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Thread: Young couple will have 2 under 2

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    Default Young couple will have 2 under 2

    We're expecting our second in July, and our DD will be 21 months!
    This isnt the ideal age gap we were hoping for though

    Is there anyone else out there in their early 20's with 2 under 2?

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    Not sure how young you want, but im 25 and have 2 girls under 2! DD1 is 17 months and DD2 is 6 months....just under a 11 month age gap

    I find it relatively easier then what people made it out to be!

    Good luck with #2

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    MM - are you thinking that it will be harder or easier being young?

    My boys are 19 months apart and I am definitely what you would call an older mum. I am quite sure that being older wasn't any advantage over being younger - in fact I can tell you that I felt the difference in energy and stamina just in the 19 months (and 1 birthday) between the boys.

    I can also tell you that there are pros and cons to having two close together, and a lot will depend on the temperament of your children. But I love it and the boys get along so well - I wouldn't have it any other way.

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    Im 21 & my DH is 23 and we have a 16 month old DD & our DS will be due the end of July so they will be only 19 months apart.

    I honestly dont think age has anything to do with how you will cope, like MantaRay said I think it has to do more with the temperament of the children.

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    My kids are 22 months apart. i had #2 when i was 20. I find it really easy compared to what people were telling me. Both my kids are really demanding and very stubborn but i still don't find it a real challange at all. I was told by one lady though that better to have them young then when youre older as you'll prob have a lot more energy running around after them.

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    i will soon be a mummy of 2 under 2! im 22 and DF is will be interesting to see how i cope as DD is a very active 17 month old and is very demanding at times!!!

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    I think 2 under 2 would be a challenge regardless of age

    I don't know why but I'm dreading it, for some reason I think its going to be the
    hardest thing in the world... And when I tell people we're having another they're always like "wow!!! so close" lol

    Then others say how great it is having a close gap, because they play together and are closer... oh so confusing

    Our DD is SO active too, climbs up everything, gets into everything.. lol
    Maybe thats why I'm so worried

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    I think I mainly worry about getting up in the morning, knowing that its a big day ahead.... It would probably easier if we had a good routine though.

    Did you guys find routine the key?

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    Hi there When I was 20 I gave birth to our 4th child... so I had newborn, 12 month old, 3.5 yr old and 4.5 yr old! The youngest two are nearly two and three now and the boys are 5.5 and 6.5 but they very much keep me on my toes!

    I love the close age gap and we were hoping to have another bub 15-18 months after #4 was born but unfortunately my body had other ideas and here we are still TTC.

    For the first 6 months after my youngest was born as much as I tried to have a routine it just didnt work, i found too babies were rather unpredictible and yes I could have a basic structure to my day but it had to be open to things going out of line. I did make sure, and still do, that if I'm changing one I always do 'production line' and change the other as well.. this worked especially well when I had 3 in fulltime and one part time nappies lol I also still do this: one asks for a drink, I get all 4 a drink and then when they're ready they can drink it... things like that save a LOT of time because if i just do one for the one that asked 5 mins later another asks, and another 5 and another 5 you know what I mean? lol

    I find being organised the night before helps a lot too especially as we have to be out the door early for school every day. I have all there clothes/shoes/socks/nappies layed out ready so in the morning im not having to find it all. If im going out for the day I also pack the nappy bag the night before and make up sandwhiches and pop them in the fridge.

    I guess I'm always trying to save myself more time and stress in the mornings as they are stressful enough.

    Okay now im rambling lol sorry!

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    You really are an inspiration, good on you... Makes my situation look SIMPLE! lol

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    My DD was very active at that age too. But by her 2nd b'day (2mths after DS was born) she had settled down quite a lot. She loved to help out with DS too and always gave him kisses and hugs.

    The challenge i am finding right now is DD being 3.5 and DS being 1.5. They are both in their toddler stage (gladly DD is heading to the end of it though) and are always fighting and having tantys at each other. Being spiteful is a big one. Like if one has a toy the other will take it off them even if they don't want it.

    In regards to rouitines, i don't have one lol. I don't run well off routines, i like to just go through the day and see where it takes me. This has worked well for my children too. I mean we have meals etc at the same time everyday and i change DS's nappy before every feed and they must eat breakfast before they can play but other than that it's free range i think!

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    hey girls.

    my name is amy, im 20, i have just found out im pregnant with baby #2, my daughter is 8.5 months and will be 16 months when bub 2 is born.

    im looking forward to the close bond my children will hopefully share being so close in age although i know it wont be very easy when bub 2 is very little.

    hope to hear from you girls soon.


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    I am 24 and am expecting my 1st one in July...Should be interesting!

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    I'm 19 and I have 2 boys who are 13 months apart. Connor is 14 months old and Riley is now 4 weeks old.

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    I have 2 girls 15.5 months apart. we have a loose routine but at least I have some predictability

    My Nanna had 5 kids in 2.5 years. he advice to me was to take it as it comes and to try and have a loose routine so that you can get dressed in the morning. and have some help. they had 3 more children after the second set of twins but those three children had 2 year age gaps.

    dont worry, you will learn ways that work for you and it will get easier.

    And dont worry about any looks or remarks you get, the people that make snide comments obviously know nothing about you.

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