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Thread: Articles, FAQs, Common Terms and Abbreviations for Assisted Conception

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    Default Articles, FAQs, Common Terms and Abbreviations for Assisted Conception

    IVF - In-vitro Fertilisation
    The fertilization of eggs (oocytes) outside the human body, usually in a test tube or a petri-dish in an incubator.

    GIFT - Gamete Intra-fallopian Transfer
    The transfer of oocytes and spermatozoa into the fallopian tubes to allow fertilization to take place there instead of in-vitro.
    This procedure is usually performed laparoscopically and requires the fallopian tubes to be normal and undamaged.

    EPU/OPU - Egg/Oocyte Pick Up
    The aspiration and collection of the oocytes from the follicles on the ovaries. This is usually done via the vagina (trans-vaginally) using an ultrasound scanner, or may be done abdominally using a laparoscope.

    ET - Embryo Transfer
    Thetransfer of fertilised eggs or embryos from a test tube or dish in an incubator back to the uterus via the cervix.

    FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer
    The transfer of thawed embryos into the uterus.

    ICSI - Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection
    The procedure of micro-injection where a single sperm is injected into the cytoplasm of the egg.

    PGD/PED/PGS - Preimplantation Genetic Embryo Diagnosis/Screening
    The procedure of testing embryos for the presence of genetic disease or chromosomal abnormality. One or more cells are removed from each embryo at the 8 cell or blastocyt stage for testing. Onely embryos with normal chromosomes or are negative for the condition being tested are transferred.

    Assisted Hatching
    Creation of a weakness or hole in the zona (shell) of an embryo to hopefully assist its ability to hatch and implant.

    AI - Artificial Insemination
    A procedure in which a fine cather (tube) places sperm in a woman's vagina or cervix when she is ovulating.

    IUI - Intrauterine Insemination
    A procedure in which a fine catheter (tube) is inserted through the cervix into the uterus to deposit a sperm sample directly into the uterus

    TESA/MESA - Testicular sperm aspiration/Micro-epididymal sperm aspiration
    The surgical removal of testicular tissue from the male with the purpose of obtaining sperm for use with ICSI

    Blast - Blastocyst Culture
    The growth of embryos in-vitro to day 5 or 6 before transfer.

    FSH - Follicle Stimulating Hormone
    The drug used to stimuate the ovaries to produce one or more eggs.
    The active component of Gonal F and Puregon

    GnRH agonist - Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone agonist
    Used to stop the pituitary gland from becoming involved in follicle growth and the natural ovulation of eggs from follicles. The drugs Synarel and Lucrin.

    GNRH antogonist - Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone antagonist
    Used to stop the natural ovulation of eggs from follicles. The drugs Centrotide, Ganirelix and Orgalutran.

    LH - Luteinizing Hormone
    The natural hormone which triggers ovulation. A genetically engineered quivelant is known as Luveris.

    Progesterone Pessaries/Suppositories
    Progesterone pessaries administered vaginally (or anally with suppositories) around embryo transfer to enhance chances of pregnancy.

    Progesterone in a gel formation that is an alternative to pessaries

    HCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin
    The hormone produced in pregnancy and also the hormone used to trigger ovulation where it has the same effect as a luteinizing hormone.. Can be used in luteal phase support to enhance embryo implantation as well. The active component in Pregnyl and Profasi.

    Also, here are some common abbreviations used in the forum, including IVF/AC abbrievations

    FAQs - some threads that have discussed the following issues:

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    Some articles that may be of interest - from the Main Site:

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    Please note this is still a work in progress so I will keep adding/correcting the details as I go along. A big big thanks to nic for providing me with assistance on definitions and also for suggesting this post.

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