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Thread: "Empty Arms, Broken Hearts"

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    chantel18 Guest


    that's so sad thankyou for sharing

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    When I first discovered BB, this was one of the first links I was heart wrenching to watch but it explained what was happening to us so beautifully.

    I showed it to my family, to help them understand our pain...and it helped immensely.

    Thankfully, after three years of TTC, we finally have a pregnancy...but every day I think about those three years...the pain certainly subsides, but the memories are still there to remind me of the journey that many of us had to (and many who still do) endure...

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    oh my gosh,
    im so glad this was aloud to stay posted, i just watched it, i cryed and cryed, i still have a lumpin my throat. what a wonderful way to explain our feelings to those who dont understand the pain of infertility and being "childless". it so descriptive, but brief at the same time. wonderful, thanks for posting it. I have email the empty arms link to my mum and my sister who i think will appreciate it because i cant explain how i feel to them with out getting upset, so i never actually get to explain it to them myself. thank so so so much. I would also like to say, to any moderators thanks for letting it stay, i also think that little links like this are helpful and that its good that exception can be made...

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    barney Guest


    oh gee how sad i cried my eyes out and felt so sad like is it ever going to happen for me i it does happen for all of us good luk

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    keriandshane Guest

    Smile Finally, the words to express how we are feeling, thanks

    ;This is the first time I have seen this, thank you so much. My husband and I have had 16 miscarriages, with 12 years of treatment. No-body really knows how you feel, or what to do or say to you. Our path or journey may be over it may not, but please treasure those little darlings for all you have as I treasure my husband with all that I have, and I feel I'm a lucky one, for having a fantastic husband. Focus on what you have, not what you don't have and together you can overcome anything.
    Quote Originally Posted by justawaiting- brisbane View Post
    I'm sure EVERYONE has seen this website but I had to post it to keep it going. Please have tissues handy and if you have friends/family who just don't understand what you are feeling ... this will hopefully help. I'm sorry if it made anyone sad.

    Empty Arms


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    Enchanted Guest


    That is so beautiful and so sad all at once.

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    Gawd.....Now I can't stop crying...

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    I cried ... because its us.

    I wish that everyone we know could understand.

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    Default I am truly sorry.

    For many years, I have had a ...problem... with IVF. Please read fully before you judge me. It stems from a combination of the fact that my mother and her 6 siblings were all given away and adopted shortly after birth; and that people are waiting until they are 40 and endangering their health, or have had abortions that have made it difficult to conceive. My little catholic church taught me this was sinful, both to abort, and to wait so long. This is what I have grown up believing.

    I want to apologize now for the attitude I have had.

    I have never shown it here before, but I still harboured it in my heart. I never knew the pain, of waking up with that longing. Or the cost. Or of seeing my friends with babies. It has always come easily and naturally to me. My daughter was a surviving twin, but even then I did not grieve because Her twin never got bigger than a blueberry.

    The images that came to ming were of a woman, sinking to her knees at the bathroom bench, with the realization of not being able to conceive, and I felt this overwhelming guilt knowing that while I didn't feel it, someone close to me had.

    I am sorry I have been so callous. I am sorry I have been so ignorant, and I am sorry I have something cannot share. I have never felt so blessed to have my children. And I will never look at them the same way again. Thank you for your link.

    My grandmother was unable to have children.
    My grandparents (mum's adoptive parents) will always be very special to me. My mother had FAS, and patent ductus. But they loved her anyway. They gave her a home, and I truly believe that if my nan had been able to have babies, my mother would have been worse off, for she would not have met her.

    PS. Incidentally, if you Google "empty hearts broken hearts", you will also find a story abut a woman and her son Shane. also worth reading.

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    Default thanks

    i think this is good for friends and or family of those TTC.
    it is hard to understand how hard it is and i have been on both sides.
    had 3 boys no probs. also had 3 mc during this time. now after 5 years had another mc. i at least know i can fall preg and have a baby, i just don't know when. i have a deeper understanding now of the heartache in the journey to conception.

    thanks so much for this link, it makes us think about our words and actions

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    MissingOurBaby08 Guest

    Red face Wow...

    That is a beautiful video. It truly describes how my DH and I have been feeling. Watching our two sister in laws get pregnant with babies they didn't want. I have listened to them complain about backaches and weak bladders all the while thinking I would kill or gladly die for just one tiny kick inside my empty belly. I don't know what else to say except for thank you for posting this link!

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    my partner and i watched this.

    he had tears in his eyes, i think he's realised how hard it is for some people.
    and how hard it is for me to deal with what i have.

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    I haven't watched this for a while - so I was not as upset as I was the first time I saw it.

    I was sitting here going "yep, yep, yep." to all the statements that were made.

    We are still in the position that we were when I first watched this 2 years ago.

    I'm glad she created it.

    It's tempered with the realisation that not everyone gets it - but if some understand, that's a start.

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    i truly wonder if she ever filled her empty arms

    it is very beautiful and eye opening

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    I just watched this and cried. It's beautiful and sad and true

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beatrix View Post
    i truly wonder if she ever filled her empty arms
    I do hope they did.

    There is an ageless quality to this piece. I am so so grateful to have found it on here.

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    It is a beautiful presentation.

    I'm not sure I'm brave enough to email it to "friends" and family yet. I'd love to though.

    I'm so sick of the insensitive comments.

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    Sometimes it's good to cry.

    I hope she filled her empty arms with a miracle OR resolve.

    We're still on the journey but hoping for one OR the other soon.

    I will be happy with either.

    Thanks for sharing it.
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