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    Default Friend can't conceive

    A close friend of mine and her husband are trying to conceive their first child and it isn't happening as soon as they had hoped. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my second child and I conceived quite quickly. We also have another friend in common who is about 18 weeks pregnant and conceived straight away as well. While myself and my pregnant friend are happy with our pregnancies, I am worried about how I can best support or help my friend who is having trouble conceiving. She has been very supportive of both of us pregnant ladies and has never said anything negative to us about being pregnant, but I know it must be hard for her to see us fall pregnant quite easily while she is having trouble conceiving. Any ideas on how I can help her through this?

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    Tell her to come in here too!

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    You are such a lovely friend, i agree with Lulu - tell her to come here!

    I am in the same situation as your friend. My 3 best friends were/are all pregnant at the same time and all fell on the 2nd or 1st month of trying. I am always open with my friends about how i am feeling but i do make an effort to support and help then also. Whilst i am very happy for them there are times i really stuggle esp since 2 of them have recently given birth.

    I would just say to keep on being understanding, ask her about what's going on with her and dont take it personally f she does/says something that you may not understand. I didnt visit either of my friends i hospital because i just couldnt. I rang and asked them if it would be ok to wait and see them at home when i felt ready.

    Sometimes we dont go to baby related things either because again it hurts or we may go and leave early, just keep doing what your doing, if your pregnancy becomes an issue for her then i would think she would say something to you. You sound like a wonderful friend to her anyway

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    I have been there done all that i was the friend that was not conceiveing easily!

    I got preg and was going to be 4 months behind my best friend with her 2nd and i then had a miss at 8 weeks it was very hard at times to be around her and her kids but in the end the love of friendship wins out. She was amazing when i had my miss and needed d and c she came and spent a day with me and got her dh to take a day of work to look after there son so she could be with me alone while my dh was at work.

    She then announced her 3rd preg to me at 4 weeks (as we had discussed that i wanted to know as early as she knew) I got upset hung up the phone and didnt speak to her for a week, and she knew i would call when i was reday to talk and i did and now luckily i am 4 weeks behind her with my pregnancy.

    The best you can do is dont hide things from her talk openily and support her in any way you can and also intrdouce her to belly belly!! fantastic support for ttc!!
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