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Thread: Ovulation at CD8???

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    Default Ovulation at CD8???

    FF gave me a coverline at CD9. CD1 bleeding was quite light and I really should have started the new cycle on the following day. This seems rediculously early!

    I guess the EWCM could have been mistaken for DH's semen, but we didn't everyday so it's unlikely. EWCM was clear and definately stretchy.

    I also got some ferning on my mb, but again I could have been reading it too late. I read it after 20 minutes some mornings.

    Temps were taken at the same time each morning, and I didn't have any ovulation pains.

    Could I really ovulate this early?

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    oh gosh oscar - can a person really ovualate at different times each mth?
    im never going to fall preg if that is the case!!!!

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    Hi oscar,
    I'm no expert but i'm pretty sure it can happen that early. My XH and i only dtd once when i got pg with my daughter, and that was only a few days after my AF had finished, so that prooves it can happen early lol
    Good luck

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    I think so.

    When I got pregnant with my DD I ovulated on CD10. I usually ovulate on day 17. I had been charting (as a means of birth control) for many years and I'd never O'd that early. DH and I had unprotected sex because hey - it was only day 10! - and two weeks later I was staring at an unexpectedly positive pregnancy test. I've never ovulated that early again since, it was just a one off.

    So yes, it does happen

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    yay! does that mean i could have ovulated in the past 24hrs then? cd13 for me... yippeee!!

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    oscaroscar - dont worry I went through the same thing yesterday. FF gave me a dotted CL on CD8 but has taken it away today when I put today's temp in... hoorah! I had reason to believe that I either O'd yesterday or I am still to 'O' as I had really watery CM yesterday (far more than I usually get).

    Now I just have to sit tight and see what my temps do over the next couple of days and hope FF shifts my O date to between CD8 and CD10. that would be the ideal as we have done the majority of our BD over those days (see chart).

    I have stitch like pain on my left side again; dunno whether to read that as a sign of ovulation or a sign that my eggie is started on its trip down my tube hehe... have to wait n see I guess - the waiting sucks!

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    It is possible to O quite early in your cycle. Since temping I've found I O between 12 & 17 days so there can be quite a large difference in when it happens.

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