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thread: Long Term TTC, Infertility & IVF - July 2005 #5

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jan 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    Wow Mel, I don't know what to say. It has been such an amazing few weeks for you. I am so glad you got your BFP.
    Trish, Big hugs to you. It must be your turn next.
    Yay Sush, I have a really good feeling about your little darlings.

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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Thanks Anney
    your IVF appointment is it on Monday - best of luck and hope it happens for you soon too.

    LOL Humphrey I feel like singing that song too sometimes - we have to keep our humour in all of this - only a few more days till your appointment too - have many cycles did your DS take ?

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    Feb 2005

    Big yah! for you Mel, maybe Hayseed has a good analogy. But we never forget furbabies we lose. They are our children just as much.

    Sushee, good on you for the transfer & DH keeping you in cotton wool. Hope this is the big one for you too. We need some WA success! Would like to know what you find about the development of the blasts as 2 of ours in the freezer had the same thing happen. I think they are noted as being 'last to thaw'.

    Trish, big hugs to you & your next try, does that mean it's now!

    Anney, will wait for details on your appointment.

    Keen, what details do you have, must have a few embies by now!!!

    Let's get a chorus of 'I am Woman' happening,

    Take care everyone, and hope you enjoy your weekend.

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    Sal Guest

    Oh Mel, CONGRATS on your

    What a week for you, you must be very emotional. Huge sticky vibes continue to be sent your way.

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    Dec 2003
    Not London

    Mel - and

    Tell those old grumpy eggs they did a fantastic job!!! Well done!!

    I'm feel for you so much with all that has happened with Pusster. It's spooky the way things happen - a bit like a revolving door - one in and one out. At least you can always remember that he made way for baby. Just put heaps of photos around the house so you can still see him and ENJOY BEING PREGNANT!!!

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    ness4 Guest

    Trish ~ its almost like learning to ride a bike when you fall off you get back on immediatly - I have with IVF everytime I found if you don't give yourself the time to think then there is no overevaluation of what went wrong - power to you

    Sushee ~ good luck during the TWW then I will look foreward to logging on and seeing a BFP from you

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    ann Guest

    Good luck Sushee and Keen.

    And as for me, Yep I'm a goer for September, 2 more to be transfered.


    Will do personals later.

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    Apr 2004
    Sydney, NSW

    Hi Girls,

    Seems like forever since I have a moment to read and post, and well, just rushing off to work again now... BUT

    Just wanted to say huge congratulations to Mel - and a ton of sticky vibes to you!!

    And best of luck to Sushee - fantastic about the 3 blasts, hopefully your two little ones burrow and stick like glue!!

    Keen - was it 11 embies growing ?? WOW!!

    I am sorry I haven't a chance to catch up on everyone just at the moment.. hopefully I have some time off coming up, so ...

    Take care, and I have all my fingers and toes crossed for all of you!!


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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    Updating my stats -

    Name - Baby Bliss (Kelly)
    State - VIC
    My Previous Cycle Length - 45
    Cycle type - *in between treatment*
    Months of TTC - 13 for son, 19 and counting for #2
    Medications - 1500 metformin
    Important Dates - 8th August - Prelim. appt MACC

    After our last (5th!) unsuccessful cycle of clomid I finally went to my new RE here in melbourne after moving across the state in March. He was great and I begin treatment at Melbourne Assisted Conception Centre shortly. We first need to ensure we have had all our tests (bloods for DH and I, scans for me, SA for DH - again!) and then we will begin OI with injectables and IUI. I am nervous but excited, and am hoping this will do the trick. Our preliminary appointment to arrange all the tests and work out when we can start, is scheduled for 8th August.

    I also have to use synarel, which I thought was only used in IVF, but is used in OI/IUI cycles with MACC. Whats using that like? any side effects? How do you learn to inject yourself? is it hard? I once had a needle phobia which I quickly got over with all the blood tests I had to check for ovulation whilst on clomid. This will be another level though! Any information and experiences would truly be appreciated.

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    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    Hi Kelly, I'm on my 19th try (out of 24 cycles), and am in my 5th cycle of Clomid & my 1st cycle of AIH ( IUI ). I had to have a Pregnyl injection on CD11, as my CD10 BT's showed high levels, the scan on CD12 showed 4 follies, 2 viable & 1 was 1 day off being viable, the other 2 days off being viable, so If they hadn't have given me tests that early (normally do CD12-14), then my cycle would've been cancelled, as I normally ovul between CD14-16. So here's hopin. Hope yours goes smoothly. Not sure what will happen next mth, if I'm supposed to use Clomid again or not, will wait & see. (more details on my FF home page, on page 1)

    I thought Synarel was a nasal spray, but have never had to use it, so don't know. What's MACC?

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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    Thanks Shell, I am so worried about having a cycle cancelled!

    MACC is Melbourne Assisted Conception Centre (its at mercy hospital I think)

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    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    Oh I see. Yep I was too & I told them that & told them that my cycle off Clomid is irregular & has been as short as 23 days, so they said they'd start testing from the morning of CD10, I was so glad they did, although during IUI, I found out that there still is a possibility that we have 3 viable eggies, yikes, don't want triplets.

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    Sep 2004

    Wow you ladies can really chat! Im gone for just one day and WHOAH!

    Sush - Cant believe you are now carrying two (might have to give you the same pretty collection on roll call as Mel)

    Trish - Im so glad you are being allowed to get back on that rollercoaster. Good on you for going for it and not letting the clinic dictate your choices too.

    Quick question for everyone. I have a friend who is going through SIVF Liverpool - anyone here going through them? She is a little concerned that they seem a bit "clueless". Was hoping to get someone else's spin on them...

    Update on me:

    On Sat morning the embrtologist phoned to update on progress. Firstly we have four embies that have reached what she called 'arrested development' - basically they got to four cells and stopped. Next we have two at 6 cell stage, which she said is lagging behind but that they may catch up by Monday, and the remaining 5 are at 8 cell stage and looking fairly strong! (Grow my little darlins, Grow!)

    When I did all the numbers to DH and a friend of ours also going through IVF is was pretty mind boggling - 48 follicles produced 19 eggs, of which 17 were mature of which 13 fertlised, only 11 properly, 4 of those stopped, 2 are struggling and we have 5 in the end!! With those sort of numbers its no wonder we dont manage to do this on our own!!

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    Apr 2005

    Keen - To have five still at this stage is terrific!!! I would be stoked with that, at least you'll be able to freeze a couple (not that you'll need them as this is your cycle!!)

    I'm feeling pretty ordinary. I have so much going on.. my dad is going to Peter Mac today to start his treatment for lymphoma again on Mon. My FIL was diagnosed with prostate cancer on Wed. My DD has a terrible cough. My DH seems to have completely closed off & is not talking at all about our IVF and my emotions are going haywire........... I'm soooo worried that if stress plays any part whatsoever in making these embies stick we are totally stuffed this time round!!

    Hope everyone else is going along well

    Ali xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Jun 2004

    Kelly, I used Syneral and it is a nasal spray not an injection (unless there is a new developement since I last used).

    Ali, :hugs: to you. So much going on, it is no wonder your going haywire!

    Keen, the numbers are amazing aren't they! I used to wonder how anyone got pg giving the attrition rate even in the natural cycle world! Hanging in there though..!!!


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    Blue Sky Guest

    Ali – you poor pet, you’re having a rough time. I’m not sure what part stress has to play, but I think of what Mel was going through with Pusster and she was blessed with a BFP so take heart pet. Take time out when you can to relax and look after yourself. DH may be trying to deal with things his way? Take care sweetie.

    Keen – These are the lucky 5 for you!! Praying that they keep growing on strong for you.

    Sushee – Great to hear you have your travelers on board! Lots of sticky vibes for you sweetie!!

    Have never heard of MACC before baby bliss – is it affiliated with the Mercy, ie. A public clinic? Hope your cycle goes well.

    Ann – fingers crossed for you for 2/9

    Ness – hope you’re going ok. What’s next for you? Are you going for another FET?

    Trish – Am so sorry this cycle didn’t work out. But good on you for taking charge! Fingers crossed for you too. Are you having a natural FET?

    Mel – has it sunk in yet? Can I ask how many cycles/tx you had?

    Sorry to those I’ve forgotten. To all those in the TWW – my thoughts and prayers are with you! May you all be blessed with BFPs!

    Those awaiting the witch, I hope she arrives in time and treats you kindly.

    As for me, hanging out for my appt with IVF Dr next week. Hoping DH can come with me as I discovered last time that Dr is far more informative and takes more time when he is there. Actually, has anyone ever changed IVF Drs? I’d like to stay with Melb IVF, but we had another Dr for the EPU and transfer and both DH and I thought about whether we could get referred to him.

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend ladies.
    Much love,

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    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    Gee, quite a few of us in the TWW, Bee & Me 5/8, Sushee 7/8, Ali ?/8, anyone else?

    Noticed theres also quite a few of us starting cycles next week, we just have to get a few more BFP's in here.

    Shez, hope your hangin in there, can't be much fun for you at the moment.

    Ness, so u made it for Sept transfer? That must be so hard having a seasonal clinic.

    Trish, so glad u can go straight into another cycle, without having to wait even more by having a forced mth off.

    Keen, not sure bout SIVF, only know that our local branch is sooo much dearer than Hunter IVF. Their website claims that they are so much more superior than the other clinics though, when you look at their statistics compared to 'other clinics'. It is a wonder how anyone manages to get pg naturally, who knows! Hope your 5 embies keep growin.

    Got print out's of DH's SA's
    (count or concentration, motility, morphology, puresperm after wash):
    Dec: 101mil, 60%, 8%, 8mil
    Jul: >200mil, 80%, ??, 200mil

    have emailed clinic asking what morphology was this time, as their sheet says >4% is normal, but their newsletter & fact sheet says >15% is normal. So his initial results were borderline normal or abnormal. Also asked them where they get the '40 million' figure from, the amount used for my AIH. DH has finally agreed to give up the caffeine & alcohol till we get a BFP, men, they have it so easy sometimes!!!

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    Sep 2004

    Shell, so you go through Hunter IVF? The local SIVF clinic to you, you say is a lot more dearer but with better stats, is that what you meant? my brain appears to have left my body for the weekend!

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