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    Hi everyone.

    I'm just starting this thread to to put it all down as a bit of therapy, get some opinions and to vent.

    Yesterday I had my double ET and it was really horrible
    I have had 2 previous ET's with what I will call the senior doctor or the head honcho with no problem at all
    But yesterday I got another doctor.. I don't know whether he's less senior? He's younger and probably has less experience than Go.. - the head honcho
    But he just couldn't get it past the cervix? Ten or fifteen minutes of trying, blood, hot, me feeling a bit panicky, the initial instrument pinching, then trying another instrument THEN trying some sort of clamp that is meant to pinch

    After some time I said I had had enough so he took everything away and went to ring Go.. head honcho who had to leave his footy game and come and take over.

    As usual he got the job done with no pain or problem at all.

    My question is should I just leave it knowing the young doctor just made as my dear friend calls it "a whoopsie" and be happy that I have 2 fertilized eggs or should I send an email in to the surgery with a bit of a whinge?

    Thanks in Advance
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    personally, i'd wait til next time you se your FS and just advise of the problems you've had. i know i have a very difficult cervix, and that my nurse has worked it out beautifully, get's it first time every time - but when my FS tries to find it, he has soooooooo much trouble! last time i actually gve him instructions on what he needed to do to find it! it may simply be a case of your cervix being a little "shy", and the initial doctor having the same issues my FS has. the more problems he was having the more tense you were getting, and it all compounded.

    if you think putting it in writing will help you to debrief over a naty experience, then by all means, put it in writing - once you're done, decide then and there if you want to send it - if not, hold on to it, have i in your bag at next FS appt, and hand it over if he doesn't take your complaint seriously.

    hoping this is the lat ET you have to go through for quite some time!


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    If you think the email will help then yes.

    But if you can let it go it will most probably be less stress for you

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    mmm well if it's just something that happens sometimes I will leave it. He has to email me about another matter maybe I will casually mention something then and ask that in future he does all the ET's.

    But yes I hope it's the last one for a while! Wouldn't that be nice

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    When I was doing IUI's I had problems with nurses finding the cervix and getting the instrument in there (I told them to use the plastic not the metal one). Once I had to have about 4 people have a go! With IVF my FS does everything himself and he gets it sorted quickly & with ease, I guess that is his expereince showing.

    I was annoyed and angry the time I had 4 people have a go but after everything was done and in there I let it go, I guess praticing is the only way people learn to do it better. Entering the TWW I did not want to be carrying unecessary stress around iykwim. So my advice to you would be to let it go, these things just happen sometimes.

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    OK I am really seeing that this just happens sometimes. FOUR people have a go

    "gets it sorted quickly & with ease, I guess that is his expereince showing." yep I agree

    "I guess praticing is the only way people learn to do it better" I thought this too

    I had 3 men at the other end of me, no place for the shy I tell ya!

    Thanks for that I will now let it go

    Thanks all.

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    Sorry can you tell me what an IUI is? I know it's probably in a thread somewhere Ta

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    iui is intra uterine insemination - it usually goes along with ovulation induction - when you're ovulating (with meds in my case), they insert DH's sample into my uterus via a catheter through the cervix - just to make sure they get past that hurdle....

    FWIW - my last ET, i had three different speculums and five attempts - ended up with the speculum upside down, the nurse holding it one way, the doctor using a swab to get my cervix visible - and then the catheter went in. sometimes, my cervix just isn't very cooperative! and this is the FS that was one of the first FS to use IVF technology in Vic, so he has a hell of a lot of experience!

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