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Thread: Question on Dr Bob Watson & IVF

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    Default Question on Dr Bob Watson & IVF

    Hi, Not sure if I've got the right forum (this is my first post here) but I have been trying to find out a little more on Dr Bob Watson and any feedback on him from an IVF perspective.
    I had an EPU yesterday, 8 collected, 7ICSI, 4 Fertilised (this in itself has left me feeling a bit down as last time they collected 20 and fertilised 11 - of which 1 produced our DD 2 1/2)
    The long and the short is that I was with one Dr who became unavailable due to an accident just before we were due to start our cycle. I then was referred to another, David Lingard who was lovely and did the EPU yesterday, but started holidays today. So therefore we have the transfer tomorrow with Dr Bob Watson whom I have not heard anything much about. So I was just wondering if anyone had seen Dr Watson and could let me know their thoughts??

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    My Aunt has been seeing him for around ten years long term ivf ttc - he is highly recommended by a couple of my other gfs who have used him and he isn't taking anymore new patients - so it would seem you are lucky to have him

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    Personally I have not used him - only cause he wasn't taking new patients when I was pregnant for my first. However he was my Sisters OB for her twin boys and little girl and she has only ever had great things to say about him.

    He is always fully booked so you are lucky that you got to see him.


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    Thanks, its a nerve wracking time at the best...but the changes add to the the reassurances are appreciated.

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    Hi, I too have only heard good things about him, and again, I couldn't get him when I was pregnant last year. Not living local to that area, when I advised my GP I wanted to go Private, Bob Watson was the 1st name suggested by my GP. Mind you, I was also very happy with the OB we chose.


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