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Thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - June/July 2006 #2

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    Keen - i agree, i never thought i'd end up hating the word "unexplained" so much! My Dr was telling me how the rate of unexplained infertility has dropped over the years but there is still quite a big number of couples in there. I guess thats why i'm now pinning all my hopes on this lap, but at the same time if he does find something i hope it's something thats fixable!

    Megan - thats good news about your appointment being moved forward, hope it all goes well for you

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    Hi Everyone

    Thanks for that info Keen, seems my nervousness about producing too many eggs has delayed AF as i am now day 30...any hour now I guess my doc will monitor me closely, i feel a bit better now that i know you can make so many and not explode!!! Now i'm just waiting so i can start my Synarel sniffing, actually more looking forward to the injectables now, cant wait to see how many eggs i make on 300 iu !! A little support sure does go a long way..thank you!!

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    Good luck TwoMums...hope the month goes well for you and you make lots of grade a eggies.
    Keen and Boo...yes the dreaded "unexplained" makes me believe there is always hope, and yet it seems our dream of making another baby is so much more elusive with every month that passes by....I sometimes think, if I were told, "this is the reason" then perhaps I would be able to let go. Being given no reason, just frustrates me.

    A big hi to everyone else.

    I'm in the tww...driving me nuts. Looking for symptoms that aren't there..... I'm also thinking that maybe I'll call it a day if it doesn't work this month. I need to change jobs, becsue it's giving me the poops, I want to go on a family holiday, and I want to stop feeling like every minute of the day is comsumed with thoughts of fertility (or infertility). Anyway, sorry for my long ranting and raving...yet another friend is pregnant with her second and fitted well into their "plan".....whilst our plan went out the window some 2 and a half years ago....
    sorry all...ignore the
    Take care all

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    Hi all,

    just locking this thread now, everyone. New thread here

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