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Thread: Acupunture does it need to be fertility specific?

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    Default Acupunture does it need to be fertility specific?


    We are about to enter our 2nd IVF cycle and I am interested in using acupunture to help.

    My mum currently sees a chinese medicine/ herbalist/ acupunture guy, and I have had a brief chat to him about seeing him to help us achieve our bundle of joy, and while he said they don't offer fertility specific stuff, he could help improve my general well being/ deal with the stress/ anxiety etc

    For people who have used chinese medicine or acupunture, have you seen a practicioner who specialises in fertility issues or someone more general??

    Thanks for your input.

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    Hi Belin

    I see someone who is fertility specific, but he also does everything else. I would think most acupuncturist/chinese herbalists should be able to treat general gynacological issues at least as 50% of the population is women?

    Just my thoughts Good luck finding someone who can meet your needs

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    Hi Belin, I noticed you are in Newcastle, my home town. We moved to Melbourne in January this year. I saw an acupuncturist that specialises in womens health and fertility when we were TTC our DS. She is fantastic I would highly recommend seeing her, she sees many IVF patients. Her name is Joelene Azzopardi and she runs the Sosho Womens Health Centre upstairs at the Junction Shopping Village in Kenrick St. Her contact number is 4961 6011. She does Japanese acupuncture which is very gentle.

    Good luck with everything, I hope Jolene can help you acheive your dreams.

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    Like the other replies my acupuncturist also specialises in fertility issues, but he does also do general acupuncture.
    I would recommend finding a therapist with an interest in fertility, as from my own experience it's fairly complex (I'm on a course of weekly treatments in 4 week cycles, each week is different and I also take different herbs each week) plus the therapist will probably need to 'read up' on your situation - so going to someone who is sympathetic to your cause and genuinely interested in helping you will be a bonus.

    Good luck! Btw don't be scared about 'needles' etc as it doesn't hurt, it's actually a really amazing thing to have done!

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    Thanks for the info.

    Krisp I think I will give the place you recommended ago, I think I would prefer to see someone who does have a specfic interest in fertility issues.

    We have just had our first failed ivf cycle after 3 failed IUI attempts, so we are now going to have a break until the new year and use this time to increase our chances in as many ways as possible.

    Thanks again.

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    Hi Mrs P
    I am also located in Perth, I hope you don't mind me asking but who is the accupunturist that you use. I have just started using Synergy in Leederville

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