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    I am a week post my ET procedure and today I copped a punch in the abdomen. I am worrying what impact this might have on the embryo and/or it's ability for implantation. Does anyone have any feedback to put my mind at ease? I have been trying to remain calm thinking that people must cop accidental hits and kicks to the abdomen from other children etc and I'm sure it will be fine, but I need some reassurance.

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    MrsK in the two weeks folowing my embryo transfer I got two pretty hard kicks in the stomach from my then two-year-old son (accidentally, one when changing his nappy & one while playing). I freaked out that he was going to cause something to dislodge or affect my changes of implantation, but it didn't & now we're waiting for our little girl to arrive any day. Things are pretty cushioned in there, so try not to stress.

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    Thank you for putting my mind at ease Sarah. This is our third IVF attempt but the first time we have made it to transfer so perhaps I am feeling extra nervous.
    Best of luck with the impending arrival of your little girl.

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