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    BF to sleep

    Hi everyone!
    My LO is 3.5 months now and we have gotten in to the habbit of BF to sleep(daytime naps and night)- I really want to try to break this habbit as in a few months she will have a few occasions with out me here to do that.
    We try to watch for tired signs then wrap- but she either just lays in her cot chatting to herself and then gets upset or gets upset the minute the wrap goes on- and then needs the BF to settle. I have purchased 4 different types of dummy but she won't take any of them!
    She settles really well after her night feed and will drop of to sleep in the car easily enough.
    I have been reading 'the baby whisperer' and last night decided to try cuddling her rather than feeding and just make the change, she cried for about 30 mins- and then so did I- it was horrible!
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

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    Maddylyn, if you want to cuddle and rock and pat to sleep without BFing, you might need to enlist your partner or someone else to do it until she learns to settle that way - since she will smell you and protest if she wants to feed. The other way my DD sometimes self settles is in her little rocker chair, if I keep rocking it she sometimes happily nods off on her own. I hope that helps.

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    Hi Maddylyn, i was BF my DD to sleep as well until she got to about 3months she is now 5months. I started doing the whole feed, play, sleep thing during the day as i realised i would feed her to sleep & put her down but she wasn't really tired. Now after i feed her she has a play & when i notice her tired signs i wrap her up & put her down. At first i would rock, pat & sing to her but now she goes down pretty well on her own as she is tired enough NO crying involved. It did take a few weeks to work though as my DD would get a bit upset as soon as she was wrapped as well but now she is used to it, she wouldn't take a dummy either. Sometimes she will have a bit of a talk & look around before she goes to sleep but she is generally asleep within 10mins. I still BF her to sleep at night though as she falls asleep on the boob so i just let her be & she sleeps through the night. I learnt i just had to be consistent with whatever i was doing & this works for me. I think you just do what you have to do & what works for you & if feeding her to sleep is working then i wouldn't change it, unless like you said it might cause problems if your not there.

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