful....


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    Hi, I'm back. It's only been a few days but this thread has been very active.

    Sorry it sounded so bad that I had to walk to special care, oops, I should explain myself more.

    The morning after his delivery, they took me to intensive care, bed and all - now this was painful, felt every bump, to see my baby. He was so big in comparison to the premmies. His feet were touching the bottom of the humidicrib and his head the top, even I found this funny. The next day they took me in a wheel chair. But by day 3 they really want you walking, I was in the room with the door right opposite the special care nursery, so they did try to make it easy for me and the midwives would walk with me to make sure I was ok. We were in for seven days and went home the day that he was able to leave special care.

    Also re the birth, even though I had a very sick baby, I was still given him to hold and then my husband went with him to the nursery. I think it was another two days before we got to hold him again.

    I just wanted to add something that I remembered that is worth sharing. I started to feel really great after around 10 days, well in comparison to how I had felt since I hadn't handled the pain very well. I don't remember when, I think it was after a couple of weeks, I went to the supermarket. Did the shopping, pushed the trolley to the car (all things I'm sure I was told not to do). Next day I was in awful pain that lasted a couple of days, so the lesson here is, it's true what they say about being careful.

    I can't wait to see how I handle it this time, state of mind may have a big impact on how the pain is perceived and since I was unable to do anything for my baby, I probably had too much time to dwell on myself. I was also really upset that I had had a caesarean as I had never contemplated that this would happen to me. My first was a 7 hour labour and the second was supposed to be easier!

    Naturally, I would love to have a VBAC, since in my experience the caesarean was much harder but it's really scary having a sick baby and the factors against me are:

    I'll probably need an induction, which adds to the risk, as I have not delivered a baby before 42 weeks and as I'm older there is a higher risk that my placenta will fail earlier than it did with my son;

    My second baby was 9.3 lbs and too big, so this baby will need to be smaller for me to have a chance (so hard to tell);

    Also, I'm more scared of having a sick baby than I am of the pain.

    So after talking to my OB, I think I have decided to have the caesarean without a trial labour unless it is spontaneous.

    Should have told you all to go make a cuppa at the start of this! It's pretty exciting though anticipating what will happen.

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    Jan 2004

    Wow Sarah, That midwife sounds horrible! I feel so lucky to have had the midwives I had. They took DD for me the first and second nights I was in hospital. I didn't ask them to, but the first night I think i was still a bit groggy, and the second night DD was crying non stop so they took her again! By the 3rd day I wanted to go home - Well to my parents house, home was still 200 klms away and with lots of bumps on the road too!!

    You know something I never gave any consideration to was having some sort of bith plan incase I needed a c/s. From memory, I think DD's 1st bath was from a midwife. They wrapped her up in some nice warm clothes and put her under the heat lamp with DH, trying to keep her nice and warm, so no skin to skin contact here either.

    It has definately given me something to think about for next time.

    Is there anything that you will be doing differently next time? My biggest concern is making sure DD and myself aren't overwhelmed by all these people visiting the new addition. I'm planning on making the first day just for DH, DD, with my parents and DH's parents either later that arvo or early next morning. The next day can be grandparents and brothers/sisters then aunts/uncles etc...
    I know DH family won't like this at all, particularly his grandmother, but I don't care!!


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    just going back to when you get out of bed after c sec...

    i had jaykob at 3.30pm wed, they wanted me up that night. i refused.
    i was made to get up at 11 am following day even tho i asked not too - i lost alot of blood and my iron was at 70 ( normal is approx 120) i felt $hitty and weak. They said I was lazy so I got up got into shower, passed out and MY GOD it hurt to get up from the floor.

    This factored towards my blood transfusion.

    but yeah i wished they'd just let me be in some ways.

    I had no pain apart from the fall and when i first woke up ( i had GA) for about 10 seconds.

    I had painkillers for three days and then i rejected them, I just didnt feel I needed them.

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    I had shocking midwives as well. It really contributed to me feeling extremely horrid after the birth........

    I wasn't allowed to get out of bed for 24 hours after Jacob was born, and then they got me out and man, did it hurt! I couldn't roll over days either and I felt like I had to hold my stomach to hold everything in IYKWIM?! I had a bed that was wonky too, and the nurses kept trying to experiment with it whilst I was still in it. Basically, it would go up (the back of it) but not back down and despite me telling every nurse as she came on shift, they still tried fiddling with it. One finally got it to go back down, but rather suddenly and without warning!! I went from a semi-upright position to flat on my back in a matter of seconds!!! I couldn't believe the pain, even with the epidural still in place, which was slowly being turned off. I had the epidural in for 24 hours. After that I had voltaren suppositories (ewww), panadeine and had to have anti-nausea medication every day because I was feeling so ill.