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Thread: Acupuncture - your experiences?

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    I had some acupuncture last Monday (CD11) and felt a lot of pain when she put pressure on the inside of my left heel - she said it was a reproductive point and they are often tender, but this was actually quite painful.

    Then on Thursday, which was most likely ovulation day, in the evening I again felt pain in the same spot, without putting pressure on it. This eventually passed.

    I'm wondering if others who've had acupuncture have had similar experiences around ovulation - should I assume that the pain I felt on Thursday is another "O" symptom or does it mean something else?

    I have also noticed a difference in my CM this cycle - previously I have often had a few days of EWCM leading up to O, but this time it was watery/milky (like semen) except on Thursday afternoon when I had some EWCM. Since then CP has also been high. Don't know if it's age finally affecting my CM (I turned 42 yesterday) or if the acupuncture has had an effect.

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    Hmm...I have never really had anything too painful. Did you tell her it was hurting?
    Usually my AP asks if any spots feel sharp or painful and if any do he fixes them (twists them around and stuff) so I can't feel them.
    I have had them in those spots on the ankle sort of too and they often do feel a bit sharp at first and then he fixes them and they're ok.
    That is weird about feeling the same thing around O time!! I would ask her about it next time.
    My experience with Acupuncture has been really positive, fell pregnant on the first cycle so I hope the same thing happens for you soon (although with a better outcome ).
    Did she put you on any herbs or anything to help?

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    No, she didn't give me any herbs.

    I did tell it hurt and she said that spot was often tender.

    thanks SJ, I am really sorry for your loss :hugs:

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    Had my second session today and told her about the point seeming to play up on O day - she said that was really interesting and showed the point was activated. She gave it some extra attention today too.

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    Hey Sally

    I sometimes find certain spots more sensitive than others during AP. I haven't experienced what you did at O but I think that the sensitivity may relate or indicate work being needed on that area. A bit like reflexology.

    Sounds like you are a very intune person with your body. Something I find difficult sometimes.


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