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Thread: Can you just "get" PCOS?

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    Default Can you just "get" PCOS?

    I know that sounds like an incredibly naive question, but I wonder if it could happen. In the past I have had 3 miscarriages with no known cause, and gave birth to a healthy dd in 2006. ATM we are trying to conceive No2, and AF is now 10 days overdue (no bfp). Before getting pg the first time 3 yrs ago, af was irregular but went to 28 days or so after first MC. I wonder what the chances are of getting PCOS now? Im overweight, and since dd it is more on the tummy than it used to be. I generally have good skin, and I wouldnt say I have excess facial hair, but I do get a "hormonal" hair that I usually notice and pluck once a month, though have noticed it coming back quicker than normal lately.
    Im wondering if PCOS would show up on the tests they do for recurring mc, or via ultrasound. Sorry if this sounds stupid, but its got me worried. BTW, have a docs appt on Thurs. Thanks

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    Beaksie, PCOS is caused by insulin resistance. There are certain things that will make insulin resistance worse, one of which is weight gain.

    It's possible that if you have gained extra weight recently, it has increased your insulin resistance to the point where PCOS symptoms become much more pronounced.

    PCOS is usually diagnosed by hormone tests and a glucose tolerance test. The appearance of polycystic ovaries doesn't actually mean much, despite the name of the syndrome. It's possible to have polycystic ovaries, and have no signs of PCOS, just as it is possible to have all the signs and symptoms of PCOS and normal ovaries. Internal ultrasounds are often used, but don't normally give a conclusive diagnosis.

    I'm not sure if it would come up under the recurrent miscarriage tests. My PCOS was diagnosed before we got to that point, but it might be well worth asking your doctor about it. Particularly if you are noticing other symptoms of PCOS such as hair, acne and weight centred around the abdomen.

    Hope this helps in some way.


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    I know this is an old-ish thread, but I had PCOS before I concieved for the first time. My periods had been sparser and farther apart over time until they pretty much stopped. We also practice Natural Family Planning, and my mucus signs and temperatures defied interpretation (in other words, I didn't seem to be ovulating at all). And, I was gaining weight despite exercizing regularly. So to make a long story short, I wound up being diagnosed with hypothyroidism AND PCOS. They put me on Clomid (this was back in 1995--they didn't know about insulin resistance yet) and I got pregnant and ever since then had pretty normal cycles. (I have three healthy children). Good luck!

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