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thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - Oct 2007 #2

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    slyder Guest

    Hi TimNik and welcome to this thread. This is a great thread with heaps of advice and information available. It's not usually this quiet!

    Hi to everyone else. I've been away on a course for a couple of days and have been on here a bit less than usual. I have been keeping up on everyone's progress though.

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    Dec 2006
    In my own private paradise

    something of a self involved post here - finally have us booked in for IVF - woo hoo! it's taken a lot of phone calls, some negotiation with the ivf coordinator on what is and isnt required for MY cycle and all that hoo ha, but now it appears we're ready to start (fs confirmation pending of course!)

    i'm sooooooo much happier than i was a week ago cos i atleast feel like this journey is getting us somewhere again

    i haven't been posting here much of late - have been dropping into the LTAC thread, but mostly hovering in my journal - still watching you all though!

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    slyder Guest

    Good work, BG. Our clinic reckons it's hard to get in this time of year because everyone is trying to catch the safety net before year's end.

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    Dec 2006
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    yeah, we're guilty of that one - but it's not so much that we wanted this timing - we were ready to move to ivf back in september, but the fs suggested another IUI - and then he went on leave for all of this month, so we've been dictated by his timeframes!

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    Our IVF Blessing Has Arrived after 6 Cycles

    Apr 2007
    Brisbane Australia

    Tim Nik - Welcome

    Rols - Good to see you back

    BG - Glad to see you are happier it is better when things are moving

    Mon - Thanks for all the good wishes

    Hi to anyone I have missed lots of luck to all

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    Sep 2006

    Hi all just thought id pop in and see how its all going.

    Havent been here in such a long time.

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    Dec 2005

    I'm another freaking out about trying to get another stim cycle in this year! For us, the safety net is only a small part of the reasons we want to get it in now, rather than at the start of next year. I'm currently running along at work under load - my final year students have gone, I am finished with all the assessments I need to set (still some to mark) - it's really just a matter of tidying up the loose ends and then the school year is over. Next year it looks like I'll have two senior classes, and be having to support a new HOD and at least one other new teacher in the faculty... Most certainly not the environment I'd like to be facing OHSS fear and a stim cycle in! Work-wise, I just can't see how I can manage the time commitments of a stim cycle in those early stages of the year...

    Meanwhile... the truth of our disastrous thaw last week was that we only lost two embryos, the final one was transferred... not that it mattered, really, it all fell in a screaming heap with AF arriving yesterday and a negative blood test on top! We see our FS next Thursday to find out where to go from here... I've got another stress on top of all that as I don't exactly know when I'm supposed to start taking the pill for it all!

    Starting to lose my trust in the whole IVF process... finding it very difficult to hope at all at the moment... Sorry for the self-absorbed, depressive post...


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    slyder Guest

    Peeps! Where for art thou? Surely you're all not in the TWW thread?

    As a few of you have kindly asked about our progress here it is. Transfer was Tuesday with a hatching blastocyst. Scientist said it thawed really well and was looking good. Apparently when they freeze them they "collapse" them, whatever that means. Sounds a bit barbaric!

    FS had a bit of trouble getting past DW's cervix again, but got there eventually.

    This cycle is a lot different from the stim cycle for obvious reasons, but also because we just feel as if the whole hype and expectation of the stim cycle isn't there now, so we're not really spending any time analysing how DW feels and to be honest we've given the whole thing very little thought thus far. Our attitude is that if this one doesn't take then we've still got two more to try (hopefully they thaw OK too) and if they don't take then we'll just have to do another stim cycle and hopefully get a BFP out of either the fresh transfer or from frozen, if we are lucky enough to get a few extras again. If this cycle doesn't work our clinic can't fit us in until next year for the next FET so we'll be trying the old fashioned way until then.

    I am a little concerned that last night DW got up 25 minutes after putting the pessaries in and had a fair bit of watery discharge for the evening. So I'm a little worried they may not have been absorbed, even though some discharge is to be expected. The clinic said to lie down for 30 minutes or so, but the paperwork says an hour. It's just impractical to get home and do nothing for an hour. And you can't do them when you go to bed as they have to be done 12 hours later and that is in the middle of the morning. DW doesn't seem concerned but she's going to ring the clinic later just to put my mind at ease. I still think it's dumb that someone with no apparent reproductive issues (her) needs to have three pessaries a day. I suppose there is some logic there regarding preparing the uterus to accept an embryo which is already five or six days old or something.

    But anyway, apart from that minor issue, no problems and no concerns.
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    Dec 2006
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    nice to see you're in the tww again Rols - and being so calm about it! i think we all go through phases of "OMG - this is all i can think about" and then the slightly more sane ones where we know it's happening, but it's just at the back of our mind (as much as it can be!)

    hope all is ok with the pessaries for your DW - its's frustrating the things we have to subject ourselves to through all of this!

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    slyder Guest

    Yep, obviously with the stim cycle it whips your emotions up a bit with all the assorted bits and pieces you have to do. A FET is just bliss compared to stim. That said, I don't recall either of us being particularly fazed during the stim either. I think it was only the TWW we found a bit difficult at the time.

    It's good your cycle is on its way as well. I've been reading your posts on the other threads. How does DH organise his shifts so he can be home when needed for his part of the cycle? I know some of his runs take him away for periods of time.

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    Jan 2004

    Rols, great to hear how you and your DW are going, I have been wondering how you guys were and if you had had the FET yet. best of luck.

    I've been pretty quiet too, DH went back to work today after 15 days off!! He woke this morning at 4am to get ready for work and told me that the clock still worked, he was checking on it every half hour LOL!

    Not much to report here. Just waiting... Finished my first box of the Crinone last night, only 1 more box to go. TMI question.... I'm having a little trouble inserting the Crinone stick thing, have been having no probs with it over the last week or so until about Tuesday night? I don't know what the go is, maybe I'm getting a little flustered while doing it??

    BG, I posted in your journal, but I think it's fantastic news about getting your counselling appointment to line up with your FS one.

    TL, Hope all is well with your TWW


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    slyder Guest

    Nic, I think, but I'm not sure, the drug can cause changes "in that area" ( ) as far as tissue firmness is concerned. Plus, if you are a bit tense having already noticed the difference I guess that wont help.

    All the very best with this cycle. I really hope it's a goer. You definitely deserve it after all that to-ing and fro-ing getting to Brissie.

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    Dec 2006
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    Rols - DH only works "away" when it's convenient for us - the main guy he does long distance trips for has a friend who has gone through IVF, so when we mentioned that there would be times that DH just couldn't be away "just in case" he has been fabulous - he mostly rings, gets me on the phone and asks whether certain days will be ok time wise, and then talks to DH about whether he wants to go away at that time. He has a local job driving a tipper, but because he is casual he isn't always working full time hours, so the occassional trip away works out well for us financially. he has been talking about working 2 weeks on 2 weeks off with the "away" job, and having the 2 weeks he's home working for the local guy, but it's all a bit up in the air at the moment - he's extremely supportive through all of this (very much like you are for your DW - just computer illiterate so can't post in here!) and has told me that he doesn't think it would be emotionally health for either of us to be apart for long stretches regularly while still going through treatment.

    having said all that - we have made a deal that we'll only commit to AC til mid year next year (at the latest) then take a six month "working holiday" and go away together roughing it in the truck for the whole time and seeing all the places he keeps telling me about that the average person wouldn't see (and where you wouldnt go as a tourist!) - it will give us a break from the stresses of AC, and get us financially in a much better place (his monthly away wage is about double what both of us can earn locally)

    hmmmm - that was a little bit of waffle - sorry about that!

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    slyder Guest

    No, not at all, it's really interesting.

    If you don't get UTD before then, definitely do the trip you have planned. Travelling is so much better when you're doing things your way, and not being a "tourist" as such. Your experiences will be 50 times better and so much more authentic. Do it. As for seeing places the average person doesn't see, I used to be a casual chainman which is field based and loved going on to private property all over the place and seeing stuff I wouldn't have otherwise have been able to see.

    I agree with him that being away so much wouldn't be overly cool with AC and in general. 2 on 2 off is onerous on anyone. You're so lucky his work situation is so flexible and that his away job is such a good earner. DW and I were thinking of sodding off to Kununurra or somewhere totally remote with her job for a while (she can transfer anywhere basically) and I am more than happy to earn less and do a real job again instead of spending 95% of my time in an office. Mind you, now that we're doing the kid thing, probably not gonna happen!
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    Dec 2006
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    hehehe - the "kid thing" definitely throws a spanner in the works doesn't it?

    i've already spoken to my supervisor at work so that the seed has been planted that this is a serious thought - we'd do it at the start of the financial year next year which is the busiest time for my job, so i wanted it out there that this is a possibility (though i hope it's something we don't have to do! - somehow i don't think climbing in and out of a prime mover heavily pregnant, and having a bladder the size of a pea would be all that much fun!!) - thankfully work have told me i'm only required to give 5 weeks notice of a prolonged period of leave without pay so we can get the first half of next year in with AC anyway

    i'm very much into amateur photography as well as writing and things - would love to get a photo journal of what hubby does when he's away - i've seen some amazing sites when i've been with him just on the main roads - so i'd love to get it all in pictures for our future kidlets - or for when he's old(er) and reminiscing with the other old truck drivers!

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    Sep 2006

    Good Morning

    BW - Sorry about the BFN and good luck fitting in another stim before the safety net resets, we are doing the same thing

    Rols - Congrats on getting back to the TWW with your FET and fantastic thaw results! Ive never used the pessaries before do you know what the difference is between them and crinone??

    Hey Bg nice to see you chatty again and fantastic news on lining up the FS and Counselling. Ahh the holiday sounds fantastic, my DH and i have made a pact that is we arent UTD by about mid next year or he gets bad results on his DNA test we will just packup and move to the UK and work travel for 12 months. Its nice to have an exciting backup in case all the AC TTC stuff doesn't work the way we want Helps keep our sanity i think So when will you be starting IVF meds?

    Nic & TL - Hope your TWW are flying and you are nice and relaxed!

    Not much happening here CD28 and waiting for AF so we can go pick up meds and get started again, very relaxed about the whole thing not really thinking we will react well enough to the 150 of puregon and will probably have to cancel and increase next time, so just going to try and pretend its not going on at all This will be our 4th cycle and the 3rd Stim cycle in 8 months.. so trying to learn not to get so emotionally attched and expectant. We will see how we go! Oh and picking up the new wheels tomorrow so very excited

    Have a great day guys


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    Sep 2006

    Wow i used a lot of Sorry hehe

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    Dec 2006
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    apparently i'm starting meds on the 16th of Nov - thankfully i don't have to wait on AF (or i'd be waiting a year!) - so provided the FS confirms the details of moving to IVF, we will be starting on the 16th - or so the paperwork i received today tells me! it also tells me i'll be having to mail my bloods to Melbourne - and that's freaking me out a bit - i'm sure it's safe - but eeeew! i don't want my blood being all over the place like that! hehehe

    yay on picking up the new car shannon - it's always nice to have a new "toy" to distract you!

    if you come up with an answer on how to go through this journey without the emotional attachment and expectations, please share! we obvioulsy have to feel something (otherwise, why are we doing this?) but it would be nice to have some sort of control over when and how much it impacts us wouldn't it?

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