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thread: Cloth Nappies #173.

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    Marlene I have a friend who says the same when ever i have Lachlan in his babylegs, so i have brought some more for him to wear when he goes to occasional care where she works...hahahaha. Oh and i love Jacks special nappy with his name its to cute.

    Lachlans nappy rash has finally cleared up, Yeah . Ive been a bit behind the eight ball on here, had a few troubles connecting etc anyway.

    Last week recieved a cow print itti bitti , i must say at first i was a bit worried about it as its not as bulky as some of my others but i have to say its great. I also got my ticklefish and have tried it out , so far so good.
    I missed out on all the second Cushies on ebay i forgot they ended today

    oh and a question can i ask what are flongies and longies ??

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    Tan - longies are knitted woolen pants used as a cover to fitted nappies, especially night nappies - wool is highly absorbent and when lanolised also has supreme water repellant ability - so great for night nappies, breathes well.
    Flongies are the same thing, like trackie pants, just made out of fleece. Usually 2 layers, synthetic fabric so doesn't breathe as well as wool, but less hassle to maintain

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    I got the moo one...not overly in love though, but I like it.

    me either ...the minkee isnt very nice is it but we still like it though

    we have NR here atm.....I hope that the moo goo arrives soon

    Busy weekend for me...on a mission for some

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    i got energetic yesterday and packed some nappies away where they need to live when Gremlin arrives - i even took some pics of the OSFA nappies, and will do the same with sized stuff today as i move it all up to the nursery instead of the lounge room. need hubby to get his work stuff out of the washing machine so i can do some more prewashing (yes, we FINALLY have the washing machine in and no leaky taps!) - after that, i think i'll finish packing my bags for hospital - not tempting fate - DH going to work tomorrow (trip to and from QLD - back home on Thurs) so i figure if bags are packed and ready, baby will have no reason to come too early!

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    Just got a quick question for you guys.....since my fluffy stash seems to be growing after I discovered this thread.....how do you guys organise/store your nappies?? ATM I have one of those change tables with the two shelves underneath and everything is just kinda crammed into it!! Most of the time Im getting good at remembering to dig out and stuff or fold a nappy before he needs changing tho lol

    Oh and what are the NN nappies you guys were talking about???

    ooh one last thing, I think Im getting the hang of cloth during the day, but still a little scared to use them at night!! In your opinion would Josh be ok at night in say a prefold with pul cover at his age??

    Sorry for all the questions this early in the morning, I know Im a pain lol
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    Dandy Ranges ;)


    Waiting on some stuff from ozebaby - a beanie for Pip and some wide-leg cut-for-cloth jeams with fireman motif

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    I got the moo one...not overly in love though, but I like it.
    Same here but its still nice... waiting on some matching BL maybe that might spice it up a bit... they did say at the stocking that the mikee wasnt right thats why thery were a bit cheaper then the others. My strawberry patch minkee is devine... looking at a pink one... so trim and snug... but they look under padded and small but proved me wrong.

    This MMM sale is making me do norti things... i have spent way too much but there good bargins... Love ya work Mel... looking forward to the delivery truck bringing this lost... WW, Eco, BL, GK, a wet bag boosters, and i'm sure there will be more before thursday (when i pay) lol

    Used a pop-in last night (cos my Maz NN wasnt dry) and no extra booster and it was great... My new Fav i think... wish they came in different colours... but i cant show off all my naps can i... nice to have some i dont mind covering with her other clothes... LOL (BL getting a work out here... especially the supersoft ones... there expensive but so nice)

    Mel- I think its the trims around the outter of the BBH cover... everywhere it touched skin left a welt... Not nice...
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    Helen - NN stands for Night Nappy, or a store called Nurture Nappies. Usually it is used in reference to Night Nappy.

    The BB member doing the Amber necklaces is doing them herself so they will be Aussie made. She is in Brissy.

    I haven't tried a BBH cover yet. I have 1 for Leah but nothing big enough for the older 2. if she reacts then I now know what would be causing it.

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    ETA: Here is the MPM's announcement about the amber necklaces.
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    *cautiously steps back in*

    So what's the cloth nappy goss? Fill me in on...um...some months worth? What are the hip nappies and stores?
    My boys are pooping like all grossery, but I'm using cloth when I know there's no poop about.

    Helen, maybe a boosted prefold for night? Have you got any bamboo to boost the prefold? That might help with the overnight confidence.

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    what i tried to post last night at 12.30am

    Sas - i see packs of three snappis for $9 at big w, in the aisle where dummies are sold - so easy to buy locally. Mandy Macs are very adjustable nappies (which is great). They are FITTED POCKETS, so you need a waterproof cover over the top to make them waterproof.

    The reason NIGHT NAPPIES cost so much more, is that they have at least double, the amount of absorbent layers in them. They do a much harder job, instead of soaking up two hours of wee like a day nappy does, they are expected to soak up maybe up to 12 hours of wee action! So they have to be much better. bamboo is expensive to buy by the metre, much more of it is used to make a night nappy.

    Jess - not just bbh covers, but PUL covers and some PUL aio's too, have external elastic sewn around the entire outer of the item e.g the leg holes and all around the tummy/back. The special elastic is called FOE - fold over elastic.

    Some bub's skin reacts to direct contact with this, or might react to LONG WEARS with it -another reason not to use PUL at night.

    So if this has happened to you, using a wool wrap, it's important to work out WHICH thing is irritating your child
    - is it the FOE
    - is it the wool
    cos they're two separate issues, and it would be a pity not to work out WHICH one it is, cos that will affect your future buying decisions.

    they are other PUL mcn items made WITHOUT the foe. so it's not like you have to avoid PUL products per se, just ones with FOE - if that is the issue.

    the wool that BBH use to make their wool wraps, is felted wool. which is different to hand knit woollies. so don't give up on wool, just because ONE sort of wool, might not work for you. Handknitted woollies often have NO elastic in them at all, none in legs, many have woollen drawstrings in the waist, or hidden elastic in the waist.

    Teru - i have a feeling IV AIO are all cotton - so i would be suss about that, from an absorbency point of view. I hope she is just getting ONE to trial.

    anyone from Sydney? baby blossom is looking for helpers on their stall at the baby expo - free blueberries for helpers!

    Nappy bucket - $12 one from target in baby section - has plastic clips on it so you can "lock" it from curious toddlers. has a knob on top, so easy to open.

    someone please send me the link for Mummy amber necklaces too. i am hoping it will help my constant headaches and backpain, i feel so stiff, when i bend down, i am scared my back will "go" on me. i can't afford to have that happen with a bilby around.

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    ATM I have one of those change tables with the two shelves underneath and everything is just kinda crammed into it!!
    That's what I do for R. C has the top shelf of his bookcase

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    Newbie questions

    Where else can I buy Wildchild from instead of the store - they are out of everything?

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    Just got a quick question for you guys.....since my fluffy stash seems to be growing after I discovered this thread.....how do you guys organise/store your nappies??

    In your opinion would Josh be ok at night in say a prefold with pul cover at his age??
    Hey Helen

    I think at around 2 months we started using BB bamboo overnight cos I'm pretty sure she had stopped waking up around 3/4am for a feed, and just had the 10pm one. At the moment (9 months today woohoo!) she still has that 10pm feed and thats when we change her into her "night nappy".

    Oh - and we store ours on a top of the dresser in the loungeroom. Cos we have two in cloth, we often change in the loungeroom instead of choosing one of their bedrooms to change in. So all our nappies are kept in the loungeroom - somewhat neatly stacked up. They used to sit in the dresser in the loungeroom but I got the craps with trying to open the drawer with one hand (holding wiggly baby or toddler in the other) so I chucked that idea and just put them on top.

    Hi Nelle - nice to see you here. I think bundle of buns and genesa forge are the go these days - and abbygro's as well? I don't have any of those though. GF are super noice.

    Hello to everyone else *mwah*

    ETA - Sam - nowhere yet, but she is plannin on wholesaling to retail stores, so keep a look out for some of the big stores I would imagine (ie, nurture nappies for sure!)

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    helen - we have one of these Change tables too...and before she was crawling around it was great - everything was underneath...
    Now though she will pull everything out form anywhere she can get to lol So the nappies are in the top drawer of her dresser which is right next to the change table and I keep a few on the top of it so I can get to them easily - they are also the DH friendly nappies, ready to go so I dont have to hear whining from him about having t put them together

    Nappy buckets....I cheapie from KMart...Lid seals, can take boiling water when I clean it, holds about 2 days worth in there....easy as and cost about $10

    about the IB minkee...It really is pretty crap looking lol Oh well, don't think I will get another one. Charlotte is so close to TT anyway, think DH will have a fit if I buy another nappy...so my WW from Mel may just be the last one I ever buy! Very sad She isnt supposed to TT soo soon!!!

    WOHB: was a iishfly...but she pulled that off quick smart (twice) so now is free range.

    Anyone used that TotsBots potty thing? Or did you go straight to a toilet seat thing? Charlotte seems to be big on sitting on the toilet, so thinking straight to the toilet seat might be the go?

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    Gigi - In my last post I linked to the MPM thread about the necklaces

    Helen - In my gallery there is a pic of my changetable, it holds enough for 2.5 children in MCN when stacked properly (I now have them on their sides). Here is my Gallery.

    Nelle - Good to see you back in here!! All these enablers have been very active lately but I have been doing this because I will get shot if I buy any more at the moment.

    There is a basket of nappies ready for me. Will wait a little while (till DH gets back from his second round of grocery shopping - he forgot the list on Thursday, but he did get heaps of healthy stuff then!!) and FIL has taken the girls to the park to wear them out a bit.

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    Hallo all!

    Amanda from Mandy Mac refunded my money and sent a nice email through no worries, what a lovely lady, almost bought them again just because she's so pleasant to deal with - So I won't need any snappi's - yay, I can just imagine the tearing of them off with an older bub... oh ... now I can't remember who said that...

    Hubby told me yesterday he has been proudly telling everybody about Elly's big fluffy butt - he really likes how cute they look. And was so amused at the setup I put together for her last night (due to the last couple of wetting incidents) he took a picture of her with the nappy on because she had this massive butt/crotch and what looked like these short little legs sticking out. (I'd put on a fitted terry + a CT basix over the top for the night - did the job, but talk about bulk!!!) So I feel like I have been given licence to buy lots!!! Yay. So DH is an enabler now . . tis true, I am the stingy one, DH is always trying to get me to buy 'quality' ie-leather shoes, so it will last, and I am always trying to buy $20 shoes from Kmart instead, so my presenting this as the quality nappies will last for the subsequent bub's has surely worked.

    Fluffy mail next week - my bamboo boosters (can't get here fast enough) and my bamboo fitteds. Yaaay!! Now I am off to check out the famed GF nappies. Ooooooh.

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    in love. lots of it.

    uh, sas, that was me... I have a monsta bebe tho, so don't let that put you off snappis completely!
    So great that your DH is sharing the love for fluff!

    Hey Nelle! Long time, no see!

    LS - the TotsBots potty looked interesting, but I just plonked DS on the red one I got from Ikea and he's ok with that. I have a folding Cushie Traveller toilet seat for him as well, but haven't had much occasion to use it yet. He's not even 1 yet, so I'm not pushing for him to tell me every single time he needs to wee, since that would be a waste of fluff, and I'd be forever putting him on and off the potty, coz he can't manage that by himself just yet! Not without spillage, anyway... yuk.

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    Thanks for the heads up Gigi i am helping out Baby blossum on Friday hey...10yrs plus customer service should help me out in some way!!!!!!!

    Nappies......washed a heap/mountain today in hope they dry for nanny on Monday...although nanny is getting sick...so god help me..i have only just gone backj to work...what am i goping to do if nanny can't minsd Jack?? i cant have time off already!!!!! DH said he would stay home....BUT Jack won't settle for DH....think there could be trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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