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Thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - Nov 2007 #3

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    Rae - sorry to hear the delays I am enjoying accupunture and some herbs but I think they take awhile

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    Hi Everyone
    havent been posting for about a week as nothing was happening. Was waiting for AF to arrive to start up again. She arrive this morning so back into it for a FET....transfer should be around the 6th of December.

    Odette: Oh sweetie......Im so sorry. It does our heads in pray it she doesnt arrive and then next time around your praying she does....when are we aver going to get of this rollercoaster ride. Try and be strong darlin....
    I hope everyone else in here are doing well. Sorry will have to go back and read a weeks worth of posts so sorry if I have forgottento mention someone or something exciting that has happened.....xxxxxxxx
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    Rae - I dont have any info for you in terms of lowering hormone levels, but I used acupuncture in the past to assist in regulating my cycle and that worked, and my DH was taking chinese herbs to boost the # of his little army and that worked as well ... hopefully you can find some advice !! Where abouts are you hun, I always search google for case histories and did this many a time before we started IVF about acupuncture and MI, as well as hormone imbalance, hence why we tried that option ....

    Oh Dusty you have the right way to express what I am sure we are all feeling .. How is BOB today ....

    Vicki - yay you have your little goodie bag - I cleaned my out to use as my lunch cooler bag might as well make good use of it considering the expense involved I say !!! I'm with you on feeling one step closer .... good luck with it all hun !!

    Missy - how are things going hun ?? I hope that this is the one for you hun ..... you are in my thoughts ....

    I took my extra 25 dose of FSH last night and then this morning we had 125 + Lucrin, so apart from a MEGA headache this morning I am doing ok .... looking forward to the weekend before a very busy Mon/Tues next week ...

    Off to the FS again in the morning for another b/t ... hopefully and that the extra dose has been enough to boost my body in action ...

    A big to everyone else and hope you are all having a great day ...


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    Just a quick Hi, hope everyone is doing well. We get a night off at the Spiegeltent in Melb tonight. Dh's cousin owns it so we get to see a couple of free shows whenever he is in Melb. It's always a great night raunchy and alternative. Has anyone been? They set up in front of the Arts Centre. Will try to catch up tomorrow for personals.

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    slyder Guest


    Just a quickie as it's crazy here but a big welcome back to Rae.

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    HI everyone, its almost the weekend! And welcome back Rae ... I hope you can find some alternatives to get you started on IVF and closer to your dream! Damn those stumbling blocks! I hope you can jump past them quickly!

    Well, went to clinic this morning for BT. Have been tracking my temps and noticed they were still down, so suspected I hadnt ovulated. Anyway sure enough, just rang clinic and nurse said that I hadnt O'd, but my levels indicate that I will tomorrow, so she said to BD tonight and tomorrow morning - as you never know! Anyway am hoping that there wont be any delays as Nurse told me that if I am not ready for FSH injections by 28th Nov, then they will probably have to cancel my cycle as the clinic will close over Xmas so they need to make sure that all EPUs and ETs are done before then. Fingers crossed! Be nice to fall PG naturally, but as we know the chances are very slim!
    At lunch found out that my colleague got her BFP from her FET! Am so happy for her as we have been both on this TTC journey all year!! First time I have had PG news and am genuinely happy! (Outside of BB, as we are all trying extra hard to TTC!).
    Anyway ... sorry for lack of personals, have been keeping up to date on all your progress and my thoughts are with you! I'll come back and post on wknd when have more time!
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    Thanks for the welcome (back)!

    I am in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, but I work in the Eastern Suburbs and used to live in the Inner West as well as the East so I know Sydney pretty well and would feel pretty comfortable going any where close-ish to the city.

    I guess I am just nervous about making myself ill by taking something-- which is pretty unreasonable, I know. Plus I worry that with only one more chance I want to get it right.

    Have any of you here pushed your doctor into giving you another chance after s/he wanted to call it a day? I feel like if I am going to give the herbs a go, I owe it to myself to try again after taking them for a few cycles. My DH isn't keen to just keep trying because of the "emotional toll" but it is only a blood test. I think the delay in moving to plan B is worrying him, with my issues I wonder if it is likely that I will stop being able to carry a baby....

    Any how enough of my orries, all the best to every one in your various stages of TTC, I hope that things progress well for you all.

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    Default Not sure whats happening with me!!

    Hi all

    Hope you all well

    Well I dont know what is happening to me. I was sure AF was coming last night as I kept waking with bad cramping. Still no AF and was abit off today from about 11.30am to about 4pm. Not sure if im making myself feel this way as I want to be pg so much. Am still getting AF pain so will just see.

    Melsta my TWW is almost over. Ill be having BT on monday if AF doesnt come. I so hope im pg. Sorry about you head hun. I hope you feel real better soon and that your body is responding to the meds. good luck!!

    blackduckies hope you have fun tonight hun and no ive never been.

    Oh mon you never know hun you might just fall natural and yes that would be great. Happy DB'ing hun.

    rae I really hope you get soom good news soon hun. Sounds like you have had a hard time. All the best. Where in west did you live hun. Im near Baulkham hills.

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    I'm in Manly, Missy. Yeah I have had a hard time and the past two months have been the worst really, I just always thought IVF would be the magic cure, I never thought for a moment that I might not be able to even attempt it. It was really difficult to go through the nurse's consultation having just been told there was an issue with my ovaries.

    I am starting to try to think about getting my fsh levels down rather than going straight to donor eggs. I really want to give the herbs or what ever I decide to do a chance before I give up.
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    Hi Rae,

    Re your query about Chinese herbs: a friend of mine went to a Chinese herbalist in Surry Hills named Lily Liu. She didn't go for fertility-related issues, but Lily has a very good reputation for being able to help women with fertility issues.

    Lily's website is [link removed] **Sorry, didn't realise I couldn't post a website link - my apologies! Rae, if you google Lily Liu you should be able to find her website**

    Good luck!

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    Hi everyone,

    I have missed a bit by being away a couple of days... busy busy in here! I hope everyone is doing ok.

    All ok here, 5 days down and 10 to go! Had 1st Pregnyl shot on Wed night and dont feel much atm except for a little bloating and heaviness in my tummy, and the tears are welling quite easily - honestly I am such a sook

    Hopefully everyone has a nice weekend

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    Hi everyone

    Things are starting to get a little crazy around here with the last of the wedding preparations and my ILs arriving on Thursday. I haven't had as much time to do personals in amongst everything and the IVF rollercoaster...

    Missy I've been thinking of you lots and lots, hun. I'll be thinking of you lots and lots more and sending more good thoughts to you over the weekend.

    Rae I've only been here at BB for a few weeks, but welcome back! I wish you lots of luck with you mission to help get your FSH levels down. You sound very determined and positive and that's a really great thing. I really hope you are able to find a treatment that can help you.

    Mel1977 Hang in there, Mel! We're here for you if you need. And you're not a sook!! The hardest part is what you're going through at the moment - sook away! It's better out than in. Lots of hugs.

    Mon Good luck with the BD! That positive news of your friend's is exactly what you need to be able to pick yourself up and keep going - perhaps it'll end up being a good omen for you?!

    Blackduckies I've been to the Spiegeltent a few times and it's a lot of fun. Such a good atmosphere inside, and especially outside it when it's a really nice warm night out. I hope you're having a great weekend!

    Melsta I hope the headaches are easing for you, hun. I'm sorry to hear you're having such a rough time with the side effects. I was thinking of you this morning for your b/t and I hope it was better news for forging ahead today. I'm with you - not sure how my body is doing on stims yet and won't find out until Monday's scan. Lots of hugs.

    Carla Congratulations on AF! (it's strange that, isn't it?! Waiting on AF sometimes, and then desperately not wanting it to come at the critical moment) I wish you the best of luck for a smooth and speedy FET with the best possible result at the end.

    Dusty Thinking of you and hope everything's positive and strong for you

    *I'm labelling this section as a *Vent* post writing it... sorry
    Well, I'm still bleeding/AF (not sure what it is, given up trying to guess). Four days in to stim now. I'm a little bit despondent about/over the process atm - definitely recovered from my panic of a few days ago at least - trying to stay positive, but I think I've realised that it's much better for me mentally/emotionally if I just do my best stay calm and realise I can't know anything or be in control anymore. I just have to wait until my scan on Monday, see whether the stims are actually working (my guess is given I'm still bleeding, they're probably not kicking in very well, but then again they may be, and all will be well - I just have no idea). I certainly am staring to feel more bloated and heavy, but just when I think bleeding/AF/whatever it is has stopped, I start cramping again, and it's started again. I'm just looking forward to some answers/insight into what my body is doing on Monday.

    Can I ask, how did people find their first every stim cycle? Is it just me, or did you feel like a guinea pig? They certainly don't prepare you for this at the clinic. Just trying to stay calm and positive for now, but once again, struggling with the range of emotions and feeling like a drama queen.

    Many hugs to you all

    Miss C

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    just wanted to pop in and say hi to you all hope everyone is having a nice weekend.
    take care all and ill see you in about 6 weeks

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    Hi Ladies

    Miss_C - I definately felt like a guinea pig the first go, i know they have reasons for not telling us too much at once so they wont scare us off Hang in there and just think we are oneup on a lot of people... we have BB

    Mel- Hope the next 10 go smoothly

    Rae - Don't give up honey my Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist has done wonders for DH & I when we were told there was nothing the doctors could do. So definately look intp it!

    Missy- I hope AF is still staying away and not giving you any hassles! Fingers crossed hun+

    Carla - Good luck with your FET

    Blackduckies - Hope you had a ball in Melb!!

    Mon - Hope you can squuze the cycle in before the clinic shuts down for xmas.

    Melsta - Hope you got good news at the FS this morning

    Big Hi to everyone i missed it is super busy in here at the moment

    Well day 3 1/2 on the provera and feeling like crap! Very cranky and moody and poor DH is dcuking a little.. luckily for him i am off to syd next week for a work conference all week so he can get some peace. So i will me MIA for a little while with syd next week and then the family coming up to visit next weekend for my birthday, how on earth i am going to fit another 3 couples in my house i have no idea... and i thought birthdays were meant to be relaxing Have a great week ladies

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    Jacqui, glad you found your way here. Welcome.

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    Morning Everyone,

    Man what another nice day here in Sydney - well out west the sun is shining big time, madly trying to get all my washing done !!

    Miss C
    - my AF was the same all over the place and even now halfway through my FSH I still spot and carry on .. it is scary hun as you think it is not meant to happen but all I kept doing was telling my DH everything and also rining my clinic. I asked them if AF was meant to stop before FSH started and she said no, that they need to get rid of the old lining and wait for the new one on FSH to build up .. it is so hard emotionally and physically hun so I know exactly where you are up to, but if in doubt just call your FS or nurses and ask them, or I found I emailed alot as I could get how I was feeling down better in an email rather than trying to remain calm and no tears whilst on the phone to them .... GL hun

    Rae - I have also heard that there is one of the best acupuncturist in Chatswood, I know its a bit out of the way and all but the recommendations and stories of it working I have heard from that clinic have been so amazing. I wanted to go there with my DH purely for their reputation but I am near Camden, so distance didnt allow it ... Hopefully you find a good one and just ask heaps of questions !!!

    Mon - oh good luck hun I hope it all works out for you naturally and you dont have to worry about the cycle lots of for you hun ....

    Missy - oh man hun how hard it must be trying to stay calm while all that is happening - man I feel for you and hope that there is no AF and that this is the dream result .....

    blackduckies - how was your night out !?!? Hope you had a grand time

    Mel1977 - hey hun how are the side effects going today? Good luck for the next 10 ....

    Dusty - how are you going hun ....

    Carla - good luck hun ... hope everything goes well for you !!!

    Shannon - wow you have a busy week on, is your conference in the CBD? At least you will have plenty of ppl to help celebrate your birthday even if you are stepping over ppl everywhere in your house is your birthday sat or sun ? I am sure your DH understands what you are going through hun, i think it can be hard for them to keep up which mood we are at and when and for how long it will last, but i just keep making sure i tell my DH how i am feeling and why even on a sms from work just so he knows ....

    Well .......... we went and had my b/t yesterday and was sooo nervous waiting for the call about my levels ... but it turns out my levels have increased from "100" on the first b/t on thursday to "475" from yesterdays so a BIG jump and they are quite happy, so it turns out the extra 25iu every day from thursday has made a big difference. We know have another b/t scheduled for monday am and also an u/s as well ... i dont know why the u/s is soo important to me but for me it is like the stage where i know the end is near and everything is coming together so I am happy that we get that done tomorrow morning - thank goodness !!!

    The headaches are actually from the Lucrin and not the Puregon like we initially thought. Last night DH and I were meant to go out for dinner but when we got home from my SIL's place, headache just worsened and developed so bad I was to my DH over dinner at home it was that bad ... anyways cold facecloths on the back of my neck and forehead and I swear this headache lasted 5 hours .... ugh these side effects are not fun ... but feeling ok today just cannot wait to get off this Lucrin my body really doesnt like it anymore .. and then I felt like an idiot crying over a headache but hey we have no control over our emotions during this so then I was like dont be too hard on yourself lol and was ok ... well the tears subsided lol .... the headache pounded lol ....

    Hope you are all having a good weekend !!! BBL ......

    Melsta xo

    PS - sorry for the BIG L O N G post

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    Miss c - I did my 1st stim cycle a couple of months ago and I was on the phone alot cause like you I dont think the clinic really prepared for how it would be. Including not really understanding 100% what I was doing so when I didnt feel much or thought I felt too much I kept thinking something was wrong or not working. But in the end the cycle had a good result. If you need to just ring, I always found them to be nice when I would ring and it always put my mind at ease (at least for 5 mins anyway ). Best of luck for your scan tomorrow, I hope it shows everything working out the way it should.

    Melsta - Poor thing on the headache, I hope it eases soon Good news on the jump in levels from your bt, hopefully the scan tomorrow is just as positive. With the bt's you have sit and wait and wait and wait and it drives you nuts! All the best with it, let us know how you go. Personally I look forward to the scans more because they can give you the result then and there, and also you can see what is going on.

    Shannon - Ooooh birthday coming up, how exciting Bit squishy in the house but will be good fun. While you are away next week your DH will love it... oh for about a day, and then he will want you back quick smart

    I am doing ok, thanks everyone for checking up on me 8 days to go but feels like 80 LOL. Feeling a little negative, cant help thinking that it hasnt worked before now so why is this time different. It also seems like everything is life is going wrong at the moment, so this is sure too (and im sure the negative attitude is really helping the situation LOL). And also cant stop thinking that the FS told me originally that fresh transfer had greater chances of pg than frozen - so my fresh failed, why am I bothering now?

    Hi to everyone else

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    Mel, I thought, and still think exactly the same about the chances with stim vs frozen. But whenever I feel like that I just have a poke around the site and find heaps of women who have had babies from FET. The way our FS explained it, you may have up to 40-45% chance on a stim cycle, but for every FET thereafter you increase your chances by roughly 10% (although the actual FET success figure is higher than that so can't quite get my head around it). Basically she was saying that if you have one stim transfer and 3 subsequent FETs your overall chance for a pregnancy for the whole cycle (stim and FET) would be around 70%.

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