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Thread: is it possible to ovulate when there you have dry CM?

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    Default is it possible to ovulate when there you have dry CM?

    hello everyone
    ive been charting my BBT and the temps seem to be on a low (hopefully the low dip before ovulation)

    however my CM has been very dry the last couple of days..

    is it possible to still ovulate even though your CM is dry??

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    If you were talking to a medical professional about this they would say no! But apparently it is possible to even O during your AF. This is because of your own personal lunar cycle...everyone is different. Take alook at this website and they will explain it a lot better than i can.

    Lunar fertility History

    Hope this takes you to the right spot...good luck!!

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    smiles4u Guest


    Hi Kach,

    When I was trying to fall pregnant I not only had my own GP tell me but also my Gyno (whom is also a well-known IVF specialist in Melb) tell me that recent studies over the past few years have show that woman can fall pregnant at any given point of their cycle.

    Having said that I know I fell pregnant naturally on either one of two days during my ovulation. And I was 39 !!! Yes, my first bub !!!

    (Sorry, I haven't an answer for your question BUT I hoped that the above would be a positive thought for you)

    I wish you all the absolute best

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    Default Similar question

    I was also thinking of asking a similar question as I used a OPK which confirmed I was ovulating and it was also around that time however I noticed that my CM was unusual for ovulation. Some of it, not all was sticky and came out in blobs. I have had this happen at other times during my cycle before and thought nothing of it however it was disturbing to see it when I was supposed to be ovulating (as I normally have normal CM for ovulation). I am assuming that I won't conceieve this month which is disappointing as we are at 8 months of TTC now with one early m/c at 4 months of TCC after 5 weeks.

    Has anyone ever experienced a similar CM? Should I be worried? I am think of seeing doctor this month if again not successful.

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    my temps are still very low.. around the 36.1 - 36.3 mark

    my chart so far

    but still no real signs of CM.. and i don't remember O'ing so far..


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    paradise lost Guest


    You mgiht not have O'd yet. But i got pregnant on either the 4th or the 5th day after the END of my EWCM. I had been dry for 3 days at least (was doing Billings) but i'd had a very minor sinus thing and i think that delayed my actual O without changing my mucus.

    FIngers crossed your body is just being secretive and not uncooperative


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    I very rarely get EWCM (most months I don't get any) & when I see it I know I'll get pregnant - that's how rare it is for me. I still O regularly though. I had only 1 blob of it last cycle and hey presto a pregnancy was achieved as I O'd the following day.

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    When I fell pg with DS, I got to 8w and thought I hadn't O'd yet as I had no CM - then I had a wodge of green stuff to freak me out! Normally I had EWCM around O time just fine.

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