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Thread: endometriosis, pcos and now sperm probs

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    ~Jane~ Guest

    Default endometriosis, pcos and now sperm probs

    Hi there
    I am new to the forum, we have been tcc on and off for the last few years, last year I miscarried at 6 weeks and took quite some time to come to terms with everything before wanting to try again.

    Due to my problems with endometriosis and pcos, I went back to my gyno to make sure all was in order before trying again. He found that I sometimes ovualte and sometimes dont and we were discussing going on chlomid and as a matter of course he tested DH. Well you could have knocked me over with a feather, he has low count, motility, and high level of abnormalities.

    We are booked in to the IVF specialist and waiting to see how DH's second round of tests go. Has anyone else had their hubby have everything come back ok at the second round?

    I think I am stunned and sad, I always thought that I was the only problem and now it is both of us I feel terrible.

    We are going to keep trying in the mean time but it just seems as though the odds really aren't in our favour.

    Thanks for listening, I'd love to hear if anyone else has had "his and hers" like this.



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    angelique Guest


    Hi Sweetheart,

    I am sure there are plenty of couple out there in your situation. For me I had endo and my husbands sperm was ok. We went on the IVF bandwagon and It worked for us despite all the problems we encountered with me. Just look after your health as best as you can, relax and prepare your body for conception. I swear by naturopathic herbs, vitamins and acupuncture. Some people dont believe in this but I think, do what works for you. It is sooo important to prepare your body for pregnancy as this lessens the chance of miscarrage as well.

    See what works for you but have faith in yourself and your husband. You will get there in the end.

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    starbright Guest


    Jane, I sooooooo understand where you are coming from.

    I too had ENDO and PCOS. I had to do 2 laps. Go on all this medication for close to 2 years that was recommended by my gyno. Mid cycle pain EVERY single month without fail I would be bedridden for 3/4 days. It was becoming a joke cause it was like "anything else want to happen to me"!?!?!

    Finally went to see a IVF specialist. Well, low and behold my DH has low sperm count and motility. I can tell you, it knocked me for a 6! In a way I couldn't believe what I was hearing and started to get really upset but then on the other hand.. I felt's not ALL me afterall.. I don't feel like the one and only failure!!

    As soon as we got told this, I didn't want to try anymore. I felt like I was wasting my time. Doing all the tricks from lying down for an hour, putting your legs up for half an hour, put a pillow under your back etc etc we all know how emotionally and mentally exhausting it is. And I wasn't prepared for the wicked witch to rear its ugly head every month cause that was the BIGGEST let down of all.


    My specialist told me, we can fix sperm. It's the womans eggs that we need. So don't worry about your hubbys sperm because they can clean it and get them ready. Just pray that you ovulate enough to produce eggs. So I was praying like it was going out of fashion. Thankfully I did and produced eggs. I now have my transfer organised for next month.

    I only wish I thought about IVF 3 years ago. But I guess everything happens for a reason..

    Miracles do like angelique said, keep the faith as it will happen for you. The girls on here have helped me and brought a smile back to my face. They won't judge and will be your support system especially when you feel like people in your life have let you down.

    I am here for you whenever you need to chat...xx

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    Thanks for the wonderful support.

    I have been seeing a wonderful naturopath and I was almost going to throw in the towel after this latest bit of news, but after hearing about the importance of getting my body ready I have rethought that idea.

    I also think once I stop alternating between denial and dellusion I will be OK. Thanks heavens for wonderful forums such as this.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hi Jane

    I don't have any his and hers stories, just mine.I too needed clomid to conceive as I have PCOS and never ovulate. Just wanted to say, hang in there, and huge hugs to you.

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    angelique Guest


    Hi j Girl,

    Glad to be of help. Good luck with everything and stick with the naturopath. You will not only feel better but look better and have a more positive outlook on life.


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    skyelar Guest


    Hi Jane!
    We are the same here as well. I have PCOS & have been on Clomid for 8 months. DH has crappy swimmers as well so we are both in it together
    ALthough we did conceive our daughter naturally after 15 months, this time it is taking a bit longer & I am very impatient

    We have an ICSI scheduled for January. Take it easy on yourself, I know it comes as a massive shock when you both have problems but Dr's can do wonderful things!

    Look after yourself & your Hubby. I need to do more of that as sometimes I forget how hard it is for him as well.


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    I too suffer from endo & PCOS. 3 years ago my dh was tested and the results came back showing a very low sperm count. 3 months ago my new gyno wanted to have him tested again and everything came back 100%. So his swimmers are all fine!!!!!

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    Hi Jane

    My DH and I have been TTC no 1 for 2 years now. I knew I had PCOS but hadn't been diagnosed by a doctor. I had researched it and thought yes I do have PCOS but i also thought i had endo as well! After 12 months of no success i was referred to a fantastic gynie who did all the tests on me and DH. DH's sperm came back with slightly low motility. I was so upset and I remember we where suppose to have friends around that night for dinner with their 3 month old baby and I cancelled as i couldn't bare the pain of seeing their child. Another 12 months down the track, with 6 rounds of clomid, nil success, one unsuccesful IVF attempt and no frosties in the freezer, and finally a lap/hyst and D&C it has finally been confirmed that i have extremely unusual endo. My gynie didn't remove it as it was to complex, so i am going back into hospital in Feb to have it removed by Dr Michael Cooper Australias leading laprascopic surgeon. I sometimes feel frustrated that i should of had the lap done in the beginning. My doctor said initially that yes he would do a lap, but didn't think it was necessary to do it as he didn't think i had endo? AFter such a poor response from the IVF he decided that yes it was finally time to do that lap..... I remember waking up in recovery saying to the surgeon, 'so am i barron' and he laughing and said 'no not at all'

    When DH and i were first TTC I would look at these websites and see all these fertility issues other woman had... and i would think 'thank God i don't have that wrong with me" Now i am one of these woman.. but yet there is always someone who is worse off.....

    DH and I have really done the full circle now with TTC and we are back to square one. I know one day that we will hold our miracle, but like Ange said try and prepare your body for your pregnancy... believe in yourself and take care of your soul.....we are all here for you and when you need to vent your frustrations... type away... you will always get the support you need from around here!!!

    Baby dust and Baby glue to you Jane, Santa has told me he has a sleigh full....

    love and hugs

    leis xxx

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    skyelar Guest


    Wow Leis what a beautiful post. I am sitting here all teary!!


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    Hi Jane, I don't have a 'his & hers' story either but I know how difficult the ttc journey can be. I have been on the IVF road for over 12 months now and what keeps me going is the hope that I'll get that wonderful goal at the end of it which will make everything worthwhile.

    I have just gone to a Naturopath and I'm feeling really good about getting my body fit and healthy before I have another attempt next year.

    Good luck with your ttc and sending lots of :bdust: your way.


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    I think you have a wonderful attitude. You embrace the importance of being kind to yourself and you also acknowledge the need to take a break. Both such important things when they journey is long.

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    I must confess to sitting down yesterday and howling after your post Leis, I guess everyone felt frantic when they first found out they needed some sort of help for whatever problem they had and we are all in the same boat.

    It's funny you have all mentioned looking after yourself. I must confess that I have been getting a little complacent with my healthy eating and looking after myself thinking that my herbs would look after it for me but after reading all your lovely replies I know in my heart I need to get back to looking after myself again and really get myself ready for this.

    I think since I found out we both had problems I have been a bit naughty and not worrying as much about how I ate and how I looked after myself as I wasn't to "blame" anymore. I guess we all go off the rails every now and then.

    I think the old saying one day at a time is going to apply to me for a while O

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    Hi again Jane

    My life has taken a full turn since DH and I first started ttc. I found that now we both have far more respect for each other and somehow, although i would never of thought it possible, we are both in love with each other so much more. I don't take, my family or friends for granted anymore. I try and live each day to the fullest and always try to find something positive from each day..

    This year for me personally has been the worst year on record my reasons stem well beyond IVF and TTC failure...

    In Feb I broke my foot
    By March our 6 month stint on clomid was well and truly over with nil success
    In May very close family friends were killed in a plane crash in Mt Hotham
    In July I was diagnosed with? mucousal lession on the bladder found during a pre IVF scan, removal via cystoscopy prooved a benign growth
    In August another close friend was also killed in a plane crash and my mum was diagnosed with vaginal cancer
    In October we had a failed IVF treatment
    November bought the long awaited diagnosis via laprascope/hysterscope of severe endometriosis
    and when things were starting to look up when my gorgeous DH suprised me with a brand new subaru forrester car, it was damaged three weeks later by hail!!!!

    With all this years heartache i know that things have to be bigger and better just around the corner. I don't sit around and mope i make life improovements for myself. I am an avid keen horse rider and surfer. I enjoy times with my girlfriends whom most have children but also enjoy me time. I have enrolled in post grad courses with my nursing and DH and I are in the process of booking a beautiful holiday to LA and Tahiti.

    Sure not a day goes by when i don't yearn for that miracle, but it is important to do something for yourself and not forget about those important people around us.. and not to shut them out with our fears and sadness...

    I hope soon Jane that you will get the miracle you are after....

    leis xx

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    I can relate to your post Leis, and my heart goes out to you having such a terrible year. Does you time out from TCC mean you are taking it easy over summer? If so I hope you enjoy having your break over summer. After our miscarriage last year I had quite a long break from tcc, much to everyone's surprise and horror. It is nice to not have the dreaded tww and just to relax and not worry for a while.

    I have spent a good part of this weekend in tears with the news and also from my telltale signs of pms and knowing what is ahead for the next week as my endometriosis has not been kind to me lately. I am 31 and was diagnosed with endo at 18, and 8 laparoscopies later it still hangs on, it is nothing if not persistant.

    Thanks for your support, it means the world to me.

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    Persiatant is an excellent way to describe it j_girl, I have suffered for a similar length of time to you.

    Months after month knowing what is in store for you & how you will feel is draining. The is no answer for how to deal with it, you just learn to cope. I have learnt to be kind to myself, my dh & not let it all get the better of me. I always remind myself that good things in all shapes & forms are only just around the corner.

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    I too Jane suffer excrutiating pain just before my bleed. Fortunatley though the pain only hangs around for approx 2 hours and then disperses with some neurophene plus.. a large dose i may add. During this 2 hours of horrendous pain, all i can think about is having a hysterectomy, right here right now and then. I treat this pain almost like labour... i vaguely remember my sister telling me during the birth of her son, that no this was the only child she was ever having as she could never bear the pain again. Within a few months she has forgotten about it.. Once my pain is over, i am back on top of things and life couldn't be better....?? Strange how our bodies and minds react!!!

    I hope your period isn't to nasty and if so honey, reach for the heat packs and nurophene... take care leis x

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    are you in nsw jane... email me any time... [email][email protected][/email]...

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