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Thread: Pessaries & Spotting??

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    Default Pessaries & Spotting??

    Hi Ladies,

    I am currently on my second natural FET (not stimulated cycle) on 12DPO. I have been on Pessaries during the 2ww and noticed yesterday brown spotting... today it has turned to a pinkish colour (looks like the start of AF). I got the impression from my clinic that the pessaries would stop AF unless I stopped taking the pessaries (which I am taking one every morning and night). It looks too much like AF to think it could be implant bleeding but I am not sure. I have my BETA on Tuesday but was just wondering if anybody can shed some light on the whole pessaires & AF situation. Bit confused at the moment. Thanks in advance.
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    Lisa, my understanding is that pessaries stop AF until you go off them. Best to ask your clinic if you are concerned.

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    Lisa - im sorry to say that i did receive af when on pessaries. be it on the day before i had my BT - so i am saying that it is possible that af is on her way. pink spotting this close to bt is usually a sign for me.

    In saying that i did call my clinic once when i had some blood and they told me to increase my P4 to three a day

    Im hoping for you that this is not af and that you get a positive response

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    Thanks for your replies slyder & pitapata

    Well, still no AF. The spotting has gone back to brownish and not as much today. Has anybody experienced spotting for 3 days towards the end of the 2ww on pessaries? Not sure what the pessaries are doing to my body.. I guess tomorrows Beta will tell me exactly the outcome. Its going to be a long 24 hours!

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    Lisa - good luck sweetie

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    Lisa im so hoping i am wrong and that you get your well deserved BFP!

    i hope your BT goes well tomorrow

    if AF still isnt here then that is a really good sign

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    I didn't make it to my BT today, AF came in full swing this morning

    I am actually handling it better than expected. I think that might be due to the fact that I am starting an IVF cycle straight away - so straight back into it! I am seeing a new FS as well who is part of a new clinic - so looking forward to a bit of change - a fresh start!

    Thanks for your support girls

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