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    for the last month and a bit i seem to be getting light spotting every two weeks! DD is 16 months old and AF hadnt returned yet. (i presume that this spotting is AF?) i am on mini pill as still breast feeding. would i class this light spotting as AF and is it normal to return in this way? also a friend of mine had a similar experience but she was spotting cause she was pregnant..... i have done a couple tests but nothing. when will it return to normal?

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    Hi Hollo!

    I didn't get AF while BFing. Are you on a pill thats ok to use while BFing? I had to have a different one. Maybe it's something to do with the mini pill.

    I can only go off my exp. but I think it returns to normal when you finish BFing

    I'm sure some other ladies out there will be able to help a little more

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    yep i am on the mini pill which is the breastfeeding one. maybe i should go back to the GP in the new year to ask if its normal.

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    Taia's Mum Guest


    If it keeps going and you are worried then I'd go back and just ask the Doc about it

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