thread: wont settle for sleep for hours

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    Feb 2006

    wont settle for sleep for hours

    Hi there, just after a bit of advice.
    Bubs is 2.5 weeks old & was doing really well feeding every say 3 hours on average having sleeps in between & also play time but the last 3 days between 6 & 11.00pm & 4.00 till 9.00pm bubs is really tired but just wont go to sleep & is really grizzly.
    She has been feed, changed & will sometimes fall asleep in my arms but putting her down she completely wakes up or will not even settle in my arms.
    I have heard about babies being unsettled around tea time but for 4- 5 hours?
    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Jo - 28 (treated endo)
    Dh - 34
    Jenna Maree born 2 weeks early 9/11/07

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    Jan 2006

    Hi Jo. Congrats on little Jenna!

    If she falls asleep in your arms, what position is she in? I could make Liebs sleep in his chair but not his bed sometimes. Do you patback to sleep? Do you have a lullaby? If I pat and lullaby whenputting down that can work from early on.

    Best of luck to you.

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    Mar 2006
    Getting to know Brisbane all over again

    Is she startling when you put her down? Maybe try wrapping her if your not already. I know it isn't the best way but we would oten lay bub down on her side to help her settle in the cot. Once babies get overtired it can be really hard to get them settled, does a nice warm bath help any? Thats what a midwife recommended when having trouble settling DD.

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    oh what a gorgeous name congrats on your new bubby!!

    i breastfeed my baby to sleep and it makes life a lot easier . in the evenings, cluster feeding it totally normal and is good for your supply and her little belly.

    have you got a hug-a-bub, i found that it was an absolute GODSEND because it made bubby feel cuddled and snuggled, and it gave me my hands free, and my boy slept in it for ages longer than he would sleep in my arms or the bassinette.

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    May 2007
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    What a well adjusted little baby you have. She is sleeping where she knows she is safe - in your arms. Just two and a half weeks ago she was snug in your tummy. She could hear your heartbeat, was gently rocked by your movement and the sound of your voice comforted her. It's a big adjustment to go from that to the *outside* world where she is expected to sleep alone. she will naturally get there, but not for a little while.
    We talk about the arsenic hour, but truthfully, it does go on for *hours*. Usually baby will need a cluster of feeds close together. There will be another time of the day or night when she has a longer sleep, which may be only 3 or 4 hours at this age. At other times she will have longer or shorter sleeps.
    At this time, you and your partner need to work as a team. It's a 24hr shift for you - you need support! It's natural to feel like you can't do it any more, and it's heartbreaking when you can't comfort them. That's when dad needs to take over. Your baby will LOVE sleeping on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.
    Have you got a sling? Don't attempt mothering without one. I find a sling like the Australian Breastfeeding Association's the best. (and they are cheap!) Take your baby out for a walk in the sunshine every day - it helps develop their circadian rhythm!

    Warm Regards

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    In my own little world...

    Hi Jo,

    Sounds like your little one is a mirror image of mine. When we got home she did everything "perfectly" in the eyes of nomal - slept 3 hour periods, woke to feed, bit of a cuddle and then back to sleep. I could put her down straight away and she slept in her pram no problems. (Cot was too far for mummy hehe)

    Around the two week mark it changed, for us it's between 7pm and 11pm a night, with a little at 2pm in the arvo. Our feeds dropped to hourly, with sometimes only half an hour in between. She was never feeding for long. I learnt this was cluster feeding and was completely normal, not to mention great for my supply.

    We're pretty much back to two hour feeds, although to be honest, I don't really pay that much attention to how often I feed and go completely by her queue's, especially on the hot days recently when it might be thirst.

    Like your little one, DD sleeps amazingly when on me, but even if I wait until the deepest sleep until I put her down, she will stir and wake right up. It did my head in at the start, but I've accepted it now and actually love that I'm typing this reply one handed with her snoring and drooling on my shoulder. It warms me so much to here her getting such a good sleep.

    I also fully recommend a sling! I'm a huge hug-a-bub fan and can honestly say it's been the best thing I have bought to date, it's a god send. We've also just signed up for Foxtel for the days I just can't get much done.

    DD is 5 weeks now and we're getting a couple of good sleeps during the day again, usually in the morning so I catch up then too. It's only been this week, but our nights are slowly improving as well... she even had a 2 hour sleep between 8 - 10pm the other night, woo hoo. Most nights though I just stay on the couch with her.

    It does get better though hun, so hang in there.

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    Nov 2005

    Hi Haydies, I just read your post, and it described my little boy perfectly. Was nice to know we were not the only ones out there!

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    my baby has been very unsettled.

    she is 2 1/2 weeks old and suffering from gastro.

    he vommits most of her milk and is very unsettled, especially over the very hot weekend we have had(melb)

    aside from that, i play 1 song, that helps her calm down in most cases. i played it to her after she was born.

    my wife feeds, baths, feeds baby then to sleep.

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    Hi, Ash,

    I was wondering about what you are saying about your baby suffering from Gastro. It is very unusual for a 21/2 week old baby to suffer from gastro - and if it is breastfed, just about unheard of. But, many babies do reguritate what seems like a lot of milk - this usually causes few problems. Many parents also confuse normal breastfed baby poo for diarhea - brecause it is so runny. But once again, it's compltely normal. If you think that your baby really is suffering from gastro, best take him to the dr ASAP

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