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    Default I need some answers TIA

    Hi everyone I'm kinda new on here and I have a little situation I'm not sure about.

    I had the IUD and never had periods and it was taken out on April 24, 2008 and then on April 26th I started bleeding with some small clots (Sorry if TMI) it last until the 27th and then nothing at all Was that my first period after the IUD? I started taking OPK test on May 7th and I have not had any + at all. I really don't know if I'm a 28 day or not I was always a 25 to 28 day cycle but I'm really not sure now. Do I count the two days I bled as my first period? and how long should my body take to get regular again? TIA Sorry if this don't make sense.

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    I have a Mirena. You still ovulate when you have the Mirena, but you don't have periods because the hormones stop you building a lining, so there's none to shed. From that POV yes, it's entirely possible that that little bleed was your first period, it would depend when you last ovulated (some women can tell when they are ovulating (i can) and some can't).

    It is also possible that having the IUS removed has disrupted the lining and cervix to some extent, and that's what made you bleed for a bit.

    There's probably no way of knowing whether it was AF or a post-removal bleed. I guess wait and see is the order of the day.

    If you keep an eye on your cervical mucus (you don't have to check your cervix for it, just your general vaginal discharge is fine to check) when you're coming towards ovulation it will become clear, slippery and stretchy - like egg white. When you see that you are ovulating, and i'd expect your period to come 13-16 days later.

    As for when to EXPECT it all to be normal, well, it's not clear. All the literature on Mirena says that fertility is the same in the year after as in a woman who has used no contraception. This means you are 80% likely to fall PG in the next year. I would reckon when you next bleed, that will give you more clues about how your cycle will be.

    Best of luck.


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