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Thread: Endometriosis and Pregnancy

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    Default Endometriosis and Pregnancy

    Hi Everyone,

    Let me start off by saying I'm one of the rare males that post in this forum. My wedding day is Feb 25 2006 and can't wait. I have organised everything.

    My fiancee was diagnosed and had her ovarian cysts removed July 2005. I nearly fainted when I saw the photos whilst she was recovering from the operations (I'm the type that gets weak at the sight of blood).

    I have always wanted to become a father, since I was young. I've gone through the whole sperm count test a couple of years ago as I always had this funny feeling I couldn't become a dad (results were well above WHO standards). However, when we found out via ultrasounds she has cysts on both ovaries, I was in a state of shock. I do not love her any less and did not even come across my mind to stop being with her. Hey, there are some people who are people who are perfectly healthy from a reproductive sense but still can't conceive. In a funny way, I have been unconciously preparing myself since July last year for the possibility of not having kids naturally or my own.

    The specialist that diagnosed and conducted the laproscopy has informed us she is not infertile, just has a reduced chance of fertility. He checked her uterus during the procedure and was ok. However, he does believe it will come back as it occurred on both ovaries and asked whether my fiancee wanted to be put on medication. She declined due to the side effects. We always wanted to take a year off after getting married before trying to have kids but the specialist has advised not to wait. I have many worries about pregnancy nowadays, ranging for conception to ectopic pregancies as we don't know what state her fallopian tubes are in.

    I get a little down nowadays when I hear of people who don't want kids getting pregnant. Her 19yo cousin had a baby late last year and wasn't planned and is a great example of this. I just find the world can be quite ironic sometimes.

    I guess I just want to see if there are others who have been in similar predicaments or know of others and have still been able to conceive? Thanks in advance!

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    My first question would be how old is your fiance???? If she was around the 36-40 year mark, yeah i wouldn't be waiting either to have kids, but if she is in her 20's or early 30's try not to stress. I remember when i was first diagnosed with fertility problems i nearly lost the plot, but now you become so immune to it, and if you stay positive it will happen. Worrying about it now before you have even started TTC, is not worth it. Enjoy your wedding day and if after 12 months of unprotected intercourse nothing happens, then seek help.....



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    Hi There

    Welcome to BellyBelly. I have always wanted to be a mum and when I found out I had an ovarian cyst (size of a tennis ball) I was floored. It wasn't till a lapraoscopy that they even knew it was a cyst cause of how it looked via ultrasound, I also had severe endo which was diagnosed during the same lapraoscopy, after surgery they asked me if I wanted kids. Had I said no they would have put me in for a full hysterectomy. I was only 22. I had a 2nd laprosocopy at the age of 24 as I had bleeding mid cycle something that I had never had before. My endometriosis had come back, and they also did dye studies to check the fallopian tubes, both of which were clear. That was in October 2000. In Feb 2001 i fell pregnant on the first cyle of Trying to conceive with my first born son. in July 2003 I fell pregnant in our 4th cycle of Trying to Conceive with our 2nd born son.

    So that is a brief run down of my story. Goodluck to both you and your fiancee.


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    So great to see your replies so quickly!

    firemansgirl, she's turning 27 in october.

    Astrolady, it's really encouraging to hear such a success story!

    Just 3 quick questions. Does Endometriosis increase the chances of miscarriage? Is Endometriosis brought on by having intercourse during menstruation? Does Endometriosis increase the chances of Ectopic pregnancies?

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    Endo doesn't play any factors into those questions. Endo happens when the womens period regurgitates (flows backards) into the womens pelvic area, it then settles creating the endo spots and each period after those spots breakdown and bleed (like they were having their own period) slowly getting bigger over time.

    So having sex duing menstruation etc does not matter at all


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    Welcome noisuf!!

    Firstly congrats on the wedding in Feb, you sound like a gem of a man who will make a lovely husband.

    Photos aren't good are they, I think my husband almost passed out also after my ops!! But he had been fantastic and the strength I have really needed sometimes. Our journey has been long, over 5 years now. No sucess yet, but somehow someway we will be parents one day.

    My advice to you would be try not to worry, be positive (don't think about the what if's) & enjoy that first year of marriage. If nothing happens after that first year as firemans girl has said seek some help.

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    So, wouldn't 'doing it' whilst having her period push more back, more retrogade menstruation backwards and thus increasing more chance of endometriosis.

    Thanks Lil Chookie. No, the pics aren't good. I could NEVER have become a doctor. As she says, I need to just let things happen naturally...

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    Was she diagnosed with Endo in the surgery or just the cysts as you haven't actually said. I know when i had severe endo I was in too much pain during menses to even consider doing it.

    But there is no conclusive evidence that doing it during menses will help or hinder endometriosis


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    She had two ultrasounds that led the specialists to come to the conclusion it was most likely endometriosis by the second one. He said only a laproscopy could determine it. If it was there, he'd try to remove it if it wasn't too serious.

    So during the keyhole surgery, he found they were endometriosis cysts and removed them.

    Apologies for so many questions regarding menstrual sex, I find that I am very sensitive to her nowadays, ranging from the time of the month through to not touching her or applying pressure around that area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noisuf
    So, wouldn't 'doing it' whilst having her period push more back, more retrogade menstruation backwards and thus increasing more chance of endometriosis.
    Errr... I seriously doubt it. You don't push in far enough to have any effect. It goes out through the fallopian tubes.

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    kyliealysha, I hope so. Just my mind thinking about the mothions of fluids and pressure. 8-[

    Thanks everyone for your advice!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by noisuf
    kyliealysha, I hope so. Just my mind thinking about the mothions of fluids and pressure. 8-[
    I understand what you mean, but it's not like the uterus is full of liquid. I am sure it is fine. If not I am sure your FWs doctor would have warned her about it.

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    Hello everyone,

    I thought I'd send an update. I got married in Feb as planned and was a beautiful day. Nearly drowned on my honeymoon but that's another story.

    Since getting married, we've probably had 4 failed cycles TTC. The first we tried to time (2 weeks before period), the other three attempts timed at all. Couldn't 'do it' for a month due to chicken pox shot.

    Our specialist has tried to clear up our 'reduced chances'. He said that instead of a 80% success rate of conceiving in one year of trying, ours is at 60%.

    However, my wife has for the last 3 weeks experienced similar pains prior to being diagnosed with endo 1 1/2 years ago but slightly worse. She had another ultrasound two weeks ago and showed it coming back on the right ovary. Just saw the specialist today who said that she most likely has it on the left also as the ultrasounds don't necessarily show endo.

    We took one of his suggestions which was to give it 3 more cycles of trying before taking another ultrasound and then possibly another laproscopy (with dye in the fallopian tubes this time to see if they are blocked). He said even if she gets pregnant, they'll have to then test for ectopic pregnancy. So, for the next 3 cycles, we will be looking closely at timing.

    It's hard to time. Makes it monotonous. I'm so jealous of people who conceive easily. I'm talking about the pros and cons nowadays about having children. But I may be kidding myself and trying to give myself a softer landing.

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    Can i ask where abouts you are located? ie NSW, Sydney, you don't have to be 'exact'. Is your wifes specialist with ECCA? Leis

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    Congratulations on your wedding! Sorry I did not see this message when you first posted. I don't really have much to add to what the others have told you but just wanted to share a little about my story as I thought it might help.

    Endo is insidious and a real bugger ... I was only diagnosed at 36. I conceived on our first IVF cycle within six months of that lap. Our son is now four months old and believe it or not - even after nine months of pregnancy and no period - the endo is back. I am on the contraceptive pill to hold it at bay so that I can possibly attempt a second pregnancy with one of our frozen embryos next year. I am now suspecting that I might need a clean out again before that time.

    Don't lose heart. Even though the disease is a real pain to keep at bay, it doesn't necessarily stop a woman from conceiving. I have known lots of women with endo who became pg very easily and had no problems during pg. I was one who had difficulty conceiving but the pg itself was an absolute dream. I was just glad that at least we know what is going on and the problem is so easily treated with laparoscopy. The trick is managing it in between pregnancies as you know.

    Your wife is a young woman and this all bodes very well for her ... I am just glad that she has the diagnosis early in life so that it can be managed more effectively. I'd had it for most of my life but because I married later, I didn't address the problem until I wanted children and was very afraid that I had left it too late.

    Very best of luck for the upcoming lap.


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    Hi Leis, we are located in Melbourne. I'm not sure if the specialist is with ECCA. He performs everything from laproscopies through to ceasarians.

    Hi Mel, thanks for that warming story. We will need to look into IVF. What are the sort of costs involved? First and foremost, I want my wife to be healthy so if there is anything that jeopardises that, I won't want anything to do with it. That's why I'm a little worried about ectopic pregnancies.

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    Leis, thank you so much for pointing out ECCA. We were (actually, more like I was) thinking about a second opinion anyway.

    I went onto the ECCA website. If we don't fall pregnant (um, I meant she doesn't fall pregnant) by November, we might see Dr Jim Tsaltas from ECCA to get that second opinion (our specialist is not from ECCA). Dr Tsaltas is also an fertility/IVF specialist which helps if we can't fall pregnant naturally.

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    I was diagnosed with adenomyosis in Jan 05 after years of no one really doing anything about my symptoms. I was told to go away and keep trying to get pregnant but it didn't happen. After seeing a new GP, I was put straight on to Jim Tsaltas who immediately suspected endo as well, operated (quite severe cysts on both ovaries) and then I got pg first try back (had one cycle off to recover from the op).

    I can't recommend Jim highly enough - not because I got pregnant but because of the way he dealt with me and especially DH. I haven't often found specialists who have such a high level of medical expertise AND a high level of concern for you as a person.

    Good luck to you both!

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