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Thread: 4 boys do i need a girl

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    Default 4 boys do i need a girl

    hi mums out there just wondering i have 4 georgous boys alex 10 jayden 8 kyran 6 and logan 7 months. i just cant stop wondering what my little girl would be like i would really love to try AGAIN for her but when do u stop i could end up with 10 boys lol. please HELP do i really need her.

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    I have the same fear...i want my boy..but will i keep getting girls! Granted i only have 2 girls atm....but in the future i could have 5 girls and still no DS!

    Its a hard decision to make. But think of the *What if's*...that generally helps me!

    All the best

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    now that the question that we all ask isn't when does it stop... I think what you have to ask is if it was another Boy would I still be happy, if yes you would be happy and then stop with 5 or if you feel if you had your 5 th boy you would want to go again to have that girl then I would say stop now as you may never get that girl that you feel you want and need and like you said where would it stop 6 boys 7 it up to you as to how many children you have but you have to be happy with that number and with whatever you get, if that means more boy then that means more boys!!!!

    Coming form someone who has a boy and two girls I think that my Boy was sooooooo much easier than the girls my girls have come out knowing what they want the day they come out. LOL little girls are fun but if she came at the end of 4 boy or more then she will be one of two things she will be eaither a tom boy or a princess...

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    I have the same thing happening here, but i would have another girl. Like Tali said you have to look at how many children you want, if you want 5 then go again but if it is only to try for a girl would you cope with another boy?? It is a hard decision....

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    i would never have another child coz i wanted a particular sex of a child. I know you can gender sway etc, but knowing my luck i would end up with another girl. I think if you really want another child to add to your family, and honestly wouldnt be bothered if it were a boy or a girl, then yep, go for it. But if you have your doubts, and the desire for a girl is a strong one, i would maybe hold off......i just think the sex of your children is in the hands of the gods, and what will be, will be....

    good luck with your decision......

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    I have 2 girls and DH really wants to try for a boy. My question to him is not how happy he'd be if I was carrying a boy but how unhappy he'd be if I was having another girl!!!

    I think it is a numbers game in the end...How many kiddies can you cope with? Now that is a question I wish I could answer myself

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    I agree with what everyone has said!

    I'm p/g with no 3 and had the u/s yesterday and dh thought he say another doody! To be completely honest it doesn't bother me although I do at times wonder what it would be like to have a little saying that if we go for no.4 it will in the full expectation of another boy...I thought I was going to have all boys before I even started having kids...
    I have had so many people ask if we're hoping for a girl or is that why we went again and it most definitely is not...every child we have is to be cherished and we are so grateful just to have healthy babies...I have had some people close to me have all sorts of health issues with they're bubbas and so really gender doesn't even enter the equation...
    Sorry for the rant - LOL! It's probably just my annoyance coming out that everyone is saying they hope we get a girl etc etc when we really couldn't care less...

    Only you can make the decision and you have to be happy in the knowledge that you could end up with a lot of boys and never a girl...

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