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Thread: Pre-AF Rising BBTs? Please Help!

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    Default Pre-AF Rising BBTs? Please Help!

    Hi all, been ttc since mc d&c 4 weeks ago today. I think i ovulated early last week??? But don't think I am prg. I've tested last night & had BFN. & believe AF should be here any minute now... But anyways, my question is:

    Is it normal for your bbt to be rising just before AF is due? I've just bought a therm & I've been checking my BBT & have the following results:

    Friday 09.05 - 36.7
    Saturday & Sunday forgot
    Tuesday 13.05 - 36.8
    Wednesday 14.05 - 36.8
    Thursday 15.05 - 36.8
    Friday 16.05 - 36.85
    Saturday 17.05 - 36.9

    Is this normal? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Well if you are PG it should rise! Could be it

    This is my chart from when Caleb was conceived. You can see how the temp spikes up again on CD 15 when AF should be arriving. Even though it dips again it doesn't go down to the coverline. 8aff6 Ovulation Charts
    The previous cycle is under it and you can see how it nosedives the day AF arrives. HTH
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    Thanks Raven! Your chart was quite confusing! Well I hope it means i may be pg... but this morning my bbt went down from 36.8 to 36.65. It's 4 weeks & 2 days from d&c. I had very sore bbs on mon 5/5 & some on tues 6/5. Would you know if it mean ovulation has taken place on those days? & if so how long after should I AF arrive?

    Thanks for your help!

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