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Thread: Could I have PCOS? How do I tell?

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    Default Could I have PCOS? How do I tell?

    Hi Ladies

    I've been looking through the PCOS info on the net and I'm worried that I have too many of the symptoms.

    I have (compared to my friends) excess body hair, my bikini line goes a little down my thighs, i have hairy nipples , a trail of hair from my public line to my belly button, mysterious dark hairs on my arms, and just generally more leg and underarm hair than my friends.

    I also have painful sex. Sometimes I feel like I'm not long enough, and if hubby pushes on my cervix too much by mistake, or just goes in too far, it hurts like buggery!

    I came off implanon (was on it for 4.5 years) in Sept, and while I was on implanon my periods were all over the place and about 40 days about. Now my periods are coming closer together, my last cycle was down to 24 days. I'm pretty sure I am ovulating because I have been charting.

    My period used to last 6 days, now it's two heavy days and a day or two of spotting either side and thats it.

    I've been TTC since Oct 07, so I'm not at 12 months yet. Thanks for reading so far! Just wondering if it sounds like I have PCOS / Endo, and if I do, how do I get Dr's help?


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    hi, I'm not sure if you have it so i cant really help you there....but im currently thinking the same thing about myself so thought i'd say i know how you feel!! i'm off to an ultrasound next week to see if they can find something and then a fertility specialist in May so we'll see if my symptoms are PCOS!! Good luck with finding out!

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    Hey OscarOscar,

    I think you should go to your GP and discuss this with him/her. Some GPs know a fair bit about it but if yours doesn't I would ask for a referral to a Gyno to get your problems sorted hun

    Hope it all gets worked out soon.

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    hi oscar, have you found out if its polycystic ovaries??? i just found out today that thats what i have

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    go to your doctor and explain yopur symptoms and ask for futher testing or referal to a gyno etc. I was diagnosed with PCOS 12years ago now. While i have some symptoms i do not have others, i do not ovulate regulary, i have excess hair but mine is on my neck, face and chest. My periods were never reg but always lasted the same amount of days, i carry excess weight around my middle and my testotorone levels go through the roof.

    If you are concerned go and seek help it doesnt mean you cant concieve it might just take a bit longer

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