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    Unhappy Spotting

    Hi Ladies,

    I am totally confused. I was wanting to know if anyone can help me with spotting? Each month, I have 2-3 days of light spotting, before the very, heavy bleeding starts. Is this counted as the first day or is the day the heavier bleeding the first day? The last 3 months I have had this spotting & then none this month. I am still awaiting any sign of a period, which should be due. My test was neg? Does anyone know ehich is the 1st day???

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    Well I used to chart and when I would put in I was spotting it wouldnt class it as day 1 it would keep saying cycle day 27etc till I put in that I had light Af then it would say cycle day 1.

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    1st day is definately when you have bleeding that required a pad/tampon.. Maybe you are pg this cycle but it is just too early to show up on the test.. Best of luck.

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