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thread: Caesarean General Chatter & Discussion #5

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    Feb 2005
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    Thanks for sharing that Iluvella. I think it totally makes sense. You can know that it had to happen, but still feel that you have missed out on something. I feel a bit like that. It doesn't bother me often, but I sometimes feel disappointed that I didn't go through a natural childbirth experience.

    There is a birthing debrief forum here that you can write all of these feelings in that might help you with your feelings.

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    Jodie259 Guest

    Hi girls... I'm new to this thread. (didn't know it existed - this forum is so big!).
    I had an emergency c/s on the 27th May. I had been in labour for 12-14 hours. Within a couple of hours of the onset I was in agony. We thought I was going to have the baby on the 15 minute drive to the hospital. When I got there I was only 3cm - but the doctor suggested epidural. Thank god for that as I would have died with all that pain!

    Turns out my big bubba (9 pound) - was back on back. Thus the pain. He started turning, but at 7cm dilation he stopped. A couple of hours at 7cm and both myself and my baby were "distressed" (personally I was feeling fine as the pain had been numbed!). We were also aware that I had a large cyst on my ovary - so doctor said that caesar was necessary & that was removed.

    I went to the Ob today for my 6 week check - and all is well. The scar is healing well, and I was so surprised to find that I had internal stitches and the scar was so thin. I had a really top ob - so that may have helped. He said I could have a vaginal birth "next time" if I really wanted to... but in honesty - I think I would elect another caesar if that time comes. I recovered really quickly, and I've bonded really well with my baby.

    I haven't had any negative comments from anyone (not to my face at least). I wouldn't care what people say anyway.
    I had also planned to breastfeed, but within days my baby was starving, and the midwives/nurses said he needed formula. That was the best thing for him, as 6 weeks later I still have no milk. I used to think that mums who went straight onto bottles were "taking the easy route"... but now that I'm one of those mums - I'm not so judgemental. It made me realise that people can be judgemental if they've not been in that position themselves. At the end of the day - a happy baby = a happy mum = a happy baby. Whether it be caesar, feeding, or any other choice you make - it doesn't matter what people think.

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    Feb 2005

    Jodie, I also healed up well from my caesar ... no problems at all. I was surprised at how quickly I was back in action.

    I elected to have a caesarean at 41 weeks, one day. Baby was definitely overdue (he was IVF so we knew how many weeks precisely). Easter was coming up and it was my choice (not that of my doctor) to intervene rather than wait because I would be two weeks overdue by then. I initially thought I would go with induction provided my cervix seemed to be favourable at the next checkup. When the doctor looked, baby was head down, ready to go but cervix completely closed. I was unwilling to go through an induction which was likely to fail, leading me into having a caesar anyway. I figured I would recover better by having the caesar at the outset so that's what I did.

    I was disappointed at not being able to just go into labour especially since every indication was that things seemed likely to go that way. I was looking forward to using my TENS machine and working through the stages but an induction is something else. Contractions crashing one on top of the other and sometimes all for nought.

    In the end, it was the right decision for me and I was in very good shape to deal with looking after my baby. My incision has also healed well and apart from the small scar, you would not know anything had happened.

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    Jun 2006
    Penrith, NSW

    Hi girls

    How are u and those precious bubs?

    Thanks 4 the response Linda - i might check out that debrief thread. Sometimes it's good to hear about other gals similar exeriences too.

    I was really happy to read that both Melbo and Jodie healed up really well and quickly from the c/s. i found the same...it's like nothing happened apart from a scar. i guess it has a lot to do with positive thinking too - when u've got a new bub to nurture and enjoy nothing else matters!!

    And a big congrats to Melbo 4 that beautiful little IVF wonder boy - u must be sooooo happy!!!

    Well take care all

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    Jodie259 Guest

    As a new mum, I knew nothing - and take advice from all around me. So after my caesar, I was told "oh, you can't drive for 6 weeks...", so I just assumed that was true. I spent 5 weeks at home going batty. I walked MILES to the local shopping centre just to get out. Then I phoned the insurance company to advise them about the pram & car seat... and I mentioned the 6 week thing - and they said "no, you can drive - unless your doctor says you can't". AAAaaaahhhhh !!! I could have driven any time... most likely from the 2nd week.

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    Jan 2005
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    I have heard it both ways Jodie and I am keen to know the truth / law - anyone know for sure ?

    I might google it - does it vary from state to state ?

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    Jodie259 Guest

    I was at my obstet yesterday and mentioned it to him... and he said "you could have driven, probably from 2 weeks". And I'm with RACV (victoria) and they said that I could have driven.

    I think the huge walks to the shops did me more damage than driving would have! My incision would ache after the walks!

    It was only my step-mum and relies that had caesars years ago that were telling me "6 weeks". They had the old style c/s with external stitches etc. Maybe things have changed with improved surgery techniques. I was up and out of be within 12 hours of surgery. I never even needed pain relief.

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    tiggy Guest

    I don't think there is any law, it's just the logic that it takes around six weeks for any surgical wound to heal properly.
    Having said that, I drove when Immy and Maddy were two weeks old and started driving after this caesar about a week after because I had to go back and forth to the NICU. I think I drove myself home after Lily's caesar!!!
    Of course, with William it was a different story, bigger surgery, different circumstances and didn't drive the car for about 3 months afterwards.

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    Melinda Guest

    I didn't drive for 6w post-caesar either....that's what I was told to do anyway.

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    Oct 2003
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    My hospital advised 6 weeks but we rang the insurance company and their policy was 6 weeks post abdominal surgery. I believe if the hospital's policy is advising 6 weeks, the insurance can decline claims made during that time.

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    Oct 2004
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    I think I was told 6 weeks, but I was not driving back then so it did not matter. If I was driving I think it would have been safer for me to not have as I felt like a zombie for ages and would have done stupid things on the road.

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    Jun 2006
    Penrith, NSW

    Yeah with the whole driving debate i really think it depends on how u feel and the circumstances ....i too had to drive back and forth from the NICU to feed my little Ella every 2-3 hrs, but i felt ok (and drive an auto, living only 5min from hosp - so that wasn't too bad). i would definatley chose driving over long walks...i don't know how u did it!!!

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    Jodie259 Guest

    I felt like I didn't have a choice but to walk to & from the shops.
    Between the huge distance and the freezing weather in Melbourne it was not fun.
    I wish that I had of asked my doctor & the insurance company at the start as they both said that I could have driven within 2 weeks.

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    I think I was driving within a couple of weeks. And hanging washing out the day I got home from hospital!!LOL!

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    Jun 2005
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    I was driving within week 4 (Doc told me "as soon as you can concentrate" and RACQ said "What ever the doctor says" - go figure!). Physio told me 6 weeks but I was starting to go loony at home and after 4 weeks felt fine. As for housework - started off little bit about week 3 now I can do just about everything - leaving the lifting until week 6 though (pram weighs 14kgs).

    I recovered pretty quickly but am in no hurry to do this again!

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    May 2006
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    Not sure Brooke, i am kinda a bit worried about having to have another one, As this will be number 4 c-section, and after having the last one, I had a staph infection in the wound by day 2. i was sent home sick and feverish, and had nurses visit everyday to dress the wound which broke down.
    I also vomited violently after they pulled DS out as my blood pressure kept falling fast.
    So this time, i think i really need to have a good hard talk to the aneathetist(sp?) as the epidurals always do it,and make sure they give me antibiotics from the word go.
    I am sorry if this scares anyone, but my first 2 c-sections were textbook perfect, it was just the last one that shook me up.

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    Melinda Guest

    I was sick during the c/s as well - 3 times in fact and was told it was due to my BP dropping too, and that they need to give me extra fluids next time to try to counteract this?

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    Oct 2003
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    Yeah Mel, my BP dropped during the epidural & they had to push fluids through to get it raised enough to put the spinal block in for the c/s. I had 1 ltr pushed through in 1 hour which is heaps. Also they were unable to push the spinal block through quickly and unfortunately I felt the first few minutes of the c/s.

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