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    i have had an implanon implant for about three months and now DB has decided that it's time to TTC, i'm having it removed in jan or feb anyone know the time frame on how long to expect before i will have it out of my system and convieve?

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    From what i was told, you *should* be able to conceive as soon as it is removed.
    Most women will return to their 'normal' menstrual patterns within a month of taking it out and some are known to conceive within days of having it removed.

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    My Dr told me that you return to your previous pattern of periods etc within 24 hours of removal. So if you had regular periods and all was normal before you had it in then that is what you should return to. However, if you had long cylcles or irregular periods, then you'll return to that.

    So you should go back to your "normal" chances of conception (about 25% per cycle on average), straight away.

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    I had mine removed in April last year, and concieved in July (I think?) - I had an April bub

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    hi mrs muddle, i heard a story about a girl who had her implanon removed the day after her dh went to iraq and she got pg cos the swimmers were still alive and she ov immediately when it came out! i WISH i was that fertile anyway.... i had mine out 4weeks 2days ago and am still waiting for af. temp is all over the place and i cant tell anything that is going on. checking all symptoms etc but not officially ttc yet waithing for crucial "boy dates" in January and have also ordered ovulex from USA. i was always erractic in my cycles previously. both daughters took more than 2 yrs to concieve.

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