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    Question Ovulation timing

    Hi, we've been TTC since Jan but it seems that every month at ovulation time either my partner or I am away for buisness! That's working on the theory that I should ovulate 14 days after the first day of my period - with only a 12-24 hour window of conception time? It was a bit of a laugh at first but it's beginning to get ridiculous. Last month, my period was late by a week so we nearly (but not quite) had ovulation time together. This month, I went to great lengths to reschedule some appointments to try to keep ovulation time free ...but again my period has arrived a week late so we'll miss it yet again as I'll be away on business then!! This is becoming incredibly frustrating!!

    Friends of mine who have kids insist that you can get pregnant pretty much anytime of the month so just keep trying and it'll happen. I assure u, we have certainly been trying: 3-5 times a week when we are actually under the same roof But now I'm wondering, if they're right, does that mean we should be trotting off to the Dr to check our fertiltity?

    Would love a little help about this whole ovulation timing thing pls...and why is my period arriving a week late (now 2 mths in a row)? I haven't been on the pill for over 10 years so it's not that...and I'm usually very regular...

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    I dont have alot of advice, but the theory of DTD when ever and it will happen was true for our first 2 kids. The 3rd we planned and timed.

    I also found that when we were TTC #1 the more i stressed about trying to get preg...the more it didnt work. So when we relaxed and let nature take its course, it happened.

    Perhaps stress of wanting to get pregnant or work commitments could be throwing your AF out a bit?

    Not really sure to be honest. How long have your been TTC for?

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    Big hugs my love this TTC gig is a tough one sometimes.

    It is just not factual that you can get pregnant at anytime of the month. We women are designed so that we are fertile for a short period each month. Sperm live longer than ovum so, this adds some time on. It is thought that sperm can live for up to 5 days in the "right environment". If I were you I would hop on line and grab some OPK's. This will help to pin point your LH surge. This surge occurs just prior to ovulation. Do this for a couple of months (opk's can be a bit tricky but that's a whole other post!) and just see when it is you ovulate. When you dtd at this optimal fertile time pregnancy is likely to happen sooner than just 'winging" it. Have you got a copy of the "Billings Method". This is a great book to help you see the signs your body puts out throughout your cycle. This will help you also to pin point your fertile time more confidently.
    Wishing you a speedy

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    Wishing you lots of luck for TTC..

    Also just wanted to say that using OPKs sounds like a great idea for you so you can get a better idea of when you are ovulating, rather then just guessing, plus looking out for all the other signs too.

    I found that with my cycles, I rarely ovulate at the same time each month (sometimes it may be CD 18, or maybe CD 22, or when I conceived my DD it was even on CD 28!). So definitely not the traditional "14 days after your period", and if I hadn't figured that out I would have probably never gotten pregnant! So keep that in mind.

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    I wouldn't be worried yet. Try charting your cycle of using opk's for a few months first and I'm sure you'll catch the egg. Good luck and I hope you get yout BFP very soon!

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    Check out the Fertility Friend website. It will tell you everything you need to know about charting and how to know when you're ovulating

    Also check out the conception articles on this site!

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