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thread: LT TTC & Assisted Conception - October '05 #3

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    Jul 2005

    good morning girlies...

    No need for a Bhcg.. i got the old b*tch at 215 this morning. I was up until 4 am with the most horrendous pain ever in my whole life.. (well up there with the EPU anyways) i took some panadiene forte.. nil result then popped some nurofene plus on top of that.. mmm that did the trick.. feel like i've been out all night on the grog this morning.. (i wish)

    I have just booked in to see my gynie/sydney IVF doctor on the 15th November and also in for a lap/hyst on the 21st November. I will be so glad to have that op done. Get rid of this endo that is causing me way to much grief. My PCOS has settled right down but the endo seems to have taken off...

    Anyway ladies, like Humphrey I am having a little break from the forum life just for a while. I need to focus on other things instead of being pregnant at the moment. I will check in occasionally to wish all you ladies the best and see who has graduated. For us we are possibley doing another cycle in April/May next year. Take care girls and thank you over and over again for all your kind words, love, cyber hugs and well wishes. I hope you all succeed very soon with your battles with the baby Gods.

    Love leis xxx

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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    Sounds like we all need a group hug :hugs:

    This infertility business is the worst thing in the world. You, my cyber-sisters, are the only ones who know how much it hurts, and for that I will always be grateful. Big hugs to us all today

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    cazzoom Guest

    Hi guys!
    been a hectic few days for me. But I had my first follie scan today and wanted to share

    at the same time last IVF I had no follicles today I had 9.
    3 in left 11mm, 11mm, 12mm
    6 in right 11mm, 11mm, 11mm, 12mm, 12mm, 14mm

    Im pretty excited. OPU will be most likely Melbourne Cup day(Tuesday) but could be monday. I have another scan to check follies again on friday morning,

    My SIL also had her scan and she has 26 follies all above 11mm and more under that size. I am so so jealous but at the same time I dont care too much as long as it all works out for me in the end.

    Oh and good news too. I am getting TWO embryos put back in this time!! WOOHOO


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    Apr 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Crikey - we're all a mess aren't we. I totally agree with you Trish about the support we get get here. Sometimes even our partners don't quite get what we are going through (even though they are going through it too). I just find by me coming here all the time it encourages me to obsess over every detail and it makes me ache we I see disappointments (I'm so sorry Leis) and I just get angry and fed up with the unfairness of it all. I should be focussing all my attention on my miracle baby boy who is the reason I'm doing all this for. I feel his needs come first and I don't want him to suffer because of my moods. I'm not blaming BB at all - I think it's wonderful - but it's just making me THINK TOO MUCH.

    I'm not going cold turkey by any means. Just trying to log in only once a day. I don't want to talk about my cycle - hopefully this way I can pretend it's not happening and life is normal.

    I think we need a visit from one of the inspirational girls for the PALT TTC - Sush where are you!!! We need some encouragement!!!

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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    Me again, I just wondered a few things, first, is anyone a patient at MIVF and doing OI/IUI?? Or is anyone with Dr Gronow that can tell me more?

    Thinking a lot of stress would be taken out of the equation if every trip for every blood test and every scan wasnt 60 minutes through traffic. I travelled 900km or so in trips last cycle and it adds so much stress. MIVF have a clonic in Sunshine I could do all that with, only needing to travel to the city for the actual IUI.


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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Gee it is going be lonely without you ... all -

    Leis - I am so sorry it wasn't the one. Thinking of you and wishing you strength and love to get through this detour in babyquest and [-o< for healing for you lap/hys scan - hope endo is not too bad.Please keep in touch.

    Kelly - that sucks bigtime - so disappointing and frustrating to have that happen. No wonder you were so upset - gearing yourself up to talk about everything, driving thru traffic and then cancelled.

    Humphrey - I hope you pop in daily at least - yes your mircale boy must be a big encouragement for you to keep going ... staying positive is so important.

    Cazz - that is great news for you to be doing so well this time round - wow you are so close to OPU - excited you should be - eggcellent numbers

    I would be a bit worried about your SIL - when I had that many they were going to cancel me because potentially close to OHSS ... I hope they watch her carefully ... no one wants that

    I am trying (not succeeding today) to just limit myself to logging in once a day or so. I feel so sad for all our disappointments but it is fantastic to see graduates and share their excitement.

    I think Sushee is a champion to keep us encouraged and Mel too.

    I am not going into PAMAL & PALTTC forums anymore either (till I get a BFP anyway...don't wont to be jinxed - I am not really superstitous but it does make me obsess more) I will just wait till someone tells the news of what's happening....

    I feel down today too - it is Synarel mostly - and I am also going to memorial service (held yearly) for those who had passed away at local hopsital (where I had Charlotte) but actually to support 2 friends who lost their babies in May & July.It just brings back sad memories.

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    amandaw Guest

    Hello ladies

    I'm sorry so many of you are doing it tough...I feel for you all :hugs:

    I have some very happy and exciting news - had my beta this morning and it's a It's pretty much two years to the day since we started on this journey, and I can't describe how great we feel.

    The next eight weeks will be tough, though, as I miscarried at seven weeks last pregnancy - will be panicking with every twinge...

    Thank you all for your support over the past few months - it's been fabulous to have a group of online friends to share feelings with...I'll pop in now and then if it's ok with you all!


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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Congratulations on Amanda -

    this wonderful news - you must be over the moon

    we would love to see you always

    enjoy your celebration today

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    Sep 2004
    Melb - where my coolness isn't seen as wierdness


    Im so sorry hun. How cr*p to get AF on the day of beta. It happened to me only once and it was the worst thing. I'd rather get it a day or two early rather than get my hopes up for the beta. Huge :hugs: my sweet.

    Kell, you could certainly do without the stress of the drive, without Dr cancelling on you on top of it! Poor hunny, this business is so tough sometimes.

    Oh chickies, sounds like the obsessing and waiting and hoping and disappointments are getting to you all. I do know how it feels. I've been there, over and over. But keep your eyes on the prize, sometimes that's all you can do. Sometimes it was all I could do, and in that you find the strength to keep going.

    Good luck to everyone.


    Edited to say: I missed your post Amanda, Congratulations! Nice to get some graduates in here to keep everyone's hopes up!

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    I have decided to post in here in the hope to rally some positive vibes and some BFP's. I am going to admit that I am a lurker. Once an IVFer always a IVFer. I am hopeless at numbers or betas or Hcg's, but hopefully give you all an ear to chew on. I did IVF for 4 years so heartache I can understand.
    Lets have some BFP's this month.

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    Sep 2004
    Pakenham, Victoria, Australia

    Cazz, good luck with your pick up. May I ask who you are under at monash? I am actually hoping to be there Tuesday also (not sure if they are working , with it being a public hol and all?????) We are hoping for Transfer around then. I pray that all will go well for you and your dh.

    Amanda: a Huge fantastic and excited CONGRATULATIONS. that is just awesome news and as Tiff has said you must be over the moon, try not to stress to much, (as easy as it sounds) eveything will be just fine and in no time at all you are going to be a mummy to a beautiful little bubs. Well done sweetheart.

    good avo to everyone else here today, I hope that you are all feeling a little better.

    Tiff, I love you and pray that your day seems a little brighter knowing that someone cares.

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    cazzoom Guest

    thanks girls

    congratulations Amanda

    Leis Im sorry about AF showing up

    Nola. I am at Melbourne IVF not monash. I actually did 8 rounds of injections(3 with IUI) at monash under Dr David Healy but founf him unwilling to do anything else for me so I found a new wonderful doctor.
    Good luck with your transfer!!! I also didnt realise we lived so close either.(I mustn't have been very observant)


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    Aug 2005
    Hoppers Crossing, VIC

    Hi Amanda,
    That's excellent news! Congratulations :smt041

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    Feb 2004

    Hiya ladies, just thought I'd pop in & let you know we're trying to organise a group chat for all the TTCers. If anyone wants to join in HERE is the thread to organise times & dates etc....

    Hope to see you all there

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    May 2005
    South Australia

    =D> Amanda CONGRATULATIONS YAH one of us finally got a

    Humphrey, Kell & Lies Don't go too far girls I know how you feel and we still keep comming back don't we as we need the support.

    Day 10 today and bt results came back still low and seeing as how ovulated on day 14 last month have to have another bt on sat morning and nurse also said they would do a scan also. For the life of me I have no idea why I need a scan for a natural FET and forgot to ask but she said something about checking out how my endo is comming along. I am on night shift so half asleep so will have to ask on sat what and why hey. So what fun have to be other side of town by 9:00 sat morning and pray no bt needed on Sun as would then have to go even further away as only one place in SA open on a sunday. No long now till 1 embie is on board again.

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Congratulations Amanda!! =D>

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    Aug 2005

    So sorry Leis :hugs:
    Take care of your heart.

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    Aug 2005

    Congratulations Amanda, yay

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