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    Lea, so you count your step children as yours too?

    wow My sister inlaw does too which makes it 7 for her but she herself only have 3. I think she is cheating because she is always saying to me she has it tough as she has 7 kids , but the other four live with their mother so its not work for my sister inlaw.She only see's them every second weekend and even then she doenst have to do anything for them . Sorry just venting about her, she really annoyes me because she is always carrying on how she has all these kids, yet its not her responsability. I tell her if she birthed them , then she can complain to me lmao!!!!

    I soooooooooooooooo want another one now, but we have decided to wait till after christmas, that way pheen can be the baby and we can get into private health insurance, I refuse to birth at that evil hossy again!!!

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    I've got two, I've always wanted five... so I guess three more?

    I'd love to plan them soon...

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