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thread: LTTTC & Assisted Conception - November 2005 #2

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    starbright Guest

    Hi Ladies

    Hope you are well!

    Just curious... How long are you supposed to feel like crap after egg collection & hyperstimulation?

    I feel like I have this pressure below the belly that is horrible when I need to go to the loo and God forbid if it is a No2! It is excruitating!! I'm still feeling really bloated and hard.. I just need to know if any of those symptoms are normal.

    I am still on alot of medication and feel like the marshmellow man (gained 5.5kgs in 4 weeks)...aaarrgghhhh

    Shezabelle how are you feeling?

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    cazzoom Guest

    Hi ladies

    Starbright ~ I had that feeling and I didnt have hyperstimulation!!!
    Took a fair few days to get over that pain. I did not have it at my first stim cycle though only my second

    I am doing okay. Trying not to think too much about it all so of course its pretty much all I can think about.

    5 days till the BT. thinking I 'might' cave and do a HPT if I 'feel' pregnant


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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2005
    South Australia

    Evening Ladies

    Just a Quickie before I go to work as am on night shift this week.
    Been very quiet in here lately quite a few peole MIA.

    Hey Humphrey have you fallen off your wall? Where have you been lovey I miss all your positive thoughts. Hope you are travelling well in your cycle.

    Cazz keep those positive thoughts comming for us all.

    Hope you all are having a nice Sunday night if you are still out of Bed and I will catch you all tomorrow.

    Love and Hugs and Well Wishes to ALL

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    tiggy Guest

    Just dropping in to say I'm thinking of you

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    Good luck today trish.. thinking of you honey ....xxxx

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Hope all goes smoothly and those embies burrow in tight.
    Thinking of you!

    Cazz and Sue I hope all is going well - waiting waiting waiting.You can tell I POAS everytime.

    Leis: Hope you are healing well. Good luck in Sydney


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005

    Starbright I'm feeling great!! I felt really awful for pretty much dead on a week and then one morning I woke up and I could move freely. The symptoms you describe are exactly what I had. Make sure you drink plenty of water and that you are peeing regularly. My Dr saya it lasts between 7 and 10 days then should settle.

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2005
    South Australia

    Afternoon Ladies
    I need some support here. This TWW is killing me today. I went to work on night shift last night feeling ok after having (still got) a cold last week and beeing relly tired so rested up heaps on weekend and did very little but after about 1/2 hr or so I started fereling very bloated and crampy in tummy and my (.)(.) are sore too. Of course that makes me undo my pants and pull my jumper down to hide it LOL. It also brings back memories of when I was pregnant with my ~Angel~ and before I knew I was I felt like this. I am also very emotional and lost the plot at work and came home in tears after someone snapped at me that i was in an F..... bad mood so i told her to F ...off of course and started bawling when my boss asked what that was all about. I did a HPT yesterday day 8 after transfer and BFN but I am **** scared that what if I am pregnant and something happens like last time but I am also **** scared that what if it hasn't worked. I am still crying now as I type this. DH gave me a cuddle but hasn't asked what is wrong I assume he thinks I have got my period. HELP has anyone else felt like this. I have no idea how I will survive till Monday's beta. I have called in sick tonight and am going to try to get over this feeling of DE JA VU and **** scared mood I am in as not good for embie for me to be stressed. Sorry for rambling but I had to tell you how I am feeling.

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    Melinda Guest


    Don't apologise for rambling - it wasn't rambling at all! It's great to get your thoughts out.....and it's really really important. I'm glad that you feel that you can come here and do that!

    I'm really sorry that you had such a rough time at work last night. You poor duck. It may well be too early for you to get a BFP, but if you are PG (and I hope you are!) I really believe that considering all that you have been through, it's normal to be feeling like this and to be incredibly anxious. When your experiences so far haven't been the best, I think it's hard not to compare what you're going through now (or will go through) with that. It creates a vicious little cycle which is pretty stressful.

    I know that there's not a lot that I can do to help Chele, and that it's a terrible waiting game for you right now, but I do want you to know that you do have the love, support and understanding of all of us here on BB, ok? Come here and type out your thoughts whenever ok.......I really hope that it helps.....and we'll do our best to help you get through to the BT next Monday!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    I think it is too early to test. Some ladies got a beta BFP but with a pee stick BFN on same day.

    I agree with what Melinda has said - she has a way with words -it is an awful waiting game sometimes and it can get very emotional -especially after a loss.I do understand and can only offer my cyber support.

    Working while cycling makes us very vulnerable to everyone's elses crappy days and they can set us off easily in our hyperhormonal states by hassling us.

    The bloating and sore (.Y.) could be a very good sign by the way - a fair few girls have complained of this and got BFP - not that I wont to get your hopes up but please keep your cup of hope filled.

    I know especially for ladies who have had a loss we have more reason to worry but each bub is a fresh start and we can't compare -easy to say but wait till it is my turn.

    Many women usually go on to holding a precious baby in their arms after a loss. Did you see Caroline's Post in PAMAL.

    Take care sweet and remember we are all here to listen

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber
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    Sep 2004
    Melb - where my coolness isn't seen as wierdness

    Hello Chele,

    Poor sweet, Melinda is 100% right in that you have every right to vent and scream and get shirty. It's a tough journey and so hard on a person.

    When my fifth cycle failed, I remember feeling like I was on the edge, that I was never going to recover, or be the same again. It pushed me to the limit, and the intensity of feelings I experienced were akin to trauma, I'm sure. The despair, conflict and emotions that occur during IVF treatment is so subversive, in that it is not something you can readily or easily explain to people who aren't going through it, so it feels almost like you're not allowed to get angry or upset.

    But you are allowed. You're allowed to have a cry and not know whter to be hopeful or full of despair from minute to minute.

    Take care of yourself Chele, and I hope the cloud passes for you soon.


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    cazzoom Guest

    I can totally feel where you are coming from.
    I am now gearing myself up for a BFN! Its just been too much for me to handle today and as we have no snowbabies we probably wont be doing another cycle any time soon......if ever which means its going to be the end of the road for us whether we get a BFP or not!
    Either way I will have to really re evaluate my life and the direction its going. I stopped my job to concentrate on TTC and now you have to have qualifications to do it so I have nothing to go back to. I will either need to find something that needs no qualifications or get some training to do something completely new. this all depends on the outcome of not oly fridays test but if its a BFP, a successful pregnancy.
    I am so scared for myself now. All I ever wanted to be was a mother and I now could be faced with never having a baby its very scary.
    I know getting a BFN will change my life also. Within myself, within my marriage and the way we do things.
    I am still not trying to think too much about it all till friday but its hard not to!
    It seems life is never meant to be simple and happy for me. Not completely anyway.

    Okay so that turned into more about me than comforting you. sorry about that. I just want you to know I understand how wacky it can make you.
    feel free to email me anytime


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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005

    The dreaded TWW is just that, a totally dreaded time for all of us in our own little way. Though we are travelling slightly different paths, I bet we can agree that the TWW is really hard.

    Chele & Cazz, I hope you can get through the rest of the time with our help, especially those good words advised by Melinda. We're not robots, we need to vent & whinge & whine & know that this is a place that you can feel comfortable about doing it.

    Take care

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    thanks ladies for your wishes

    Hi To Bec & Tiff too - :flower: we love it when friends pop in

    Bec- your story is so inspiring

    Leis - :flower: you are a angel

    A special hi to those MIA -

    Ann - how are you ?

    Racheal - when is your FS appointment - we have missed you too

    - how is donor going ... was it her you had to make the appointment you mentioned in another thread ? - B*gger the waiting it never ends and it is only just the start

    Kelly- how are sweet ? did you sort out your Synarel ? and how is sniffing going

    Bee - for Thursday and :luck: for your exams/assignments (is just Irish who like 4LC or ? )

    Bluesky - hope your lining is growing thick and cushiony - :luck: with exams

    (still not sure what you girls are studying) but I am glad it is not me.

    Chris - you too honey ... how is the moon on your special little break ? enjoying moonlight walks and ? - soon you will be 2ww with a precious little snowbub

    Chele - one week down for you and your snowbub - we will see you thru the next week (and me)

    and Cazz- only a few days to go before Friday -what dpo are you ? we will do our ebst to ehlp you through it

    That has gone so quick (for me :-s ) we need you two to get the ball rolling - bring it on

    - how are going have you started Synarel or Lucrin ? what is up next

    Humphrey - & -we miss you too

    Nola - so sorry ...I read your post in TTCMAL forum

    Shazey - grow follies grow ... best of luck for your scan Friday

    - glad you have recovered from OHSS - what is next for you -will they let you do FET before Christmas ?

    Sue - :luck: thinking of you

    - what is up next for you after you understandable break ... it is still incredible your story - you are popular Leis has you on her signature tag -

    Teagan - how is 2ww honey ... for your beta - your 2ww has gone quick to -only 4 days to go

    Starbright - I like your name ... I hope you are feeling better today.Hyperstimulation is very unpleasant - not that I know but I know it is not so good after a normal OPU - so speedy recovery vibes to you.

    By the way you can add your details to the front page if you like - copy and paste - add your details and post - ask Melinda to add you.

    Ali & Amanda
    cheers to our most recent graduates - yet there has been a dry spell since - we need a generous sprinkling ( make it heavy downpour of dust: :bdust: ) and

    inkstick: :bluestick:

    Melinda - :flower: our marvellous Moderator can you please put pink & blue sticky vibes next to my name - Teagan might need some too.

    How is Angel ? Have not seen her :smt102 - is she okay ?

    I read the post Cailin made about Keen - in general chatter ladies.We will miss her.

    I now have 2 hatched blastocysts on board - no frozen embryos though - this one is going to work so won't need any !

    I have 2 weeks to my beta though - or maybe I will POAS if I feel the time is right....

    BTW - I read a post somewhere about some brand of tiddle sticks changing - so be careful ladies - something about you now need 2 lines and a + sign now ...

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2005
    hervey bay

    Hey Trish congrats about the 2 embies on board I agree you wont need any FET because these little ones are going to love their home and stick around for the next 8 or so months.

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    Trish, I'm still around. Have been MIA for the last few weeks though as we've had rellies staying with us and Kynan's had sleep issues. Thanks for thinking of me

    Have added some stickies for you and Teagan. Good luck!! Hope you get some fantastic news in 12 days time (or sooner if you decide to POAS).

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2005
    South Australia

    Huge s to you all. Thankyou so much for your support so far you made me cry even more though in a good way there is so much love and support here on BB for us all. Trish no I haven't read Caroline's post but then I only get to this thread as it gets too confusing going to so many I have no idea how you keep up. There are quite a few MIA isn't there I hope I haven't scared any of those wonderful ladies off with own problems when they may be having difficulties coping of their own. Cazz I feel so selfish after reading your post. How can anyone here or on go through so many losses and then their life long dream gone. I know how you feel about becomming a Mum it is all I have ever wanted too which is why I am so scared I think. All the what if's as I said to DH before I think I am having a bit of a freak out day about the what if's. And yes he thought I got AF and that's why I was crying. Anyway having tonight off so c how tomorrow goes hoping to go see my lovely GP tomorrow to have a chat she is wonderfully supportive so have to ring promply at 8am to try to snagg one of their emergency apps.

    to all regulars and lurkers here we need to have everybody back here to have all the group support we can muster to get SuzIQ, Cazz, Myself & Trish (that I know of) into the pregnancy threads ASAP no is not an option. Again thankyou so very much

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2005
    hervey bay

    Trish I too did not know about keen and I still dont, I tried to find out in the general discussion forum and couldnt find it.
    To Cazz, Chele, SuziQ and Trish you have to lead by example and keep the doors open for me when I have my transfer in a couple of weeks.

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